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iClear - Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes

iClear – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of iClear – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes.

  • AUTOMOBILE HEAT EYE MASK- Simply take the mask out of the pack an put it on your eyes. No microwave or charging cable televisions needed. Take an anti- wrinkle day spa with you anywhere.
  • DECREASES WRINKLES- ease wrinkles and lower eye- stress associated stress. Heated steam enhance blood flow around the eyes,
  • USAGE WHENEVER, ANYWHERE- Each single usage mask lasts for 20- 25 minutes. Appropriate for an early morning refresher, midday nap, or relaxer after a long day in front of a screen. Masks are liquid- totally free and safe for aircrafts.
  • HYDRATES EYES- Vitamin E, lavender, and aloe relieve and recover the eyes. Appropriate for wrinkles, migraines, headaches, dry eyes, allergic reactions, dark circles, and puffy eyes.
  • COMPLETE SATISFACTION WARRANTY- If you do not like our masks, let us understand. You’ll get a complete no-questions-asked refund. Why? Since if you’re utilizing our masks effectively, you’ll like them as much as we do.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on iClear – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes.
Read more Read more iClear Steamed Eye Mask Bundle: 16pcs Weight:0.3 pound STEAM HEAT EYE MASK|MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL SUGGESTED iClear Steam heated eye mask includes pure cotton, medical material craft and flexible cotton product, comfy and skin- friendly for your eyes. Simply open and place on, iClear heated eye mask immediately launches tidy relaxing damp heat and warming keep more than 50 minutes. No requirement to include water, no waiting and no mess. The damp heat supplies welcome relief in minutes. Steam eye mask will preserve proposed heat levels for the whole treatment. Keep your eye moisturization. Read more Hypoallergenic This heated eye mask includes pure cotton, medical material craft and flexible cotton product, comfy and skin- friendly for your eyes. Light-weight and comfy The mask warms up and launches warm, mild steam to relieve worn out eyes and ease stress. Warm Steam Mild, Warm Steam – Self- heating innovation launches a comfy steam (106-) that dampens and relieves worn out eyes. Work, Travel, Relaxation Take It Anywhere – Single- utilize masks can be found in a slim plan ideal for slipping into your purse, desk drawer, or aircraft bring- on. Read more iClear heated eye mask for sleeping will be your supreme pal when you desire rest to ease eye tiredness. With its natural lavender that provides you a calming peace, you will attain a cool and peaceful sleep in a brief time. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on iClear – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes.

Question Question 1

The Length Of Time Does It Keep Its Heat?

It remains hot for about 45 minutes, no kidding.It is the very best eye mask that we have found, and we have actually attempted lots of.

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Was It Made In China?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on iClear – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Ok, let us be truthful, our relative purchased these and we made sure that she had actually lost her cash. Shockingly, we were incorrect (a condition she enjoys to point out to me). We took among them from her pack and utilized it to make the video evaluation we connected to this evaluation and after waiting the 2 minutes it was warm (not hot, you do not desire hot) however the weird part is that when you put it over your eyes it does certainly seem like a warm moist compress. She had actually gotten them to assist ease headaches we get this season when the pollen is high (we have actually been under a “high pollen alert” for lots of days) and these assisted. We presume the innovation behind these things resemble those hand warmers you can buy however the part where it seems like a wet compress when they are dry as can be still confuses me. Bottom line: in spite of our shock, this product provided precisely what it had actually assured, after about 2 minutes, it seems like a warm moist compress and is actually peaceful, we may attempt it for a sleep help among these nights when we are having issues getting to sleep since they are astonishingly unwinding. 5 stars for a product that showed us incorrect and we may need to buy more since they work so well.

