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JAYJUN - Green Tea Eye Gel Patch

JAYJUN – Green Tea Eye Gel Patch, Dark Circle, Puffy Eye, Under Eye Patch

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of JAYJUN – Green Tea Eye Gel Patch, Dark Circle, Puffy Eye, Under Eye Patch.

  • Easy to Utilize Location under the eye after cleaning with supplied spoon and smooth on.
  • Fragrant Has a fragile, rejuvenating green tea scent that will unwind you.
  • Benefits Hydrates and relieves the fragile location of your eyes.
  • Secret Active Ingredients Chinese Lizardtail Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine, & Niacinamide
  • Ruthlessness totally free, Paraben totally free

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More Info:

Here are some more information on JAYJUN – Green Tea Eye Gel Patch, Dark Circle, Puffy Eye, Under Eye Patch.
JAYJUN Green Tea Eye Gel Patch JAYJUN Eye Gel Patch Container (Roselle Tea)JAYJUN Eye Gel Patch Container (Green Tea)JAYJUN Eye Gel Patch Container (Lavender Tea)JAYJUN Eye Gel Patch Load (Roselle Tea)JAYJUN Eye Gel Patch Load (Green Tea) FunctionVitalizingSoothing, Securing skinFirmingVitalizingSoothing, Securing skinRecommended forDull, Worn out SkinStressed, Exhausted SkinLoss of Flexibility and FirmnessDull, Exhausted SkinStressed, Worn out SkinCount1.4 g * 60ea1.4 g * 60ea1.4 g * 60ea2ea * 10sheets2ea * 10sheetsIndividual Product Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on JAYJUN – Green Tea Eye Gel Patch, Dark Circle, Puffy Eye, Under Eye Patch.

Question Question 1

Can They Utilize Every Day?

We will advise to utilize it in every other day.Thank you for asking.

Question Question 2

Whats The Distinction In Between The Green One And The Pink One?

The green one for puffy eyes in the pink one it s for dark circles

Question Question 3

Does Guy Utilize This?

yes, both males and females of any ages can utilize the eyepatch:-RRB-

Question Question 4

Do You Required To Wash Your Face After Utilizing It?

No, It does not require to clean after utilizing it.How to useAfter cleaning, prepare the skin texture, utilize a spatula to connect the patch to the wanted location, eliminate it after 20 to thirty minutes, and carefully tap the staying essence for absorption.

Question Question 5

For How Long Does It Last? When S The Expiration Date? We Are Preparation To Stock Up A Few Boxes Of These?

The expiration date is 05/2020.

Question Question 6

Is This Multiple-use?

We will advise do not recycle it.Thank you for asking.

Question Question 7

Does It Minimize The Puffiness Or The Eye Bags?


Question Question 8

For How Long Does It Consider The Product To Show up?

You can get it in 2 or 3 weeks.You can get your product within the shipment date defined by.

Question Question 9

How Come These Are More Pricey On The Jayjun Site?

we are unsure, however we observed that lots of brand names have lower rate on as a some sort of promo

Question Question 10

Does It Consist Of Parfum?

Thank you for your question. To address your question, this product consists of a very little quantity of scent (around 0.02%).

Question Question 11

The Number Of Patch In The Plan?

60 spots

Question Question 12

Does This Have Scent?

Thank you for your question. This product consists of a really little portion of scent (around 0.02%). We hope that answers your question.

Question Question 13

Can You Verify The Active Ingredients Noted (Since Today 4/6/19) Since They Seem Similar To The Green Tea Patches? Thanks?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on JAYJUN – Green Tea Eye Gel Patch, Dark Circle, Puffy Eye, Under Eye Patch, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Love love this. Other than the odor and the reality it does hydrate, we were hesitant about the lightening part however it did whiten. It even appears like a tan line in between where the eye spots laid and the rest of our cheeks. We are certainly purchasing the mask and creams of this line to brighten our whole face. Does what it states it does.

We have actually just utilized these when up until now, however we have actually attempted a great deal of various eye spots (we use them every early morning while preparing yourself for work) and we enjoythese The odor is enjoyable and not too strong, the spots are thick and remain in location, and the product packaging is strong and stunning:) they carry out along with any other patch, we find all have basically the very same short-lived depuffing and lightening up impact. It truly simply boils down to discovering the spots you choose, and we truly take pleasure inthese The spots are likewise big and do a terrific task of covering our whole under eye location, discovering spots with an excellent fit can be tough. We would certainly buy once again, and the seller we got them from contemporary and basic got them to us right on time and had a terrific rate:-RRB-.

It looks fantastic, smelling a faint flower aroma. Use it around the eyes cold and really comfy. Great rate and great impact.

We truly enjoy this product. It is so cooling and relaxing. We have actually been having some quite severe allergies recently to ecological irritants and our eyes have actually ached and puffy and even some rashes around our eyes. We keep these in the refrigerator and use them every other day after we remove our makeup. They are cooling and depuffing and we have actually seen a big distinction in the itching of our eyes and the puffiness has actually decreased substantially.

We like this product: it assists deeply hydrate our eye location and consists of a great deal of serum. The only downside is they are simple to fall off and we need to set when utilizing this gel patch.


We have actually been utilizing it for a while and here is what we have actually seen: it touches a bit sticky however not oily. We utilize it ideal prior to we sleep and after throughly cleaning our face. We utilize it every other day. Now our skins under eyes are obviously smoothier than in the past. The dry wrinkles are dissapering gradually. It doe not indicate that all the wrinkles have actually gone however they look not that apparent than in the past. We keep it in the fridge. Its odor and coolness can likewise relief our tired eyes. We advise this mild, less stimuli product to ladies.

Patches smell fantastic, remain sticky, no inflammation or other problems. We are not truly sure if it does anything for our under eyes location given that we have dark circles all our life and it s hereditary concern, however it truly assists with using makeup bc it takes excess of cosmetics from under eyes and cheeks.

Get it. These eye masks are so great for puffy eyes and dark circles, and it includes 30 sets. The product packaging is truly, truly charming, and it includes a little spoon, so you can carefully raise the fragile little gels out from the container. We put mine in the refrigerator so they use a calming, cooling impact. Then we use them for about 20- thirty minutes as we prepare yourself for work or do things around your home. Each mask is completely formed to contour around your under eye or around your mouth. Likewise, they adhere truly well to your face so even if you’re walking around, they do not fall off. Later on, our eye location is noticeably brighter, hydrated and a lot less puffy. We enjoy it, and we will certainly be purchasing this once again.

This product has actually truly assisted us with our puffy eyes. We utilize this every night prior to bed and it has actually made a big distinction. If you re into skin care, we truly advise this product.

We have a little infant so we put on t get more sleep during the night. We hoped these spots would assist us to remove dark circles a bit however there was no impact. They hydrating well however it is unworthy its rate for that.

We enjoy these spots. Product packaging looks beautiful, amount and quality worth of the product matches it s rate, and we are likewise delighted with the outcomes. Will continue purchasing the product in future.

The product packaging alone makes the entire experience so elegant. Plus it s simply a relaxing, hydrating health club- like experience in the house.

It smells so good. Quick shipping. And package for product packaging was so charming. We rank a 4 star due to the fact that the label on the cover might have been better.

Terrific quality & really good to utilize.

Work well up until now. We advise it.

Fantastic. Will purchase more.

Extremely moisturizing and relaxing. Love the odor and the bundle. We have actually utilized few other eye gel spots in the past however we believe this one is the very best. If you wish to treat yourself in the house after a long day, provide it a shot. Extremely advise.


Love it so relaxing and feels great under our eyes:-RRB- hope it assists with the dark circles.

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