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Felico - Under Eye Patches

Felico – Under Eye Patches, Eye Mask, Eye Gel Pads

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  • 24K Pure Gold active ingredients – 24k gold is commonly utilized as a high-end and distinguished skin treatment component in leading medical spas all over the world. It has a capability to expel hazardous contaminants and substantially hydrate your skin, increasing blood flow, minimizing wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness
  • Multifunction – A powerhouse mix of hyaluronic acid, collagen, rejuvenating vitamin c serum, 24k gold collaborate to relax and relieve, enhance flexibility. Hyaluronic acid offers immediate and long lasting moisturizing, bleaching, anti- aging, anti- wrinkle, nourishing skin for eye skin. Collagen promotes the regrowth of skin cells, considerably promotes the development of skin collagen, efficiently brings back skin flexibility and firmness
  • Easy to utilize – Eye mask for dark circles. Cleaning your face and after that use eye mask and stay your bottom of the eye.? Get rid of the under eye mask up until it was completely soaked up about 15 ~ 20 minutes, carefully massage the skin around eyes.The eye mask serum will be soaked up completely, so you will feel tidy and rejuvenating after utilizing
  • Safe for all Skin Types – Our 24K gold eye masks appropriate for males and females, the hypoallergenic formula is safe for all sort of skin.Help you enhance your skin issues and go back to the brightest minutes. It will not aggravate or obstruct pores and 100% safe for all skin types
  • 100% Safe Complete Satisfaction Warranty – Threat Free. Thirty days refund assurance. If you are not entirely pleased, merely get in touch with us.We have 30- days ensured with a replacement or complete refund if you are unhappy with our product

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Multifunction Solution It might efficiently manage eye skin issues Anti wrinkles Puffiness Eye Bags Great Lines Dark Circles Drooping Eye Skin Swelling About United States We are Producer. We are driven by the desire to supply remarkable options to your hardest charm and individual care problems.That is why we provide you the greatest quality product. After years of devotion and development, a fully grown Choice- Production- Evaluation- Sale- Post Service chain was formed. As an around the world factory, we focus more on quality of each product. Being Environmental- Friendly is a crucial concept we worry all the time. Our Gold Eye Gel Spot 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask A safe and reliable method to renew your under eye skin for a smoother, more youthful, and hydrated appearance Double impact, charges hydration and strength to dull eye location. Extremely hydrating Extremely adhesive hydrogel Get firmer skin 100% Natural Components 24k Gold Foil Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Glycerin Read more BENEFITS: Hydrates & Moisturizes Under Eye Location Decreases Dark Circles & Puffiness Decreases Bags Under Eyes Decreases The Look of Wrinkles Decreases Swelling Boosts skin Firmness & Flexibility Assists Expel Harmful Toxins and Free Radicals Keeps the Eyes Better & Younger. 24k gold is commonly utilized as a high-end and distinguished skin treatment component in leading medical spas all over the world. The active 24k gold has the capability to expel hazardous contaminants and substantially hydrate your skin, increasing blood flow, enhancing cellular metabolic process Read more Suitable Individuals: Eye skin aging, great lines, dark circles, eye bags, puffiness, wrinkles Daily sit the computer system in front of computer system radiation Long period of time taking a trip individuals Overtime & hectic work individuals Long- term usage of eye makeup or inappropriate usage cosmetics Long- term reading, composing, driving, and so on are quickly cause eye tiredness Long- term usage of the computer system, seeing TELEVISION Improper diet plan, chain cigarette smokers Check out more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Felico – Under Eye Patches, Eye Mask, Eye Gel Pads.

Question Question 1

We Have Puffy Eyes, Does It Minimize Eye Bags And If We Can Sleep With Them On?

we sleep with mine on, and have actually never ever had actually an issue.Have utilized for 2 months directly.

Question Question 2

We Would Like To Know What Are The Components? And How Typically Should We Utilize This Product?


Question Question 3

Ahh. We Can T Open The Container. Any Recommendations ???

Mine had a basic open with the plastic, that you wish to keep as it keeps it moist.Maybe attempt a scredriver to pop the plastic?Might be faulty, we can not see it, so this is the very best we can assist.

Question Question 4

What Is The Distinction In Between This 24K Eye Mask Vs Collagen Eye Mask? Can It Be Recycled Several Times?

