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Liquid Bloom - Shaman's Eye

Liquid Bloom – Shaman’s Eye

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    Product DescriptionThroughout human history and throughout the majority of native customs, consistent repeated rhythms and the stable drone of shouting have actually brought shamans and other spiritual candidates into other measurements in overjoyed hypnotic trance. Even today, this music, as ancient as the rocks and wind, offers spiritual transportation to greater states of wellness and happiness. Achieving the Shante Ishta is the objective of this journey. This is the single eye of the heart,” the third eye or wisdom eye of the ancients–the shaman’s eye. It is the place where the individual soul attunes to the collective, universal heartbeat that unites us all. Scientific research shows that these primoridial rhythmic sound vibrations do have a direct effect on brain activity. Steady beats at 4-7 cycles per second generate theta brain wave states associated with ecstatic trance. In the theta state, beta (or waking) mind activity is lowered, inducing heightened awareness. We become spirit sensitive : receptive, intuitive, present and centered in our heart’s intelligence. The trance state can be likened to a waking dream. Inner visions may reveal themselves. Self-realizations and deep insights may surface. Or we may simply feel a renewed lightness of spirit, clarity and joy. Shaman’s Eye brims with multi-layered currents of sound and chanting woven around a steady stream of theta rhythms. These provocative rhythms are designed to tap into our own ancestral depths and call us into the secret worlds of trance. Each of these musical landscapes is alive with its own distinctive spirit energy. As they carry us forward they become the vehicle for our journeys.Review” Multilayered chants versus a constant circulation of theta rhythms that have interesting hypnotic outcomes. Advised.”– LA Yoga, December 2006/January 2007From the ArtistWe welcome you to unwind in a peaceful, personal area where you can open yourself to this music. Lighting a candle light or burning offerings of appreciation will provide an air of the spiritual to your sanctuary. Set an intent for your journey in the kind of expedition, information, demands or just to return alert, rejuvenated and grounded.About the ArtistIn the real spirit of musical alchemy, Amani Pal– co- creator of the Desert Dwellers cumulative– mixes his technical abilities with his inherent understanding of the power of noise and vibration to recover and change. Bente Pal’s background in the recovery arts consists of the imaginative usage of overjoyed hypnotic trance to enhance one’s life. Influenced by her work, this sensuous music was developed to transfer us into the magical and wonderful worlds living within us all.See more

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    See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Liquid Bloom – Shaman’s Eye, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

    We enjoy this cd it is simply what we were trying to find. To get the very best outcome listen with a headset. It isn’t your normal mediation music, and might sound odd if you do not. For us it truly gets us into that deep meditative state.

    We opened this cd and began playing last night. It is definitely gorgeous. We will have the ability to utilize at low volume for atmosphere music in your house and louder for hypnotic trance applications. We might not be better– well, just if it was longer. The cd isn’t too brief, we simply desired more after hearing it. Our relative liked it a lot too and she is usually not in to this kind of music.

    Definitely enjoy the oursticism that surrounds the structures on this cd. Extremely deep, reflective, and just gorgeous. The chanting, vocals, and ethnic wind instruments utilized throughout the cd will just send out shivers up and down your spinal column. Dream we might state the exact same for some more music we have actually heard– this one is really a gem.

    Among our preferred for usditation.

    This is among the most extensive cds we have actually ever listened to while practicing meditation or doing reiki. It can send out one right into the ethers while listening. It is just incredible.

    Hypnotic. This is a fantastic cd to practice meditation to. We would advise any music by these artists. Thanks a lot.

    This cd is tape-recorded well, the music is synchronistic, engaging, and extremely well done – we are eagerly anticipating more work from these fine artists. Thank you liquid bloom – kelli johnson.

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