Elite Naturals Eye Cream For Dark Circles Review

Elite Naturals Eye Cream For Dark Circles
Elite Naturals Eye Cream For Dark Circles

Elite Skin Wrinkle Eraser is a serum containing four major ingredients to reduce wrinkles, and protect and nurture the skin to reduce the appearance of new wrinkles. It works best with the three-part program.

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Elite Skin Wrinkle Eraser is a serum containing four major ingredients to reduce wrinkles, and protect and nurture the skin to reduce the appearance of new wrinkles.

You will find the ingredients listed at their website, which is a positive thing to see. Argireline®, Leuphasyl®, and Matrixyl® comprise this wrinkle reducing formula. A-Lipoic Acid is reportedly the best cell protecting antioxidant around.

Since this is a 3-step program, order the set for maximum affect. In the package is a bottle of Elite’s Neck and Chest V-Covery Cream, Wrinkle Eraser and Eye Serum. Tighter skin in the eye, neck and chest areas is the promise form Elite Skin.

Product Details

The cost of Elite’s 3-step program is $129 plus shipping. The other two products lessen dark discoloration and puffiness around the eye area and target the bags many get under their eyes from lack of sleep.

Elite Skin Wrinkle Eraser works on shrinking the crow’s feet and fine lines of the face. Argireline reduces wrinkle appearance and lines. A-Lipoic Acid shrinks pores and Lipocare firms loose, sagging skin and reduces age and sun spots.

Clinical trials showed that combining Argireline® and Leuphasyl® reduced expression wrinkles by up to 46% in 28 days. Some of the other ingredients include glycerin, hydrolyzed wheat protein, cucumber, fruit extract, green tea extract and Vitamin E, well known for its healthy, restorative value.

The consumer is reminded that the product works best when used with Elite’s Eye Serum and V-Covery Cream. A twice-daily application of the Skin Wrinkle Eraser to facial areas with fine lines or wrinkles is recommended.

The formula is to be massaged into the area until it is absorbed. Those steps will improve the elasticity and smooth wrinkles, as well as increase the oxygenation of the cells and promote better cell activity.


  • Ingredients are proven to be effective
  • Safe and non-irritating to the skin
  • Has a website that offers complete information about the product
  • Definite improvement in appearance
  • Website lists ingredients and explains what they do
  • Offers full refund of product price, with a 6 month guarantee
  • Just 6 weeks and wrinkles have nearly disappeared!
  • Definitely recommend
  • No animal testing
  • For all skin types


  • It requires 3 different bottles to apply to the different parts of your skin.
  • Once again, another 3-step program requiring 3 times the cost
  • It would be nice to have the scientific lingo at the bottom and an understandable version of what it really does at the top
  • A bit expensive
  • Need to shop around for best price. Even online sites offer different deals and packages.

How Does The Elite Skin Wrinkle Eraser Work?

The most important thing to remember about Elite Skin Wrinkle Eraser is that it works best with the three-part program. Although consumers seem to feel it is easy to use and starts working quickly, it is recommended that it be used twice daily for 2 months to get the best results. This puts the product out of most people’s price range, particularly in today’s economy.

One of the best features in the Elite Skin Wrinkle Eraser, the antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid, also called A-Lipoic Acid, works to produce a pathway for energy production in the cells.

Cross-linking, a formation of chemical bridges between large molecules or proteins, is inhibited with the use of A-Lipoic Acid. That is good news to everyone, as cross-linking allows the aging process providing skin wrinkles, stiffening joints and hardening of the arteries.

Yale University has validated clinical studies showing the benefit of A-Lipoic Acid to skin cells by noting fine lines virtually disappearing and moderate wrinkles reduced by as much as fifty percent.

Men and women completed the Elite Skin Wrinkle Eraser reviews and there were no comments indicating that the product failed to deliver on its promises.

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