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ikeepi - 3-in-1 Electric Jade Roller Eye Roller Kit for Face

ikeepi – 3-in-1 Electric Jade Roller Eye Roller Kit for Face, Eye, Neck, Anti-Aging

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ikeepi – 3- in- 1 Electric Jade Roller Eye Roller Kit for Face, Eye, Neck, Anti- Aging.

  • -[3-in-1 Multifunction] Geared up with a changeable facial roller and an eye roller, which are simple to set up and remove. Additionally, supplies an independent natural increased quartz ditching plate to utilize. Thus, you can delight in a tension- totally free and tranquil experience with this special Gua Sha Set.
  • – [100% Natural jade Material] Just a genuine jade roller has the special crystalline lattice that drives recovery ions deep into your cells and makes your skin better, that is why our Jade Roller embraces pure, natural increased quartz which is smooth and resilient to enhance your skin.
  • -[Benefit of Vibration] Besides the benefits of regular face roller, this ikeepi Jade Massager likewise uses vibration innovation to massage and unwind your stress facial muscles. Additionally, it assists to promote the renewal of cells, lift and tighten your skin, increase the penetration of serum and moisturizer, and so on
  • -[Skin Revitalization] Utilizing this Jade Massager as a part of your everyday regimen will decrease wrinkles, great lines, and enhance blood flow. And it likewise can be utilized to body massage. If usage with anti- aging creams, anti-oxidants and anti- wrinkle products, your skin will get a better result with young state.
  • -[A Meaningful Special Gift] This Gua Sha Set consists of an ikeepi box, a leading- quality vibration manage with facial roller, a rose quartz eye roller and a ditching plate. It likewise requires a AA battery which is not consisted of. It is a terrific present for friends and family.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ikeepi – 3- in- 1 Electric Jade Roller Eye Roller Kit for Face, Eye, Neck, Anti- Aging.
This facial massager assists to unwind your face and body, enhance blood flow, dark circles and decrease wrinkles. Utilized with anti- aging cream, anti- oxidant & anti- wrinkle products for better results. Improve your face shape to expose your younger energy.Facial massage can successfully ease tension, unwind tense muscles and reduce the wrinkles. Facial massage likewise assists to ease stress and anxiety and enhance mood.Increases blood flow. The boost of blood flow can offer your skin a younger glow.Eliminate toxic substances. Facial massage can promote the lymphatic vessels which assists in getting rid of the toxic substances in the body. Numerous Uses Massage Roller for Face Usage – Massages chin to preserve a “V” chin.Massage Roller for Eye Usage – Massages eye to get rid of dark circles.Scrapping plate for Body Usage – Massages neck to avoid neck discomfort and massages waist to preserve a perfect shape. Product Parameters Product: metal & increased quartz Ranked voltage: DC 1.5 V Frequency: 6000- 7000 times/min Battery: 1 * AA battery (not consisted of) Weight (about): 7.1 oz/200g Bundle List 1 * ikeepi box1 * leading- quality vibration manage with facial roller1 * increased quartz eye roller1 * ditching plate ikeepi 3- in- 1 Facial Jade Roller With Facial & Eye Roller and Scrap Plate 2 Exchangeable Massage Heads Coordinate with vibration innovation to massage eyes, nose, location around mouth and so on, helpful to smooth great lines, decrease dark circles and raise skin.Scraping Plate – Enhances blood flow and lymphatic drain for better, much healthier skin with no chemicals or irritants. Premium Product Embraces 100% natural increased quartz, renewing your skin to be more flexible and smoother.Secure Style The massage heads are strongly repaired on the manage, for that reason, they are challenging to fall off.Blood Blood circulation – Able to massage face to increase flow and ease hyperemia. Read more Facial Massage Roller Function: Special oval shape for forehead usage. Ideal location: forehead, face, neck, chin and so on. Result: skin lifting, wrinkles elimination, skin flexibility revitalization. It works to massage your face and get rid of excess facial fat, therefore unwinding your facial muscles, increasing blood flow, assisting get rid of toxic substances from the body to decrease swelling and promote cell regrowth. Eye Massage Roller Prior to usage, you can securely pop it in the refrigerator or freezer for an ultra- cooling blast like ice face roller, then it will be useful for enhancing eyelid puffiness and easing dark circles. How to Utilize Move up from chin to cheekbone to form a perfect chin shape. Make a sweeping movement under your chin towards your ears, then move along your neck towards your collarbone to successfully get rid of edema. Ditching Plate Relaxes your stress muscles to ease discomfort, tension and headaches. Plus, cleans up contaminant in body for treatment of plantar fasciitis, and scar tissue decompression to boost muscles motion. Read more Daily Waterproof Style You can utilize it integrate with skin care absorption. You do not require to stress damage this face massage device.What’s more, you can even delight in massage time throughout shower or around swimming poor.Attention: Do not immerse the body of the massager in water 100% Natural Rose Quartz Embraces exceptional product which contains minerals which are great for skin. Thus, it will make your skin remarkable if routinely usage. Ultra- peaceful Style Created with a rubber ring to link the metal frame and the increased quartz to prevent sound throughout work. Read more Read more scalp massagerkegel balls

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ikeepi – 3- in- 1 Electric Jade Roller Eye Roller Kit for Face, Eye, Neck, Anti- Aging.