We definitely like this steam eye mask. It’s incredibly soft, comfy to use, therefore warm, damp and relaxing. When we are tired, have a headache/tension and sinus pressure, puffy eyes, tension, or sleeping disorders, this eye mask is our go- to. We dig the soft ear straps, which feel better than any other we have actually ever felt. As quickly as you open the plan, the eye mask gradually starts to warm up and it remains hot for a couple hours. It feels reaaally good and it’s very practical: no microwaving, no work, no mess, no difficulty. It assists us wander off to sleep, and the unicorns are friggin lovable. We might go without the synthetic scent. Just a couple masks smelled highly.??.

We are not really knowledgeable about the range of steam eye masks in the market, however this product actually amazed me. The ear straps are so comfy, even more comfy than the more popular japanese “kao” line of comparableproducts The temperature level is actually mild and the heat lasts enough time for you to unwind and go to sleep. We just provided 4 stars since package does state “jasmine” leading you to think it’s aromatic, however it’s not which is still great. Likewise be a little ready that the mild heat the mask emits does make your eye location sweat a bit.

Like our old preferred ones that cost us over $3 a piece. We are so ecstatic we found them. Their ear pieces are for more comfy than the expensive brand name we just recently attempted. We are so ecstatic we found these and will be a repeat customer for sure.

We actually like these warming eye masks. They are enjoyable, priced properly, and work actually well. The tail end is were you require to be mindful, they can get actually hot, insufficient to burn the skin, however certainly warmer than others we have actually attempted prior to. That’s not an offer breaker for us since we simply raise it for a few minutes and after that put it back on our eyes. The other thing that we actually like is that they remain warm for an extended period of time, so we can use it for as long as we desire them.

We were a little reluctant to acquire these since we do not check out the languages printed on package and guidelines however we required a heated eye mask for travel we are so grateful we provided these a shot they are basic to utilize a lot like the pocket hand warmers from outside shops the eye pads warm up when the specific packages are opened exposing the mask to air they are so comfy and efficient even bettry than our recyclable gel mask we will definitely buy these once again.

We have persistent dry eye and this mask is among the few things that assists the aroma is reassuring and the heat is steady these masks are really reassuring we constantly go to sleep rapidly when we utilize these and our eyes do not feel rather as dry in the early morning we will keep purchasing these as long as offers them.

Really soft material with long- last warming result. We like them a lot, so does our partner. They assist us through our migraine time. We go to sleep simply a few minutes after using these eye masks.

Charming, really similar to kao megrhythm masks. They take longer to warm up however likewise are warm over a bigger area and are warm for longer. They have a whimsical style and are drier in regards to steam than the kao ones. Both are excellent for mgd. Advise.

It’s really simple to utilize and really comfy we do a great deal of tiny craft works it provides our eyes a fast unwind in the middle of the day we put a towel on top of the pillow to keep the warm temperature level last longer like it.

Quality is excellent and the charming unicorn photo is good. It gets a little too warm for some of our customers.

We have dry flaky skin on our eyelid these work excellent. In some cases put a light damp towel under it to make larger steam however simply by itself it’s incredible too and really practical we can utilize it anywhere.

Product is excellent. The heat lasts for a long period of time and when you work long hours on a computer system, this assists to unwind the eyes in the evening time. Highly advise. It doesn t have any aroma, which we like.

This was an excellent option for us to make this is so peaceful and makes your eyes feel excellent and look actually excellent really pleased with this product.


We definitely like these steam masks. We have actually been bought them for the previous a number of months. They remain warm for about 45 minutes. These have actually assisted a lot with the crust on our eyelids in the early morning. Absolutely a 5 star product.

I utilize practically every night when we go to sleep we like the heat and it unwind us will buy it once again and it is excellent present for somebody.

We likethese We toss one on at bedtime, struck play on the existing audio book and we are out like a light. We provided a few away as presents we liked them a lot.

These are fantastic in the evening. We put on t need to fret about them getting too hot throughout the night and they re really relaxing we seem like our eyes aren t as worn out in the early morning when we utilize them.

It s quite warm and it s so comfy.

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