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Emacombo - Heated Eye Mask Reusable USB Silk Steaming Eye Mask

Emacombo – Heated Eye Mask Reusable USB Silk Steaming Eye Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Emacombo – Heated Eye Mask Reusable USB Silk Steaming Eye Mask.

  • Graphene Heating Innovation ‘The thermal conduction utilizes finest graphene products. Heat the graphene and far- infrared, promote the blood flow of the eyes by warming the eyes, lower and remove dry eye, puffy eyes, etc.It has a different lining water resistant graphene heating movie, which can be taken out for basic eye mask usage as your requirements. However it’s convenience will not be exact same with normal silk eye mask.
  • Double Sided Silk Material ‘Made From 100% high- quality mulberry silk on both sides.It has a best touch which can totally cover your eye, skin- friendly, breathable, absorbent, ecological, reusable and washable. And will not harm your make- up.No tension on your eye and fit your face well. It’s likewise the eye care partners, can be utilized with Ice Gels, Wormwood Bag, eye cream and spray.
  • Temperature Level & Time Control ‘The heat is preserved in a safe and constant heat variety, with 4 level of heat and time setting.The heating temperature level is varying from 105 F to 131 F (40 to 55 C), and the timer is from 15 to 60 minutes.It will quit working instantly when you enter into deep sleep. Long press the time button can be endless. The red indication light can reveal the existing temperature level and time mode.
  • Intimate Style for Wide Usage ‘The unique bigger style to a big location of heat with 6.6 feet cable television, assists you have a comfy eye rest. It can be likewise utilized with eye care products to increase the speed of absorption. Gradually launch the tension, ease the spirit, enhance sleep quality and depth.At the exact same time, can promote blood flow eye, sluggish eye blockage, avoid dark circles, bags under the eyes, migraine or headache relief.So it can be extensively utilized, for sleep, at workplace, aircraft, tr
  • Safe Use & Adjustable Headband ‘The power supply voltage does not go beyond human security 36V, which just require 5V low voltage.And it can be powered by PC, power bank, USB adapter and USB power strip which over 1.5 A output.The adjustable flexible headband is more ideal for your head sizes, will not compress to your head. You can change the headband from 9 inches to 27 inches according to your own proper pressure level to your eyes.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Emacombo – Heated Eye Mask Reusable USB Silk Steaming Eye Mask.
Emacombo Heated eye mask is a great option for entering into simple sleep in the house, take a rest for eyes at workplace, enjoy yourself on travel, and best as birthday presents, thanksgiving presents and Christmas presents. 1. Safe temperature level and hassle-free Time Control: The mask is developed with 4 level of heat and time setting, varying from 40 to 55 C (105 to 131 F ), and 15 to 60 minutes respectively, enabling the mask to instantly shut off as you go asleep. Will not harm your eyes or skins. 2. The material made from natural mulberry silk: Can barely feel tension on your eyes, and face. Pure silk does not soak up wetness or harm your make- up. Lighter, smoother and has no pressure than common hot cotton and artificial leather products. 3. Different lining water resistant graphene heating movie: Unlike conventional microwave eye mask, the eye mask quickly warming the graphite carbon particles, launching far infrared rays, no electro-magnetic radiation. The warming result permits the wetness to vaporize rapidly, attaining the result of eliminating the cold and getting rid of tiredness. 4. Humanized style: A.Enlarged material style: Increase the location of the eye mask’s width, will not leakage light or press the eye when using. B.Adjustable flexible headband: Ideal for men/women/kids. C.Eye mask double opening style: Can quickly put in or plug out the inner or Ice Gels. D.Reusable & washable style: Can eliminate the inner out and tidy the cover by hand with warm water below 30. E. 6.6 feet cable television: The cable television is long enough to be put on the night table and linked to the electrical outlet. F.Detachable cable television style: Can separate the cable television from the charging end and utilize it as a regular eye mask. 5. Keep in mind:6. This eye mask generally ease eye tiredness and unwind our brain. It can not be utilized to deal with headaches triggered by other factors. For dealing with illness, please consult your physician prior to choosing whether to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Emacombo – Heated Eye Mask Reusable USB Silk Steaming Eye Mask.

