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Borghese Advanced Spa Lift For Eyes Review

All of us would definitely to have wonderful, attractive eyes and face. It is our utmost concern to really take care of the eye especially if any dark circles, discoloration or dark spots, puffiness, dryness are present. There is an urgent need to eradicate these problems and find ways to maintain a brighter and more youthful looking skin that best suits to all skin types.

Today there are abundant of eye creams flooding in the market. Borghese Advanced Spa Lift for Eyes is one of them.

What Exactly Is Borghese Cream?

It is the cream that claims to greatly care the eye. It is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested to be non-irritating if used to treat the eye areas. It has both antioxidants and moisture protecting shields. If you frequently utilize this cream you will get an absolute best self.

Borghese Ingredients

Borghese Eye cream uses a Triple Action Moisturizing Maintenance System. Here are the ingredients it uses and works:

Grape Seed Extract: This active ingredient shields face against dehydration.

Vitamin E: This works in safeguarding eyes from environmental damage.

Superoxide Dismutase: This neutralises free radicals.

MPG: This is a chemical exfoliant that gets rid of dead skin cells and also resurfaces skin by reducing lines and wrinkles.

This System also includes:

Acqua di Vita Complex Sodium Hylauranate and Fomblin helps in maintaining the delicate skin moisturized and looking plump and good.

Mica provides a little bit of light reflection to reduce the appearance of dark circles and gives the eyes a wonderful look.

Where To Apply?

You must apply Borghese product gently over the brow bone and under the eyes twice daily in the morning and evening.


  • It’s made from a reputed company.
  • It offers 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • It contains antioxidants and moisturizing shields.
  • It gains plenty of positive feedback from customers.
  • It gives a lightweight feel and quick absorption.


  • It’s expensive
  • The bottle is frosted, thus avoid exposing to light.

Where To Buy?

This Borghese Advanced Spa Lift for Eyes is to be purchased through official website and several online outlets.


It’s worth to give a try to care your eyes with Borghese Eye Cream. It’s risk free and really works for you.