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Like Moths To Flames - An Eye For An Eye

Like Moths To Flames – An Eye For An Eye

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    LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES burst onto the growing Ohio metal- core scene in early 2010. Ever since the band has actually launched a complete length that has actually offered over 25,000 copies, explored the United States with Miss Might I, Silverstein, We Came As Romans and lots ofmore The band has actually likewise been press beloveds, appearing on the cover of Alternative Press, had big functions in Outburn, Amp, Substream, Rocksound andmore The band entered into the studio with the extraordinary structure they have actually developed over the last few years and composed what is their finest record yet, “An Eye For An Eye”

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    If your a fan or searching for some energy and something brand-new to your collection. You cant do incorrect with this album. This kicks ass. Like moths to flames makes fantastic tough music. Among our favs in the category. Simply buy it.

    We actually enjoyed this tough rocking cd. We just listened to a few tracks prior to choosing to buy this and we are delighted we did. The settle was fantastic since this is such a cool album to listen to.

    Bought it not anticipating something remarkable, however it certainly blew our expectations out of the water. Terrific vocals, and better use of the lead guitar because their last record. Every tune is excellent and has actually increased depth and intricacy (instrumentally speaking) compared to”when we don’t exist” Extremely suggested.

    5 *.


    An actually actually fantastic album. They certaintly did not dissatisfy at all. Every tune has lots of sweet breakdowns and heavy guitar chugs. We enjoy it. m/.

    This album is much better than their last album. Sure, this one is not breakdowns galore however practically all the tunes are fantastic.

    Terrific album, delivered on time, no grievances here.

    Found this band going through youtube videos and liked a few tunes. We played a few tunes off this cd prior to purchasing and liked it however just one tune we didnt totally enjoy like the rest. The remainder of the cd is fantastic and love listening to it.

    We believed like moths to flames’ most current album would simply be another generic metalcore album that we might listen to and believe, “eh, it’s alright. Sounds a lot like their last album. ” that could not be more of an incorrect forecast. They wowed us on all levels with this record, enhancing drastically from their last album in all elements possible. Not just does it sound a lot cleaner than when we do not exist, its noise is more specified and fine-tuned. It plainly reveals maturation, and they might have the ability to separate themselves from the remainder of the metalcore category with this record. The album opener, “you’ll burn,” is actually an exceptional track and perhaps the very best one on the entire album. When the shouting starts and you understand you can actually figure out what he’s stating, you need to push the rewind button and figure out if you actually simply heard what you heard. The tune is much more obvious and is incredibly integrated with the shouting and singing, discovering simply the ideal mix. They have the ability to change in between the 2 whenever required in order to make the tune as excellent as possible. The ending is very heavy and sets the tone for the remainder of the album. We actually delight in the gang vocals in “a feast for crows” along with the chorus. It supplies a various feel to the tune and makes it stand out from the rest. This tune likewise has an extremely heavy ending, pulling out all the stops to make it much heavier than the last. “the common misconception” advises us a great deal of the their previous work, however remodelled so that it soundsbetter There are parts that seem like they’re straight out of the last album, however then instilled with their developed noise to make it sound brand-new. “we solemnly swear” is a various type of track that is really hate- filled all the method to the end. “deathmarks” is very heavy, and perhaps the heaviest on the album. The chorus in “into the ground” has an excellent hook and is another standout track. For the sake of time and words, we will not gush over each and every single tune. At this moment it’s quite apparent that this album is really something fantastic. It’s something a little brand-new, however in the best method possible. As a real fan of metal, we can advise this album to anybody who likes metalcore and metal in basic. Please buy this album and witness a band increasing from the pack. They are on their method to strengthening themselves as a leading metalcore act in the future.

    We actually delight in both of lmtf’s previous releases, and if you took pleasure in those there is no factor you should not enjoy this. The production worth is really comparable to when we do not exist, however even crisper. The band has actually enhanced in the guitar department with the addition of eery lead guitars over the crispy chugs. The lyrics are angrier and darker than the previous album, however they have actually consisted of a softer post hardcore track”in dreams” The tunes are typically struck or miss out on in their catchiness however are catchier more typically than not. The albums greatest failure remains in the drum department. With the loss of their previous drummer the percussions are really basic and uninteresting. Its unfortunate to see this advancement, however it does not injure the band excessive. Lmtf has actually strengthened their location in the metalcore world (we would not be shocked if they heading distorted quickly) and if you have not seen them live yet you frantically require to.

    We initially saw these people live while they were exploring with story of the year in 2013 and we could not get them out of our head. We need to confess we purchased this album at a regional music shop to support small company however we needed to come on to drop our 5 stars. Remarkable band.

    We have actually been listening to “when we don’t exist” (their very first album) for months now. We enjoy every track. If you like that a person. Then simply buy this. You will not be dissatisfied. We are not going to evaluate every track. Ain’t no one got time for that. Simply trust me. This will be among the very best releases of the year.

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