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C. S. Lewis,Kenneth Branagh – The Chronicles of Narnia Adult Box Set

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    For over 60 years, readers of any ages have actually been bewitched by the wonderful worlds, the impressive fights in between excellent and wicked, and the memorable animals of Narnia. This box set consists of all 7 titles in The Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew; The Lion, the Witch, and the Closet; The Horse and His Young Boy; Prince Caspian; The Trip of the Dawn Treader; The Silver Chair; and The Last Fight.

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    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on C. S. Lewis,Kenneth Branagh – The Chronicles of Narnia Adult Box Set.

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    What Is The Age Variety?

    9 to 99. It’s such a terrific story. C. S. Lewis was a remarkable Christian dream author and this is tops.Enjoy.

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    How Do We Listen To These Books In The Order They Were Released?

    In order of publication: 1) The Lion, the Witch, and the Closet [1950]; 2) Prince Caspian [1951]; 3) Trip of the Dawn Treader [1952]; 4) The Silver Chair [1953]; 5) The Horse and His Young Boy [1954]; 6) The Magician’s Nephew [1955]; 7) The Last Fight [1956]

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on C. S. Lewis,Kenneth Branagh – The Chronicles of Narnia Adult Box Set, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

    We purchased the 7 volume hardback boxed set by harper collins. We were hoping these were a stitched binding, however no, they are glued. However the books are great size to manage, and the paper is strong, and the font style is big and really clear. Ideally the binding will last.

    Love these books, however the font style size is much too little on the narnia box set (with motion picture images on box, connected below). It is marketed when it comes to grade 3 and up, however likely just jr. High and older would be comfy with this little of a font style size. We are shocked that harper collins would release such a little text font style size, understanding that numerous kids would be their audience. *** it would be really valuable if would consist of the font style size in the product description for books and other literature. *** (shocked that they do not currently include this. ).

    chronicles of narnia box set

    we are sending this box held up unfortunately, and rather bought this 2000- released box set, which is a couple inches taller, hoping it has a sufficient font style size for young readers (link below). It costs $8 more, however must ideally be the option we require for the too- little font style.

    the chronicles of narnia box set: complete- color collector’s edition.

    This is a stunning paperback box set of the narnia collection, that many of us matured with. The covers are great, thick and protective of the pages inside, which are of excellent paper stock. We have no print fading or mistakes that we have actually observed. The art on the outter box is gorgeous on all sides, with a little read at the top. For paperbacks, our company believe this is the method to go. Extremely suggested.

    Chronicles of narnia box set

    please note that this specific product set does not match numerous of the evaluations published. This is an extremely little set of b & w books. They have little b & w illustrations. Do not anticipate a big color book set as some evaluates claim. The narnia stories are exceptional– we do not believe any of us require to compose evaluations about the book material– the narnia track record is popular. We believe what a lot of purchasers would like to know is what type of book sets these are. And for the record once again, this set is little and black/white without any interior color illustrations.

    The chronicles of narnia are traditional tales that everybody must check out a minimum of when. We fell for narnia in high school, however these are fantastic stories to check out to more youthful kids. Like tolkien’s journals of middle earth, c. S. Lewis has actually produced a whole brand-new world, and as in all worlds, there is an impressive fight in between excellent and wicked. Our company believe that getting immersed in this type of dream assists teach youths morals and the reality that the world is larger than simply our own little lives. In some cases you simply need to withstand all evil for what is excellent and ideal and pure. We are residing in such troubled times with a middle ages death team marching from the middle east slaughtering innocents, we require teach of kids that excellent deserves sacrifice. We extremely advise these books to folks of any ages. We believe we will read them once again now that we are old adequate to be a granny.

