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Kiribai - Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow

Kiribai – Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kiribai – Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow.

  • A steam hot pillow feels comfy in eyes who kept working for one day.
  • Utilize it right away by heating with a microwave.
  • Can be utilized consistently.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Kiribai – Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow.
It is a steam hot pillow feels comfy in eyes who kept working for one day. The thermal energy of azuki’s natural steam warms to the core and loosens it. There is an affordable weight, it fits the eyes, so you can warm efficiently. You can utilize it right away by heating with a microwave. It is cost-effective as it can be utilized consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kiribai – Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow.

Question Question 1

Is This A Multiple-use Mask?

No, it is not a mask it’s simply a fabric bag with red beans.

Question Question 2

Which Side Of The Mask Should Face Our Eyes? There Was A Question On This, However We Can not Comprehend The Response.?

The side which will reveal “dangerous” in Japanese when it is too hot must deal with eyes.

Question Question 3

I Can not Check Out Japanese. Which Side Of The Eye Mask Should Face Our Eyes? Thanks?

The side with animations is outdoors.

Question Question 4

Can We Hand Wash This Mask?

Sure, empty the bag prior to wash.

Question Question 5

How Do You Tidy The Mask In In Between Utilizes, If You Can’T Actually Wet The Mask?

we utilize this after cleaning our face, so we never ever need to clean it, likewise we warm it up in the microwave which eliminates bacteria.If you are worried about getting it unclean, you can put a thin fabric or facial tissue on your face.

Question Question 6

Can It Be Utilized In A 700 Watt Microwave If You Minimize The Power Level?

Yes.we do that. Will warm up quick. Take care. Attempt a few seconds initially

Question Question 7

Is This Washable?

No, it’s not washable.

Question Question 8

Can It Be Positioned In The Freezer And Utilized As A Cold Compress Or Is It Strictly For Steam Heat?

we do not believe you can put this eye spot in the freezer, we believe it is for hot not for cold you may require to look one for cold most likely one with blue gel.

Question Question 9

The Length Of Time Do We Heat It In The Microwave And At What Percent Heat Level?

our microwave is 1000w, we utilize high, heat 25- 30second.

Question Question 10

Will This Assist With Baggy Eyes?

we utilized it for a various function. Nevertheless, we would believe heat may make saggy eyes worse.we believe something a little cool may be better.

Question Question 11

The Length Of Time Do You Typically Leave The Mask On?

15 then reheat. we enjoy this mask, utilize it when we feel stress in the eyes

Question Question 12

Is This “Moist” Heat? However This Is From Microwave (?)?

It is not wet. The red bean inside kept the heat and simply launch the heat as it cools off

Question Question 13

Does This Eye Pillow Have A Strap So That It Can Remain In Location Around Your Head While You Sleep?

No, mine does not. However it will ultimately cool off, so we think you do not desire a simply routine bean bag over your eyes while you sleep;-RRB-

Question Question 14

How To Tidy It?

You can not clean it, as red beans inside might be rotten or molded. You might wish to simply clean with tidy fabric and dry it well.

Question Question 15

The Number Of Sheets Exist In A Load?

It has a product. You can utilize it 250 times.

Question Question 16

Does This Makes Your Eyelids Dry Because You Are Putting Heat On Your Closed Eyelids? Do You Use Cream On Eyelids Prior To Usage Bc Of This?

No, we have actually never ever put anything unique. we do not feel any dryness from this product at all.

Question Question 17

The Length Of Time Do We Heat This For?

Please warm for 30 seconds at 500 w.

Question Question 18

Is This Made In China Or Japan?

It is made in Japan.

Question Question 19

We Don’T Have A Microwave, Can We Simply Steam The Eye Mask? We Have Cleaner In Our Home.?

Sadly, this product is the microwave just.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Kiribai – Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We enjoy this eye pillow. It’s so peaceful. Fyi, there’s no steam, due to the fact that”product image for illustration purposes only” Steam is simply image developed by picture store. – pro: economical & eco, you can recycle approximately 250 times. Unwinding. Assists light headache, sinuses. – con: none. – other: you see the steam photo on bundle, nevertheless, as bundle specified,”product image for illustration purposes only” It’s simply image developed by picture store. If you warm up excessive and if you ever see steam come out from this eye pillow, then, you’ll wind up buckle down burning, please beware.

We got the product and is excellent, really unwinding and assists ease your exhausted eyes. However long shipping procedure, we recommend you buy it and forget it. It will be a great surprise when you lastly get it.

We truly enjoy this product, specifically when we have sinus issues, sinus pressure, or a headache. It s simple to heat up and put on your face. Feels excellent. The beans do have a fragrance when warmed, so be all set for that. Our only grievance is that the beans move around in the mask. So when you position it on your face while putting down, the beans all slide off to the sides.

We found this product really handy, and this is our 2nd time purchasing this. We unintentionally impact our very first one due to the fact that we warm it up too long in the micro wave. Pls ensure to follow their guideline so you wear t burn yours like mine. It truly assists to relief pressure on and around our eyes. We suggest to utilize this prior to sleep. It not just assists to unwind our eyes and avoid us from utilizing phone right prior to going to sleep. Likewise, it has a really calming red bean odor after you warm it up.

We need to state this present made our 3 years of age to be really thrilled. She might have fun with this set for more than one hour by herself. Really delighted with the purchase. The sets are high quality.

So in love with it. We utilize it daily. Our eyes feel refresh and excellent for going to sleep also.

Our relative had laser eye surgical treatment prior to. She typically experiences dry and aching eyes after a comprehensive time of reading. This warming eye pouch assists blood flow and relief around the eyes. She likes it.

As long as forty seconds is really hot, there is an excellent odor of red beans, however a little heavy, we will use the eyes for a while to use stomach.

It keeps the temperature last- long period of time therefore simple to utilize. Ought To buy it.

We can’t sleep without it. We utilize to have difficulty sleeping in the evening and due to little hours of sleep, we have dark circles under our eyes. The heat that you use to your eyes, assists you feel unwind and feel drowsy. The sweet odor of the beans is a plus too. We find the odor relaxing also.

We enjoy that we can sleep with these things. It makes us go to sleep rapidly.

Love this eye mask, it s really peaceful and we enjoy the weight of it. We just want it had a strap to hold it in location, because we enjoy the weight of the mask we want we might use it to bed even after the heat has actually gone out of it.

Love this thing. 40 seconds in the microwave and the heat lasts for 10 minutes ormore Not truly sure due to the fact that it is utilized when going to sleep. Really unwinding.

Really comfy. You can utilize it lot of times.

The heat lasts about 10 minutes. And our eyes feel unwinded after utilizing it. However, the style of the pillow is a little unusual to me. It appears to warm the locations surrounding eyes while preventing warming the eye locations straight.

We had being taking a look at this on for a while and lastly chose to buy it. Finest $11 we have actually invested in a very long time. Easy to utilize and really unwinding after a long day at work. Extremely suggest.

Really helpful to unwind and ease discomfort on our neck. 2nd purchase.

Terrific worth product.


We utilize nearly every night when we go to sleep. We like the heat and it unwind me. Will buy it once again and it is great present for somebody.

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