Question Question 1

Compared To Routine Jade Rollers, What Is The Benefit Of The Electric One?

Dear Customer: Thank you for your question. Compared to routine one, our electric jade roller massage your confront with vibration, which can better promote facial blood flow and let you experience better skin charm effects.You can buy one to undertake.

Question Question 2

For How Long Does It Take Each Time?

you can utilize increased oil, use it or utilize a moisturizer, and roll it on the 4 parts of your face up until you feel the cream is taken in, generally about 10 rolls on each cheek, head and nose Times.

Question Question 3

Is The Stone Quartz?


Question Question 4

Do You Utilize This During The Night Or In The Early morning For The Very Best Outcome? Prior to Or After Using Serums & Moisturizer?

The result of utilizing it in the early morning and night is the exact same. In the early morning, it can decrease edema. If you utilize the essence, the result is doubled.

Question Question 5

Is The Color Of The Stone As Intense As In The Main Demonstration Image?

That’s quite sure

Question Question 6

Do We Required To Use Important Oils Prior To Utilizing This Stone?

This is not needed, however doing so will double the result

Question Question 7

Where Are The Recommendations On How To Utilize The Facial Roller Eye Roller?

Enter upon google and ask directions

Question Question 8

Can We Select The Vibration Mode Of The Facial Massager?

Dear Customer: Thank you a lot for your question. We are so sorry that our electric jade roller simply has one vibration mode, so you can pass by the mode.Yours regards.

Question Question 9

What’S The Product Of The Jade Roller? We Saw It Stated Rose Quartz On The Page. Is It Real?

Yes. It is

Question Question 10

Does Jade Feel Really Tough?

It will feel a little tough, however it will feel really comfy

Question Question 11

Is It Constantly Rolling When Moving On Your Face?

It does require to be by hand swiped

Question Question 12

Does It Have Needles?


Question Question 13

What Does The Little Stone Above Do?

The tiniest stone is for under eye massage, the medium stone is for face and the huge stone is for neck/body massage.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ikeepi – 3- in- 1 Electric Jade Roller Eye Roller Kit for Face, Eye, Neck, Anti- Aging, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are so delighted with this jade roller as we have actually been utilizing a manual one for over an year, this one with battery and vibration does so much of a better task of rubbing as it vibrates on the skin. We seem like it has actually enhanced our skin currently and we ll continue to utilize it daily now. The gua- sha is likewise really smooth on the skin and we utilize it for the jaw. The ball accessory of massager is great for eyes and location in between eyes and nose. We get drowsy within minutes after our face massage so that is another benefit we see of utilizing this. Our skin actually feels much healthier and better these days.

Our relative delicately discussed the jade roller. Having no concept what that was, we went on and found rather a few choices. Understanding she likes pink, we got her this one, having no concept about its quality or how to utilize it. As quickly as we get it, we were really amazed with the product packaging. It looks genuine great. The gadget looks strong and is truly well made. The shapes are well sculpted and really smooth. Our relative and we had some problem (complete disclosure – we did not check out the directions) discovering the on/off button (see video). The gadget is so well done, it was not noticeable, despite the fact that it is very basic to find (we had a great make fun of ourselves). The website has a great deal of instructions on how to utilize. That was likewise a certain plus (thank you). Our relative usages it every night as her brand-new regimen. We have no concept what she anticipates, however it unwinds her, she likes it and we for that reason enjoy it. We never ever believed such a basic tool would please her a lot:-RRB-. To all guys. Buy it for your wives/significant others and you will score major brownie points. Keep in mind: if you liked our evaluation, please click “helpful” below.

We have actually been utilizing this as a part of our night time skin care regimen for a number of weeks now. We utilized to utilize a routine jade roller however we were truly thinking about getting an electric jade roller simply to alter things up. We utilize it when we use much heavier serums to our face like anti aging retinol or marine botanicals. We like to follow a tutorial on youtube that assists enhance flow and drain lymph. We seem like the roller has actually been assisting us feel less busy and puffy. Likewise utilizing a jade roller simply makes our night time regular a little more enjoyable and a little less tiresome. We utilize the jade roller accessory the most and it needs a single battery that hasn’t run out yet. You push it carefully on the face and it spins truly quick. The eye roller accessory is great also though we put on t utilize it as much since we are utilized to utilizing a jade roller.

We have actually never ever purchased among these previously. We put it in the refrigerator and it felt so cool and great on our face. We utilized it after we used our product. Really smooth feel as you roll it on.

For daily cleaning your face this jade roller can be the best one. This has a great vibration which provides additional massage to your skin. The color of the crystal is so great. The eye- roller is assisting us a lot to get rid of the puffiness of our eyes. Believing to buy another one for our good friend also.

