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Clina - Gel eye pads

Clina – Gel eye pads

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Here are a few main benefits of Clina – Gel eye pads.

  • Pro Pro Eye Spot for Beauty Salon and Person: lint- totally free eye gel pads are developed for eyelash extension applications, eyelash tints, eyelashes, facials
  • ConfortevoleComfortable and better experience for the customer: lint- totally free gel pads safeguard the lower lashes and use the customer a comfy eye treatment throughout the application procedure of extension of eyelashes.
  • Several usage: the gel eyelashes can be utilized for the application of eyelash extensions, for the face, eyelashes with eyelashes, color of eyelashes or just to minimize the dark circles and the swelling of the eyes.
  • Sanitary and safe product packaging: each set of eyepieces is separately covered in aluminum foil, which is safe, safe and secure and simple to transportation.
  • Service Warranty: Pledge of exchange of products for 90 days and assurance of reimbursement.In case of issues, call us.

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Attributes: 1. Made from high quality product, which is safe, non- hazardous and safe. 2. Soft and without inflammation, will minimize the possibility of moving eyes while connecting. 3. Assist raise the natural tabs of the root so that the tabs are straight and consistent. 4. The unique style in the shape of an arch can be adjusted to the shape of the eyes of many people. 5. Rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen, the eye spot can minimize dark circles, wrinkles, eliminate eye tiredness and nurture the skin of the eyes. Spec: Aspect type: Eyelash extension spot Product: collagen, hyaluronic acid, natural glycerin extract, resin Amount: 10 sets/ set Function: Pad for eyelash extensions The bundle consists of: 1 x 10 sets of eyelash extension spots

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