The main distinction in between the mask is thatthe gold eye mask consisted of within our 24k masks. 24k gold is commonly utilized as a high-end and distinguished skin treatment component in leading medical spas all over the world. The very best lead to our clients’ experience is using the product 20 minutes prior to placing on makeup in the mo The main distinction in between the mask is thatthe gold eye mask consisted of within our 24k masks. 24k gold is commonly utilized as a high-end and distinguished skin treatment component in leading medical spas all over the world. The very best lead to our clients’ experience is using the product 20 minutes prior to placing on makeup in the early morning. one piece just utilize one time

Question Question 5

The Number Of Pairs Of Eye Pads Remain In This?

It includes 60pcs (or 30 Pairs) in the plan

Our Insights:

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When we got it back, we could not wait to open it. We like it quite, and we can draw a long silk. We are going to buy a bottle of extra silk. It’s of excellent quality, and the impact is likewise really apparent. It lightens the dark circles under our eyes that we kept up all night previously, and it is dampened and will not be oily, fat granules can likewise be removed, numerous fat granules have actually grown on the other eye cream we utilized prior to, thanks to this eye cream, the fat granules have actually been removed after utilizing it, the dark circles under the eyes have actually undoubtedly ended up being lighter, we will continue to utilize it, it smells excellent, it is an excellent product to be relied on, the quality of eye cream is great, really damp. Open can smell a touch of scent, smear on the skin is not oily. Just recently, sleeping disorders, leading to our shiner is really thick, with this product on the desalination of numerous, the impact. It’s much better than we believed, since we awakened the next early morning to clean up and found that the shiner garden has actually ended up being shallow, and the skin around our eyes has actually ended up being soft and company, and we are still utilizing it.

We truly purchased these as a guard to keep our fragile undereye skin from moving versus our pillow in the evening and wrinkling it. We had actually been utilizing saran wrap, lol. Well, we are 62 and will attempt anything. We put them under our eyes right prior to we went to sleep. However they were damp with moisturizer and we believed this isn’t going to work, it will get on our pillow and slide off. However we laid in bed reading and they felt excellent and after about half an hour enough of the moisturizer had actually entered into our skin that we felt very little would get on our pillow. Today we got up, they were still stuck simply where we had actually put them and we pulled them off. Wrinkled are nearly entered one night. We will utilize them permanently. No one ever used us anything for a score, this is simply us wishing to assist others.

They were charming and felt soo doggone excellent on our skin. We loveeee??these They actually work ?? nevertheless, cautioning the patches are incredibly fragile and simple to tear/rip (from individual experience)???? lol?? so manage with severe care?? be blessed??????.

Truly great product. We have dark circles under our eyes. Up until now we have actually just offered this product one shot and feels excellent while on and our dark circles are looking better after very first usage. This product is really simple to utilize, feel excellent putting them on and feels great and soft and cold. We will continue to attempt it and hope a better result.

Initially we put them on with the slim side near the corner of our eye and the kept moving. Then we cut off the corner and turned them around in 2 methods (slim side near our temple and shining gold side outwards, sorry if this sounds complicated). As soon as we did that you might feel your under eyes get tighter and they looked excellent. Our suggestions bc of the shape of our eye is 20 minutes, thin point on your temple side, and goldest side noticeable. You will feel it when you have it right.

Eye care or the earlier the better, eye cream can be consumed, this eye cream is really fresh and mild, ideal for our skin oh, whenever a little sufficient, carefully massage absorption impact is great. A few days with our eye lines to enhance, does not look so heavy, after utilizing the eye skin tender really great. Prior to going to sleep in the evening, the next early morning up eye skin will be really damp and flexible, we like it. Gotten the eye cream, placed on really fresh, specifically damp and not oily, feel better than we utilized prior to the impact of a great deal of black circles, just recently kept up all night, with a night appears pale, and really hydrating, truly excellent usage, specifically excellent eye cream can likewise eliminate glasses great lines, however the time is too brief, do not see the apparent impact, eagerly anticipate future modifications.

Eye cream got here rapidly, the very same night opened with a sensation of wetness, tight absorption really rapidly. Prior to going to sleep in the evening, it seems like your eyes are damp and watery, and your eye cream tastes really light and hydrates extremely well. The skin around your eyes has actually ended up being more flexible, and the eye cream can be quickly soaked up around your eyes and is likewise rather moderate, this cost can buy this eye cream, truly excellent, the cost is rather budget friendly, the secret is the impact is excellent, normally keep up late to bring the shiner, utilize this product to water down a lot. Eye cream is likewise filled with wetness, eye skin water tender tender really complete of energy, hope that long- term usage will have better results, expense- reliable, it is advised to utilize.

Our dark circles have actually enhanced a lot after utilizing this product two times. We feel really comfy after taking it, the experience is soft and cool, and it is really hassle-free to utilize. About 20 minutes after we put it on, we can feel the skin modifications. Complete satisfaction.