The color is so stunning and it feels stronger than previous ones that we have actually owned. It feels so great and cooling versus the skin. Love how this one has a vibration function so we feel less likely to push it harder into our skin when rubbing.

This roller is exceptionally unwinding. It’s best for an in the house medspa or self- care treatment. It cools off our relative’s face and decreases swelling to enhance the look too. She seems like it’s assisted with her skin texture. Would suggest.

Our early morning regular ended up being much more pleasurable. We enjoy this product with all our heart. Typically we invest 5- 10 minutes with guasha every early morning and our skin end up being hydrated & glowing, our eyes opens and eyebrows increase. We utilize it for our neck also. Extremely suggest.

We enjoy the method it feels on our face. We likewise enjoy that it includes 2 various sized rollers that will aid with various things relating to your skin. All you require is 1 aa battery, not consisted of, and you re all set and great to go.

We have actually been utilizing it for just 10 days and we can find a little distinction. Given that got this massage roller gadget, we have actually been keeping utilizing them. The wrinkles around eyes have actually been minimized. When we put it on skin, it s really comfy. We like this sensation. We placed on vitamin c oil prior to we utilize the charm bar to assist it slide on our skin. We have actually been putting the vitamin c oil on nighttime long prior to utilize of the charm bar. They did assist us a lot. This3 in 1 face massager & charm bar will unwind your confront with simply a few rolls. The vibration and rolling power is terrific. We have actually just ever utilized a routine jade & increased quartz roller. There is something about this electric one that totally unwinded me. You get 2 of these in one plan, the cost is unsurpassable. Batteriesdo not be available in the plan, you need to acquire them. Little cost to pay for such an exceptional massager. It can be utilized on the body also. We have persistent neck discomfort, so we attempt and work kinksout It likewise includes a little pamphlet to discuss how it works along with how to direct your roller on the face and body. You do hear the vibration of it working however, to us it is really calming not irritating or annoying at all. It has a high vibration for a great massage, enabling for muscles to be worked, getting blood distributing and obviously without a doubt unwinding the muscles there for assisting enhance the skin.

Remarkable product. We utilized this facial roller for practically one month and after that, we are examining it. We had great wrinkles around our eyes and in the forehead. We too had dark circles. Excellent news. It’s gone. We keep all the 3 massagers (face, eye, and scraping) in the refrigerator. We utilize this two times a day and utilized it with no breaks. We truly liked about this product is the vibration part. It unwinds you which you can feel it. We never ever had such experience in our face. It controls blood flow throughout your skin and makes you young.

Got this for our relative for present. We were seeing reruns one night and she saw this on a business and specified that she wants to have one. We instantly got our tablet, found it on, bought it. She is pleased with the jade roller and gua sha plate. She stated it truly feels great massage on face and likewise massage her hands that have arthritis it feels genuine great for that. Love it. She enjoys, we enjoy. Enjoy yours.

This jade roller has a quite color and outstanding completing. It is not lightweight, it is great heavy and comes well in the hand. We have actually been utilizing it with our boscia gel. And oh it goes on soo efficiently. It utilizes aa battery, and it works terrific, however we choose batteryless, and we will be utilizing the battery just as soon as a week. Excellent size to cover face and neck. We are soo delighted with it. Wished to buy one given that while, this offer appeared terrific to me, 3 in 1 plan.

Good product. It is simple to utilize and really peaceful, the vibration is smooth and peaceful not too strong. The guasha plate is cool to the face even if not in the fridge. It feels remarkable on the skin. We have actually utilized for 7 days and our face feels terrific and we are beginning to see a more glossy look. Inadvertently dropped it on porcelain tile and it didn’t break.

It s a terrific present for our mama. She likes it and utilized it practically a week. She was looking for something to decrease her wrinkles. The product likewise has great color and great product packaging. Worth the cash.

We enjoy increased quartz. We went through a great deal of product evaluations prior to selecting this one. This set is so stunning. Good product packaging. Seems quality products. We love this set and in love with what it is doing for our skin. Very first time we utilized it had an all daty radiance. Simply make sure to utilize moistuyrizer prior to the rolling for smooth moving so you do not pull on skin. You will not regret this order.

Good set of rose- quartz rollers for help in facial fluid drain to decrease swelling and puffiness. Acquired this based upon a youtube suggestion. Quality set.

We enjoy this jade roller. It makes us feel so unwinded and it is the best size. It is likewise really adorable and it includes the ball for your eyes and a complete body stone. We can not wait to utilize it when we are stressed out after a long day of work.

We are aa person and went on to buy girlfirend a jade roller for her birthday eleventh hour. We do not understand anyting about jade rollers so we examined through all the evaluations and chose the one from ginger c fortunate it was provided really rapidly and she was more than delighted. In some cases we attempt to utilize it and alse feel great. Perhaps we will buy one for ourself. Lol.

We generally invest 5- 10 minutes on our face every early morning, our skin ends up being hydrated and glossy, our eyes are opend, and our eyebrows are raised. We likewise utilize it on our neck. The result of minimizing edema is outstanding, extremely advised.

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