    We initially realised of the chronicles of narnia from the 3 films (the lion, the witch and the closet, prince caspian, the trip of the dawn treader) that have actually been launched. Then we familiarized their well- recognized author cs lewis which the films are based upon his books. And checking out the initial books has actually then constantly been on our mind. In truth, the chronicles of narnia consists of of 7 books, of which just 3 have actually been launched as films. We check out these in the sequential order that cs lewis would have suggested his readers; the magician s nephew, the lion, the witch and the closet, the horse and his young boy, prince caspian, the trip of the dawn treader, the silver chair and the last fight. Throughout the books, there are scriptural circumstances that we might determine such as the death and resurrection of aslan, the ape shift as the incorrect prophet, and so on. We are pleased that we follow this order as this progresses right from the very first generation; digory– the pevensies uncle and polly in the very first book the magician s nephew. As one can just get in narnia as a kid, after digory and polly had actually placed on in years that made them no longer able to re- get in narnia, then occurred the 2nd generation; peter, susan, edmund and lucy pevensie. In the book prince of caspian, this is where peter and susan had the ability to last check out narnia as they were maturing as young people. The pevensies cousin eustace scrubb made his very first venture into narnia in the book the trip of the dawn treader, accompanied by edmund and lucy. This book marks edmund s and lucy s last check out to narnia as like peter and susan, they were maturing. The rest of the books explain the 3rd generation; eustace scrubb and his school- mate jill pole. Checking out the last book the last fight, the scriptural book of discoveries pertain to our mind, the death of old narnia and going into to brand-new narnia. And in this book, all the characters beginning with digory, polly, peter, edmund, lucy, eustace, jill and the narnia characters caspian, lord drinian, etc came alive in the brand-new narnia. Susan was not amongst them as she had actually picked to abandon and renounce her belief in narnia. There was an unanticipated twist because aslan had actually informed digory, polly, peter, edmund and lucy prior to that they were no longer able to re- get in narnia, however yet they did handle to re- get in narnia. We will leave you to check out to find out this twist that we are describing. Checking Out these books make us seem like cs lewis was telling his books to me, as frequently he would utilize a very first individual s story. Eg expressions such as (a minimum of, we make sure we are not), (by the method, we have actually never ever yet heard how these remote islands ended up being connected to the crown of narnia, if we ever do, and if the story is at all fascinating, we might put it in some other book). In general, we delighted in reading this book and we extremely advise everybody to check out the real books.

    What can you state about narnia?. One of the very best imaginary stories out there. We like that the author is a christian and has actually made this story as a parallel of the bible. If you were uninformed of that; google c. S. Lewis. Its an actually cool lesson for kids to parallel the books with the bible. We had actually purchased this set for our 17 years of age child who wished to read them over once again, however it benefits any ages. Since aslan the lion in addition to the witch are both kind of frightening to more youthful kids, despite the fact that aslan is a great character, we would typically state this story is for older kids and grownups just. Particularly due to aslan being compromised and such, however due to the fact that it is a representation of how jesus craved us, we feel it can assist kids comprehend the awareness of that compromise, and the enormity of it. Would reccomend to everybody.

    We initially experienced chronicles as a fifth grader, in 1953. The city library had just “the silver chair” and we read it as pure experience – the christian pedagogy existed however we didn’t pay it much attention. It was 3 years later on when we found that c. S. Lewis had actually produced a set of stories, and we read them all. And after that suggested them to our kids. The embeded in our household ended up being canine- eared, and passed out of memory. When we purchased this box (we are now old) we believed it was dvds. Nope – the initial books. Then we talked with a great male of brand-new associate, who confessed that he had actually never ever checked out any of the chronicles. We immediately talented him the set. We hope he has actually had time to read them by now.

    We purchased this for our action kid and we are liking it. He is 9 years old and just recently needed to go through summer season school for checking out so, identified not to go through that once again, we chose that we were going to check out every night. Up until now we have actually made it through the very first book and ready to split open book 2. He is liking the plot, it is simple enough for him to check out most of the words without aid, and the character advancement is great.

    We had not check out the chronicle of narnia in over 25 years because our kid a kid when we read it to him. With the exception of “the lion, witch, and wardrobe” and “the silver chair” it resembled reading them for the very first time, as we had actually forgotten much of it. It is tough to see which of the 7 we like best; there was one that did not get us as much as the others, however everybody has their choices, so we will not specify which it was, as even that a person was excellent.

    We genuinely like these books and have because we were a kid. We keep in mind seeing the cartoon/movie at our church and weeping when aslan was eliminated. Even as an adult, we needed to go see to the 3 films they make and see how carefully they followed the books. We are one of those individuals whose minds wishes to take a trip to various locations everywhere. And we are so happy for individuals like lewis and tolkien. The stories are so well composed and you get the total story. You are not needing to wait up until the book comes due to the fact that you currently have it. You go from story to story perfectly. Now that we are growing older we more than happy we can get these stories on kindle.

    When we were really little, we checked out the lion, the witch, and the closet. We do not believe we got any even more, although our company believe we got (and returned down) prince caspian. We chose to select this back up due to the fact that we remain in the procedure of reading through fantastic dream and believed this most likely certifies. Oh how it certifies. The chronicles are enjoyable and great and fantastic. We have actually begun reading them to our 9- year- old and she is riveted. There is a lot of subtlety, and happiness. The hazards are genuine however not of a kind to scare kids. And the writing is gorgeous for its simpleness.