Question Question 1

Where Is This Product Made?


Question Question 2

Does The Heating Aspect Go All Around The Mask Or Simply Leading Of Eyes? We Required It For Discomfort In Sinuses Under The Eyes. Thanks?

Thank you for your question.The heated eye mask simply leading of eyes, however you can dowon it under the nose.

Question Question 3

What Took Place To The Spray Bottle, A Set Of Earplugs And A Tote For Travel Pointed Out By One Customer?


Question Question 4

Does The Mask Have A Detachable Material Case That Can Be Cleaned? Am Not Exactly Sure From Description And Customers Don’T Mentionit.?

Thanks for your question. The mask does have a detachable material. You can eliminate the inner out and tidy the material cover by hand with warm water below 30?

Question Question 5

How Huge Is It? Our Existing Microwaveable Mask Hardly Fits At 24″ Circumference.?

we didn’t measure , but cover eyes completely, silky and soft

Question Question 6

Weird Question: Is This Flat Enough To Use As A Heated Headband For Headaches??

There are many causes of headaches. This USB eye mask was made from silk,whcih can fit the face tightly. It can relieve headaches caused by fatigue, etc.

Question Question 7

Do You Charge Before You Use Or Plug In Is Needed When You Use?

we plug mine in. Also, we have found if you put eye drops in your eyes the mask really helps with dry eyes and sinus area. Hope this helps.

Question Question 8

Do You Wet The Within Pouch?

No we do not

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Emacombo – Heated Eye Mask Reusable USB Silk Steaming Eye Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Remarkably reliable warming innovation. Easy to utilize controls. Silk sleeve is really soft. In general, we like the product and would buy it once again. We would recommend a couple enhancements, however. The usb wire is developed to leave the mask on the left eye side. Our usb outlet is on our right, supine side, so we need to curtain the wire behind our neck to prevent crossing the front. We do not wish to begin an argument, or understand for specific which side the typical sleeper has a usb plug offered, however we would be amazed if it is not their best side (lying supine). Likewise, it would be fantastic if the warming components covered a wider location– there appears to be about 3/4 to 1 inch of the mask edges that are unheated.

This product has actually altered the guidelines of the video game. We have serious dry eye syndrome and have actually been dealt with for more than 2 years. We have actually attempted medical treatment, using pressure or perhaps really pricey surgical treatment. After utilizing the product for 6 weeks, we got a great report today, which proposed a strategy to stop the drug. Perk. It’s likewise really simple. However this. You will not regret it.

We like this mask due to the fact that you simply plug it in and you can set heat and timer. It is not a steaming mask though you can damp the mask a little and put it on however it does not produce steam as the title made us think, this is the only factor we offer this product a 4.

We suffer badly from allergic reactions year- round, and constantly scratching our eyes. We likewise experience dry eyes. Because of covid- 19, we right away began utilizing the mask and discovered an enhancement quickly. We are really happy with controls and convenience. In truth, we bought a 2nd mask for our downstairs to utilize throughout the day. It’s our finest buy yet.

Inexpensive electrical eye mask. We require one for dry eye, however we actually do not wish to invest that much cash, so we purchased a microwave eye mask. However we are too lazy to go downstairs simply to warm it up. We like this concept. It is adjustable and the mask itself has a shape and is for that reason not too tight. So comfy you can select the heat and timer that matches you, or you can select to remain all night. Advised.

This eye mask is best for purchase. It warms up rapidly and remains at that temperature level for the chosen time. We like to select various time and temperature level lengths. The cover is soft and lovely and simple to tidy. This has actually caused a substantial modification in our dry eye and is better and more hassle-free than the oatmeal mask we heated in the microwave. The wonderfully packaged high- quality products consist of a spray bottle, a set of earplugs and a lug for travel. We will bring this all over.

