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Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Home Remedies For Dark Circles

1. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice is best if you mix with cold water. Place this mixture over your eyes. It’s soothes you well. Best home remedy to have a beautiful look and can be treated as best under eye cream for dark circles.

2. Potato

Potato acts as an astringent and also reduces inflammation. You need to grate the potato and place on the eye for 15 minutes. It reduces swelling of the eyes. It makes it cool and fresh.

3. Rose Water

Rose Water is the effective home remedy for sore eyes. Rosewater tones, rejuvenates and prevents skin from loosening. Do twice daily to remove lines from appearing again. It’s easy, yet powerful.

4. Turmeric and Sugarcane

Turmeric powder and Sugarcane juice when mixed together to form a paste works best to massage your wrinkles. Do it regularly to reduce fine line and puffy eyes. It works…

5. Blueberries and Lemon Juice

Blueberries have antioxidants that treat eyes perfectly and promote an ever youthful appearance. Add blueberries and lemon juice to a blender and mix well. Apply to your skin using a cotton ball and leave for few minutes and wash them well. It grants the beauty you want. Do these remedies daily.


Peaches are great help in treating dark circles. You can mash ripe peach into a smooth paste. Apply the paste onto the skin under the eyes for few minutes and wash off with warm water. This remedy removes dark circles and prevents future outbreaks.

7. Milk

Milk has great power in dealing with dark circles under the eyes. It also lightens the skin. Use milk for great results to avoid wrinkles at early age. It’s easy and affordable. It’s safe…

8. Essential oils

Essential oils benefit you in the removal of under eye wrinkles. Carrot seed, chamomile are top oils that soften skin and free wrinkle. Use this oil for best face and wrinkle free… it’s worth a use… doing it today…

9. Diet for Skin Care

A proper diet is a must to tighten loose skin under your eyes and reduce eye wrinkles. Greens, fish, egg etc. protects skin from aging and removes wrinkle, makes it firm and tight. Take healthy diet to get healthy skin and lovely face. It changes you…

10. Coconut Oil

Use coconut oil to treat puffy eyes, sagging skin, crow’s feet and wrinkles around the skin’s eyes. Apply before bedtime for best results. It will tighten loosed skin. Use daily… it protects skin from being broken down. It naturally softens skin and glows great…

11. Castor oil

Castor oil suits you best as an anti-aging creams and under eye creams. It’s costly but proves as effective home remedy to lessen eye wrinkles and puffy eyes. A drop of castor oil every night is best. It benefits you with tightened skin eyes.

12. Cucumber Juice

Do you want to fully remove eyes wrinkles and dark circles under eyes? Use Cucumber juice for your best solution. Cucumber juice hydrates your skin naturally. It aids in building collagen and elastin and protects skin cells from the harmful UV radiations. It removes your problems… cools and moisturizes your skin… daily use is best.

13. Lemon juice

Lemon juice moisturizes dry skin and reduces crow’s feet. It is effective natural remedy to treat dark circles. Use the juice around the eyes for 15-20 minutes daily. All the best… get fair, glowing skin… it’s simple, cheap and powerful… use it well.

14. Egg Whites

Egg Whites are well known for its effective skin tightening action. It reduces wrinkles and prevents premature wrinkles from occurring. Apply egg white layer under the skin. Use this natural home remedy to suit your desire… it really benefits you tremendously…

15. Avocados

Avocados are fat high and hence apt remedy for wrinkles under the eyes. Slice the avocado and place it gently well on the eyes for few minutes. Let the natural oils seep and nourish the skin. It will clear all wrinkles and dark circles fully. Do the remedies daily… get a glowing and wrinkle free skin completely. It helps… it cures…

16. Olive Oil

Olive Oil deeply moisturizes your skin. It helps in retaining moisture on the skin. Apply the oil and massage for few minutes. Use it at night to keep skin free from wrinkles. It is humectants like honey. Works effectively…

17. Ginger And Honey

Ginger helps to increase blood circulation and honey is a natural moisturizer to the affected area. Mix ginger and honey. It will ensure that skin is nourished, moisturized well under the eyes. Do frequently and get easy way to be out of wrinkle lines. It works perfectly…

18. Pineapple

Pineapple juices have an active enzyme called bromelain, which is an anti-inflammatory agent to treat wrinkles. It helps in skin’s exfoliation. Apply pineapple juice on the eyes wrinkle. It helps you to reach the goals… for a beautiful skin and eyes…

19. Tips To Prevent Dark Circles

These are best natural tips for you to prevent dark circles:-

  • Drink 10 glasses of water daily.
  • Have fresh vegetables, fruits, salads in your diet.
  • Proper sleep for 7-8 hours daily is a must.
  • Apply cold compress of water or cold milk directly.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Reduce stress levels with meditation or yoga.

20. Tomato

Tomato naturally bleaches and lightens skin. Use tomato juice on the dark areas for best results. It does wonders to you… use it to get rid faster…

21. Mint Leaves

A paste of mint leaves and tomato juice helps dark circles to be cured. Use crushed mint leaves around your eyes. It cools your tired eyes and eliminates dark rings. Apply the paste for effective remedy. It guarantees you great young face…

22. Onions

Onion juice works wonder to dark circle of your eyes. It makes you glow radiantly.