    We like these books. We are presently checking out the set to our kids (6,5,4,3,1) – our relative will drive while we check out. We need to streamline the words for our kids – however in some cases we include a brand-new word for them and teach them what it suggests. Their vocabulary is growing. They request for us to check out each time we go throughout the cars and truck. They like the stories. Plus, for us, the message has a much deeper spiritual significance which assists us teach our kids by comparing the composing to our faiths. We can’t state enough excellent about these books in method or edifying, mentor, experience, enjoyment, and so on. When it comes to the quality of the books, they’re fantastic – they have little images every few pages which our kids like to view as well.

    Throughout the years, we have actually become aware of this fantastic collection of stories, and have actually seen the motion picture, the lion, the witch and the closet, however had actually never ever read this remarkable series. In checking out the series, it ended up being clear to us that, in such a way, they are summary of the bible, starting with aslan singing narnia into presence similar to god spoke deep space into presence, and ending with a brand-new narnia, much like the “new heaven and earth”, spoken of in the discovery.

    And once again we journey to the land of narnia to check out with old pals. This time, having actually checked out “a hobbit, a wardrobe, and a great war” by joseph loconte, we were a bit more ready for the abundant importance. We might likewise see the views mr lewis had of the world in which he lived. We had our kindle in our hands nearly continuously up until we had actually checked out all 7 books through. In addition, we checked out ‘the magicians nephew” first. It made sense to me.

    We wanted to have all seven chronicles-of-narnia books in a single ebook, and that’s exactly what this product delivers. When we pre-ordered this item several months in advance, we were fortunate enough to find it on sale for $12–a real bargain. Upon its release, it was priced at $44. 99, which we think is high for a digital box set like this. Fortunately, the price recently dropped to $24. 99, which is a decent buy. By comparison, one can currently acquire the seven separate books at $5. 98 each and spend just under $42 (not counting any sales tax that might apply). Of course, someone who really wants boxen (not of interest to me) would still have to get that somewhere else. Based on the publisher’s description of this box set, we were afraid there wouldn’t be any illustrations at all. We were pleased to discover that the publisher included one illustration at the beginning of each chapter in each book. The other in-line illustrations found throughout the text of the individual ebooks were omitted in this edition, which is aimed at older readers, according to the publisher. We were glad that at least some of the illustrations were included in this edition. However, since we would have preferred that this edition include all of the same illustrations as the seven separate ebooks, we have taken away one star. If you are narnia fan and, like me, prefer to have collections of related books in a single ebook to reduce the clutter on your kindle, we recommend this edition–so long as you don’t mind that not all of the illustrations are included. If you’re an older reader like us and just want a nice, convenient way to re-read the chronicles of narnia, this should meet that need quite nicely. However, if you’re buying the chronicles of naria primarily to read to your children or grandchildren, and you want to show them the illustrations as you go along, we recommend sticking with the individual ebooks, which include the complete illustrations, even though that will likely mean spending more.

    We read these for the first time in just the past couple of months. We were awed by how much lewis includes in his stories, things that you can pull on, rely on, relate to, etc. , in real life. To me, it still gives hope, and we thoroughly believe that anyone without an imagination is doomed to living a life of misery and dullness. We would recommend reading this set in the order written, not the current numbered order. One needs to experience narnia from the lion the witch and the wardrobe first; then once the magician’s nephew is read it fills things in nicely. If you were to read the later first, it would likely not leave the writer with as much fulfillment of filling in things as it does when read later.

    We have the chronicles of narnia on cd and enjoyed listening but had never read them. This was a wonderful set and came with bonus material. We haven’t finished all of that but if you have ever read the lion the witch and the wardrobe and not the rest of the series you are truly missing out. These all culminate in the last battle which is the last book. If you are christian, this will give you some ah ha moments.

    This is such a classic series, that has brought countless hours of entertainment and reading fun to children everywhere. This really sparked an interest in reading in our 9 year old, and she is now looking for other books that tell epic stories like this. C. S. Lewis paints a bright and magical world with broad brushstrokes of friendship, family and honor. We would recommend this story to anyone.

    The chronicles of narnia are stories that one has to read to get the full impact of cs lewis’s writings. The movies made from these stories are not as colorful and meaningful. After reading the entire ” chronicles”, we do hope that they make a silver chair movie, since it is and next story which has eustace coming back to narnia after the ” dawn treader.” in the meantime just by checking out the composed book can one find out what occurs when eustace returns to narnia.

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