We have dry eyes and this eye mask actually assists. We have actually attempted other brand names of heated eye masks and this one is the very best of them. We had a mask which needed to be microwaved however it was bothersome plus it would get too hot for our eyes. We had actually likewise been utilizing japanese non reusable heated eye masks, however it was pricey to utilize those regularly. We like how this eye mask can be charged by means of a usb cable television, and how the cover can be cleaned. Plus the heat and time settings are fantastic and it assists us to sleep well every night.

We were going to knock this for not working however chose to attempt it without the usb extension. Remarkably it worked fine. So prior to you presume it s not working, attempt another usb port. With the extension, the lights blinked so we presumed it was broken given that it was clearly getting power. However attempting it in a various plug, it works simply great. The cable is relatively long so you wear t require an extension — we simply occurred to have actually one plugged in for our phone. The product itself works as assured and heats up rapidly.

It appears to be respectable. It definitely is comfy. Really really soft. Good long cable for the usb connection. It actually puts us to sleep so it s excellent it shuts down instantly. We wear t understand if it does anything for the dry eyes however it s a pleasurable experience. Possibly after a little more time we can report back on the eye treatment. It s worth it to us even if it puts us to sleep. It s extremely well made. Soft, soft, soft silk.

We were really doubtful when bought an eye mask, however this one made a hit in all locations for us. Easy connection, heats up to a number of various temperatures & times & every one best for various requirements. Truly unwinds us to assist go to sleep. We utilize for our dry eyes after we put drops in our eyes. It boosts the drops to work better and we do feel the distinction instead of when we just utilize drops without the heating system mask. Mask is smooth, soft and really comfy. Good quality.

The eye mask we purchased this time is a lot easier to utilize than previously. It is really comfy to use. And it can likewise be heated. Like we typically deal with the computer system in the workplace. Our eyes are really susceptible to tiredness after long hours of work. This product is merely fantastic. It can relieve our eye pressure. Let our eyes get a great rest. And the product is likewise really light. So we wear t have any concern to use when is likewise really light. So we wear t have any concern to use when we sleep. It can likewise be utilized throughout the midday break.

Really comfortable. Just utilized heating component when. Worked fantastic. Super comfortable for simply a night mask.

It worked fantastic the very first time we utilized it however the next time we turned it on it would not heat up. Far too late tp return it. Update: we were called by the seller after this evaluation and they sent us another one. It works fantastic. Thanks to the seller for fantastic customer support.

We did not at first understand if this would assist us unwind and sleepbetter It did in addition to aided with the bags under our eyes, though that might have been the outcome of a better nights sleep. We invest a great deal of time at the computer system so our eyes are taxed day in and dayout We are happily amazed. It likewise works well with a portable usb battery charger.

The heat benefited our headaches.

This eye massager has actually been utilized for a number of days. It is really practical in alleviating eye tiredness. We can rest on the couch and massage our eyes while listening to music. That’s really enjoyable, isn’t it?.

Since we frequently utilize computer systems and smart phones for work factors, our eyes are very dry and bloodshot, and often our eyes likewise experience unique discomfort. We utilized this steam eye spot for a while back and the result was rather excellent, and it was really comfy to utilize.

Simply attempted once again, eyes unique comfy, half an hour, eliminate eye brilliant after a great deal of, very comfy, now with a great deal of time every day to see computer systems and smart phones, eyes sour has a puffed up, so the heat is excellent, wish to continue, heat for half an hour every day, lower eye tiredness.

This is the 2nd eye heating pad we purchased. It’s so simple to utilize, we have actually been utilizing it every night given that we provided it, and all we require remains in the microwave for 20 seconds and lasts 10 minutes. This consists of some “bubbles”, and each time we use it, we feel the bubbles are rubbing our eyes, it’s so cool.

We have actually attempted this heating eye mask for a number of days after getting it, and the result is excellent after trial. The material of the eye mask is double- sided silk material, which is really breathable and comfy to use. It is suggested to buy.

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