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ewinever - Pure Silk Eye Patch For Adults

ewinever – Pure Silk Eye Patch For Adults

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ewinever – Pure Silk Eye Patch For Adults.

  • 1. PRODUCT: Double- sided silk material, extremely soft and smooth style of cotton, shading result is great.
  • 2. FUNCTION: Alleviate visual tiredness, enhance amblyopia, strabismus correction.
  • 3. SPLENDID EDGE: Fragile plan edge, not off line so that the eye patch is more resilient,more stunning look.
  • 4. SIMPLE TO USAGE: Splendid craftsmanship, with rubber band, using a distinct complimentary adjustable buckle style, can be adapted to their own head area size.
  • 5. RUBBER BAND: Divided into 2 styles, so that using eye mask, the flexible belt will be formed in the middle of the concave eye patch, eyes more comfy.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ewinever – Pure Silk Eye Patch For Adults.
Color: Black Description: Color: Black Product: 100% Pure Silk Size: 7cm * 9cm/2.76 * 3.54 inch Weight: 6g Note: To advised hand wash, cleaning temperature level below 30 degrees. Bundle consisted of: 1 x Pure Silk Eye Patch

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ewinever – Pure Silk Eye Patch For Adults.

Question Question 1

Is This Actualy Made Out Of Silk Or Artificial Product?

It actually seems like genuine silk. It was utilized by somebody who had a cornea transplant and required something extremely soft to utilize when he needed to cover his eye. He was very delighted with the product.

Question Question 2

Is The Patch Washable?

This was purchased so long earlier, for somebody who had a cornea transplant. It was extremely soft and comfy, and if he cleaned it, it was by hand in woolite, in cool water. Hang to dry. It s fragile. Perhaps simply wash in cool water if essential. It s a fantastic patch. We purchased a number of.

Question Question 3

Can The Patch Be Utilized Under Glasses?

Absolutely. we need to use it under glasses because we have actually a separated retina. Patch is extremely soft & silky.Good cost, great quality

Question Question 4

How Is It Kept in Location? And Does It Remain in Location?

It’s kept in location by the strap which walks around the head.It remains quite well– the strap is doubled so you can have one strap high and one strap low if you desire.

Question Question 5

Is This Actualy Made Out Of Silk Or Artificial Product?

we do not understand, however it sure seems like silk.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ewinever – Pure Silk Eye Patch For Adults, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased this patch for ourself. We are an adult with strabismus, which is a lazy eye. We highly do not like any patch, since we simply dislike not having the ability to see and appearing like a pirate. However as far as spots go, this one isn’t bad. Pros: thin, less obvious strapsuper soft fabricnon- velcro strap that can be changed easilyyou can use it on the black side or the gold/skin sidethe cost is fantastic. We like this one much better then the bulkier one we purchased on for more cash. Consthe gold/skin side is a little too glossy for us, practically fancy. We are opting for a discreet appearance so that was a huge no. You can t make it truly tight or it puts pressure on your eyeball, however too loose isn’t great either. It took some work to find the sweet area, however we had the ability to, although it does move down in some cases, it s not ideal. A strong 3. 5- 4 stars for sure. We didn’t seem like it was as huge as another customer stated. It seemed like a regular sized patch to me. In the image hers looks much larger than mine. Possibly she got a size big or something.

It was challenging to place the flexible straps so they were comfy on our head. However the patch was soft and comfy.

This eye patch was ideal for after a small problem from cataract surgical treatment. It is extremely soft and comfy. It made using an eye patch manageable.

After purchasing multiples, this is our go to patch. It’s comfy and obstructs the most light without excessive pressure. Need to find tidy if we have excessive tearing, otherwise it looks kinda gross.

Enjoyed that it was smooth and soft, not concave.

If you need to use an adult eye patch, then silk is the only method to go. These are comfy, and inexpensive. We do not like the manner in which they stack, however we can cut that off. They look, and feel better than any of the others.

Eye patch works and sits tight.

Cleaned up silk secures eyes from infection. Its big adequate to cover reptilian like eyes of snakes any size.

We had eye surgical treatment and chosen to not have our eye noticeable for a bit at work. Good and huge, comfy.

It’s simply as explained. Really soft and smooth and it does remain in location and it’s extremely comfy to use. Got it on time and in great/new condition. We like it and we would buy it once again.



Really light and comfy.

Functions well.

It was comfy and a great worth.

Excellent quality feel. Select and change your size. Patch itself is a bit big however gets the job done.

Perfect fit. Easy to utilize and comfy. Incredible product.

Was precisely as explained. Fits well and showed up earlier than anticipated.

Soft and good size.

Really good comfortable.

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