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Chikoni - Ficial Face Ice Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool

Chikoni – Ficial Face Ice Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool, 100% Natural

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Chikoni – Ficial Face Ice Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool, 100% Natural.

  • After getting up, massage prior to makeup to remove facial dropsy. Decrease dark circles and puffiness under eyes, enhance skin and health through natural jade stones massage with no chemicals or irritants. We provide 3 in 1, buy 1 get 3: one Ice roller, one Jade Roller and one Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool, which might fulfill your everyday requirements, provide you a better life.
  • The Jade Roller made from 100% Natural Jade & enhanced stainless-steel holders for more powerful holding & efficiently rolling. Our Roller is safe and efficient for all skin colors & types. Easy to utilize & provides you that smooth touch and does not squeak, the smaller sized roller for eye location, while bigger one for neck & face.
  • High Quality Natural Stone Hand Made Jade Guasha Board. It’s excellent tools for DAY SPA acupuncture treatment trigger point treatment on face. 100% t natural product, really near the body’s skin, really useful to get rid of facial wrinkles and acne. The smooth surface area will never ever harm your skin.
  • The Ice Roller with ABS Manage, will raise your face as the puffiness vanishes. Or Utilize it to Rub your Feet, Legs, Back, Eyes, Arms, Thighs, Hips, Hands and Anywhere On Your Body With Tissue or Muscle Discomfort. Roll the Cool Roller Over your Skin Anywhere On Your Body and Feel the Stress and Discomfort Release Considerably, On the Neck, Legs, or Back. The Cooling Feeling Cools your Muscles and Eliminates Minor Discomfort Instantly.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Chikoni – Ficial Face Ice Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool, 100% Natural.
With the advancement of the society, the pressure ended up being more and more strong, you need to unwind yourself in health method, Our product can secure your health and skin in natural method, you deserve it. Requirements: Product Type: Ice Roller Product: ABS Color: White & Green Product Size: 7.48 * 3.35 inch Product Weight: 4.51 oz Product Type: Jade Roller Product: Jade Color: Green Product Size: 5.5 * 2.4 inch Product Weight: 4.51 oz Product Type: Jade Guasha Board Product: Jade Color: Green Product Size: 2.75 * 1.78 inch Product Weight: 3.51 oz How to Utilize – Ice Roller – 1. Tidy the roller avoid after every usage 2. Shop the head piece in the freezer at all times, or if you remain in a rush rapidly toss it in for fifteen minutes to cool. 3. Put head back onto roller and roll on your face, neck, back, chest, legs or feet. Jade Roller & Jade Guasha Board 1. Roll 5- 7 times with the huge stone on the cheeks & forehead. Use your preferred serum, moisturizer, or facial mask. Constantly roll inside-out (never ever back and forth) 2. Roll 5- 7 times with the smaller sized ball on the under eyes location. Constantly roll within out (never ever back and forth) 3. Like the Jade Roller, utilize the Gua Sha for forehead & cheeks. Scrub 5- 7 times inside out, and use a little bit of pressure. Attempt to utilize it up until petechiae appears. Like that you will speed up skin restoration 4. Utilize the Gua Sha V shape for chin, eyebrows and nose. Scrub 5- 7 times inside out, and use a little bit of pressure. On these locations, be gentler due to the fact that they are more vulnerable Plan List: 1 * Ice Roller 1 * Jade Roller 1 * Jade Guasha Board 1 * User Handbook

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Chikoni – Ficial Face Ice Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool, 100% Natural, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

For all 3 products got, this is a terrific worth. We believe the ice roller is the very best out of the 3 pieces. The ice roller is bigger than the images make is appear (it is not the very same size as the jade roller). You can put a great deal of weight on it, so it’s truly efficient for rolling out muscle knots. It has a smooth surface, contrary to what it appears like in the image. The jade roller and spatula are not the very same color, however they are better quality than we were anticipating for the cost. We are no geologist, however we believe they are actually stone, rather than plastic, which we have actually seen in some other low expense rollers. Our only criticism is that the jade roller does not roll completely smooth and squeaks, however we are presuming that will disappear with time and it does not trouble us much. In general, really delighted with our purchase.

