Around the age of 25, every woman starts the aging process due to decreasing E.G.F or Epidermal Growth Factor in their cells. Yea, it’s sad! Because you’ll be seeing more stubborn panda marks under your eyes along with a bad case of eye wrinkles.

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Yet, you’ll have Mizon’s Snail Repair Eye Cream to protect and defend yourself from these horrid age markers. Fight age signs with its certified, fine and deep wrinkle, dark circle, and anti-aging care.

With included E.G.F, it’ll help your eye remain bright with whitening effects. And with snail mucus filtrate, your eye area will be able to regenerate and refresh in no time with its tight texture that increases absorption. Now you won’t have to cake on eye concealer.


  • Apply a small amount around eyes and pat in to absorb
  • Store the eye cream in the refrigerator to maintain E.G.F features
  • Apply not only on eye rim, but also on the mouth, furrow, or neck for more results

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MIZON Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream