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Clinique - All About Eyes Cream for Unisex

Clinique – All About Eyes Cream for Unisex

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Clinique – All About Eyes Cream for Unisex.

  • A light-weight hydrating eye cream/gel
  • Immediately gets rid of the look of great lines
  • Helps in reducing the puffiness and dark circles

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More Info:

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Clinique All About Eyes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Clinique – All About Eyes Cream for Unisex.

Question Question 1

When Is The Expiration Date For This Product Please? We Required To Buy 3 Containers, Which Are To Last For 3 Years. Thanks.?

made in 2014 or 2015. However if you open the container, you ‘d better to utilize all of them within a year.

Question Question 2

Is This Product Scent Free?

we utilize to offer Clinique at a significant outlet store in the late ’70’s when it cameout It was Allergic reaction Tested and 100% scent totally free than and have not seen that they have actually altered that. Excellent line of product.

Question Question 3

Is It Great For Dark Circles?

That is what the product advertises.we utilized it and our company believe it worked to lighten the location however did not completely eliminate the dark circles.

Question Question 4

Can We Utilize It While We Go To School In Early morning?.?

Putting it on in the early morning is great. It is so light it soaks up into the skin rapidly

Question Question 5

Is It An Initial Product By Clinique?


Question Question 6

Will This Product Reduce Eye Puffiness?


Question Question 7

I Wished To Buy A Present Card Where Do We Go?

we put on t understand

Question Question 8

Is This Genuine Or A Phony??

It’s the genuine thing.we will purchase it once again.

Question Question 9

Does It Just Ease Puffiness Or Can It Assist Dark Cirlcles And/Or Fine Lines?

we do n’treally understand about the dark circles. It does assist with great lines and puffiness.

Question Question 10

Is This Genuine Or A Phony??

we have actually utilized this product for years. It is excellent for hydrating around your eyes. Clinique makes a truly excellent charm line of product and less costly than Lancome, and so on

Question Question 11

Is This A Genuine Clinique Product? Some Reviewers Claim It Is Fake.?

The product we got seemed genuine.The box and container corresponded our others.And the gel looks the same.we would buy it once again.

Question Question 12

Which Is Better For Dry Skin Under Eyes? This One Or The Abundant Variation?

Abundant variation is a thicker creme

Question Question 13

Bundle Got Here Empty & Unsealed (Never Ever Been Sealed). Ihave No Product To Return, Do You Want United States To Return The Empty Bundle?

You should grumble

Question Question 14

This “Cream” Had An Uncommonly Thin And Runny Texture.Is That Regular For This Product?

Not exactly sure about runny, it’s more like a light gel, a minimum of mine was.it’s texture resembles the wetness rise if you recognize with that product.hope this assists.

Question Question 15

Does This Product Be Available In A Box?

Yes our stock is sealed, brand name brand-new in initial retail box.

Question Question 16

Simply Got ThisProduct Always Came In A Box. This Time It Did Not.Why?. We Are Repeat Customer And You Are Going To Lose Our Service.?

It generally can be found in a box

Question Question 17

Is This Product Oil Free?

Appears to have an oil base, nevertheless no box or active ingredients listings were consisted of. You would be smart to go to a Clinique counter, site or licensed seller to ask a product particular question.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Clinique – All About Eyes Cream for Unisex, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually utilized various of products throughout the years to eliminate or reduce great lines under the eyes, and to eliminate the look of dark circles. This product works better than any product we have actually ever utilized. It particularly lightened the dark circles under our eyes. We have actually invested years utilizing products to minimize dark circles and great lines under the eyes. At age 69, we lastly found a product that provides the outcomes we have actually long been hoping for.

Lastly. An eye cream that does not aggravate our skin. This things is excellent. A little goes a long method so the rate is not a concern. We have actually been utilizing the exact same container for over a month and it does not even appear like we have actually utilized it at all. It’s smooth and scent totally free. Love it. So pleased we lastly found something that does not make our eyes puffy and scaly like whatever else we have actually attempted.

We are delighted we shelled out the money for this eye cream rather of the numerous pharmacy ranges we have actually attempted. This one soaks up extremely well. It is all at once hydrating and light-weight. However most notably, this is the only eye cream we have actually utilized that noticeably minimizes puffiness. We will most likely redeemed.

We have actually been purchasing everything about eyes for years at might business so when we search line we understood it was more affordable through. It truly works no tricks like you see on television. It’s simply a fantastic product plus its hypoallergenic.

Extremely suggest this product for anybody who experiences puffy eyes, bags under eyes, or dark circles. This remarkable eye cream soaks up practically immediately into the skin and tightens it approximately leave you with intense and pleased eyes. Might not be more amazed with this product. Will buy once again.

This product truly lowered the puffiness and dark circles enough to assist our makeup have a smooth surface.

You can actually see the under eye puffiness vanish when used.

We have actually utilized clinique products for years. Have actually attempted other put constantly returned to climique as it’s a better worth and better product.

Exceptional product. We enjoy the manner in which it feels on our skin around our eyes. We never ever had any response and it doesn t make our eyes wreck, it is scent totally free and we will never ever utilize anything other than this. We have actually been utilizing clinique s everything about eyes for the previous twenty years.

This is undereye moisturizer. Its so smooth and non oily that we utilize the tiniest dot. It goes a long method. We likewise utilize it on fine lines on other parts of our face and chin. We enjoy it.

The very first time we purchased this was at the responsibility totally free store in puerto rico and we enjoyed it. The last time we purchased it was through and the texture was various. We are not exactly sure which was the excellent product and which was the old product. The very first time it took the puffiness around our eyes down, the 2nd time it took longer to do that. Our company believe in the product however we are not exactly sure if it requires to be saved or delivered a particular method.

We have actually utilized clinique everything about eyes for years. Hydrating and calming. It keeps the kids healthy and company. We swear by clinique. We utilize really bit, simply a dab is plenty.


As explained. Soft and creaour. Soaks in well. Can use comprise over top.

Product got was as marketed and fairly priced. We typically buy this product from an outlet store however from now on we will buy from this seller/.

It does keep some of the puffiness down. It’s a great product.

Buy this product and watch lines vanish around the eyes.

Finest eye cream for early mornings.

Deja súper bien el cutis.

If utilized routinely this things is excellent. We have really delicate skin around our eyes (some products make the skin around our eyes burn- like a chemical burn). There is no burning or inflammation with this product.

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