Love this for our skin and our arthritis. The big roller remains cold for extended periods of time and appears to cool and decrease the swelling. We put them all in the freezer for an hour. The cold remains. The little stones decrease the great lines and 11 lines with one usage. Fantastic purchase.

We utilize this for about 2 weeks now. Beginning to master it. It feel good/cool on the face. Not exactly sure if it does assist with wrinkle or antiaging. It does assist with puffiness. We like utilizing the gua sha to get the blood streaming throughout the face. We want it would include better direction. You can def look it up on youtube for more information guidelines. It’s a terrific cost for 3 gadgets.

We like the roller and gua sha this package features. The roller is a lot larger then we anticipated, it s nearly the size of our entire palm. You can get rid of the roller and position it in the refrigerator so that it gets cold. The size of the roller makes it simple to massage in the product of face masks or other serums in a couple simple strokes. To get under eye location you will require to utilize the jade roller due to the fact that it s smaller sized.

We have actually been wishing to attempt a roller for our face and truly like the jade roller with the gold information. We utilize it early morning and night together with our serums to depuff our skin. The only thing we didn’t like is that it s squeaky and we are uncertain if other rollers are expected to do that considering that it s our very first one.

We like these products and they were a bargain for what you get. Our only problem is that the larger jade roller side isn’t completely in proportion so you can feel a bumpy wobble on your face as you utilize it. It type of includes a massaging result, however we wear t believe that s how it s expected to be.

Great quality, long lasting and convenient for your facial care everyday regular night regular every day utilize ice roller need to be cleaned up and continued the freezer as long with the other 2 face tools for better results.

We got this product a few days back and have actually been utilizing it continuously. Initially, the cost is remarkable. Not just is it 3 products however the quality for the cost is so excellent. The ice roller is big and stays cold for an extended period of time. We primarily utilize the jade roller and gua sha in the early mornings and they truly help in reducing swelling. Finally, it is such a quite color. We absolutely suggest this product.

Fantastic product for facial cutting and slendering. Our fav is the big roller. We utilize it on our face and primarily shoulders. It assists us to work out need to knots from sitting behind a computer system throughout the day. Likewise, it is cool and unwinding to the touch.

It was well jam-packed and we truly like that combination. Those are precisely what we require.

The ice roller is huge it assist with our headache and ease of discomfort, the other 2 rollers works fine and smooth, no problems.

Absolutely worth thebuy We like it.

Love the trio together although basically among these rollers suffices alone, we did wish to attempt all 3. Jade roller is lovely no concerns so far.

It works well; although there isn’t a description for the flat piece.

This is remarkable, 3 pieces to utilize. The roll is unbelievable you can make massage for your face. We truly like it, we enjoy with this.

Functions excellent for under eyes, cheeks, face. Location in freezer.

We immediately felt outcomes after utilizing our jade roller. Our face felt so soft and smooth and flexible.

Great however part of it showed up broken we like it tho we repaired it with tape and it works fine.

The little flat thing is still a ourstery to me, do not understand what it is for. The little jade massage tool is great, however not life altering. What makes this bundle worth it is the ice roller. We like this thing, and utilize it nearly every early morning. Even if our face is not especially puffy that day, by utilizing this ice roller around our eyes, along our jaw line, and face, our face looks “awake” and we swear it looks thinner. It’s truly great to utilize after using cream, due to the fact that it closes up your pores. This product is a terrific present at anytime, and would be a particularly thoughtful present for somebody going through a tough time.

We loooove this product. It cools you down. It does assist with tension when we are studying. It was great to utilize on aching muscles after workout. We guarantee it simply feels excellent and you need to buy it and feel for yourself.

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