When we got the items, we could not wait to open it, since the work pressure was fairly heavy just recently, and we typically keep up late, so our dark circles are more apparent, and our eye bags are likewise huge. When we utilize this eye spot, it s truly excellent yes, it has a faint aroma. We like it, and it is slippery. We like the slippery appearance. It makes us feel that the wetness material is high, however it likewise triggered us some problems, since we were utilizing throughout the procedure, there need to be no violent motions, otherwise it will drop, however it does not matter, since the impact is truly excellent, we found some apparent modifications in our dark circle the eyes the next day the wrinkles are likewise much less, great, we believe we will constantly utilize this product in the future, extremely advised.

Since of sleeping disorders, keeping up late, our dark circles are getting much heavier. When we utilize it for the very first time, we were happily shocked to find that it can minimize the dark circles we kept up last night, and the fat particles around our eyes are undoubtedly lighter., the impact is much better than we believed. You can even utilize it while you rest, or sit and see television, make call, and work. Excellent usage, we will continue to utilize it.

The quick logistics make us pleased. Work makes our black rim of the eye appears really major, so we purchased it, going to attempt and see if we can be pleased, utilize for a few days, feel this eye cream is mild, simple to soak up, really ideal for our skin, and make our black rim of the eye got huge enhancement, now appears to have the apparent modification, it is really damp not oily, feel better than we purchased previously, some impact substantially, we will continue to utilize it, hope it can assist us resolve the issue of major black rim of the eye. Eagerly anticipating the next outcome. It was the best purchase.

We likethese They are extremely budget friendly and a good reward for your under eyes. We like to keep them in the refrigerator to keep them additional cold. We normally utilize them while we consume our coffee in the early morning when we seem like we look additional exhausted. They have an actually great, soft, cooling impact and they certainly include a little plumpness and brightness to our under eye location. Ice that there not just for the eyes however cheek and chin too. Suggest if you have bag under your eyes since your sleep denied from having youngsters specifically.

Since we typically keep up late, our black rim of the eye ends up being undoubtedly, when we go out everybody in take notice of our black rim of the eye, the sensation is truly regrettable, we do not need to fret about this issue now, since we purchased the under eye patches, efficiently minimize our black rim of the eye, it’s so incredible, after usage sensation of facial skin under the eyes end up being more smooth and fragile.

This product was purchased for our relative. After we got it, the product packaging was still really gorgeous. After our relative utilized it numerous times, the impact was still excellent. The cost is low, this unexpected little present, the other half is really delighted.

Since we typically keep up late, our eye bags are really major. So we purchased this product to attempt to alleviate the issue of eye bags. After utilizing it, the impact shocked me. We just utilized it a few times, and we felt the skin under the eyes tightened up. This product is really moisturizing, really comfy to use, and will not slip off the face. You can do other things while staying with this eye cream, which is really hassle-free. The impact of this eye cream is truly excellent, we will redeemed after usage.

This product provides us a surprise is truly too huge, really damp, specifically simple to soak up, will not have fat particles, feel the impact is excellent, really comfy, pleased. The impact that secure damp is great, pre-owned amount of time, the skin did not feel previously so oily control oil impact is excellent, the wrinkle on the face likewise minimized.

This eye cream is really fresh and soft, ideal for our skin. After conclusion, you might feel tight eyes. They look excellent. A little more each time, the impact of mild massage is great. Prior to going to sleep in the evening, the next early morning, the eye skin will be really moisturized and flexible, we like it. We feel better than we have actually utilized a great deal of dark circles. We kept up late just recently. It looks really pale all night, and it is really hydrating. It is truly simple to utilize. We eagerly anticipate long- term impacts.

The product has actually been utilized for a few days, and it is used around the eyes, which is really beneficial. It takes a long period of time to utilize the computer system at work, so there are typically dark circles under the eyes. Sleep to get up eye ministry is really unwinded, minimize tiredness sensation, still rather like, not oily, faint scent sensation.

Our task to see the computer system all the time, so we typically fell exhausted and have great lines around our eyes, however we are charm fan, so we typically buy different skin care paoducts to avoid our eyes from aging. As soon as we saw this when iwas purchasing a mask, and we got some excellent remarks and attempted it. After utilizing it for a feww days, it will make you fell damp and smooth around your eyes, and tighten up the skin around you eres.

The eye mask is really mild, the eye spot is especially comfy, decreases great lines, is really damp, and has a strong fit. The moisturizing impact is great, affordable and affordable. The moisturizing impact is great, moisturizing and non allergic. It’s an excellent eye mask. After being pasted, the skin around the eyes feels smooth and fragile, with an excellent odor, great odor,.

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