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Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Cream

Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Cream
Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Cream

Obagi Elastiderm wrinkle cream is an anti-aging cream for under and around your eye area that is supposed to “jump start collagen and elastin production”.

  • Easier to use.
  • Cream version goes on smooth and feels good.
  • Works for some users.
  • The gel version is difficult to apply and doesn’t absorb properly and feels gunky all day.
  • Some users experienced a drying of the skin around their eyes.

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There are many different anti-aging systems out there, but the Obagi system features some great cleansers, moisturizers, and other products that truly do help remove wrinkles and age spots.  These aren’t just standard creams and lotions—the Obagi system is a prescription strength skin care system designed to repair your skin’s cells and rejuvenate your body. Obagi has products aimed at reducing wrinkles, making sagging skin firm again, erasing age spots, and even dealing with acne.

The Obagi system was first created in 1988 by Dr. Zein E. Obagi. He and his team of skin care experts began looking for a way of combining powerful anti-aging ingredients into one formula.  This eventually came together in Obagi, which uses Vitamin C, Hydroquinone, and specific acne medication like salicylic acid. The resulting system works together to battle aging.

There are a number of different Obagi products, but some are simply must-haves. This includes the Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm. This product will help sooth away any rough patches of skin you may have by removing dead skin cells. It will also help moisturize dry skin and make dull, dead looking skin look healthier and more vivid.

Then, there’s the Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser. This Obagi product is great for everyday use. It cleanses the face, removing built-up dirt and oil while at the same time gently treating the skin. One of the key ingredients in the gentle cleanser is aloe gel, which helps moisturize dry skin and will help sunburns and other irritations heal more quickly.

Finally, there’s the Obagi Elastiderm line of products. These creams and lotions will help your skin regain any flexibility it may have lost over the years. This helps erase wrinkles and fine lines from your face and makes your skin firmer and smoother.

It comes in both cream and gel form and there is both a day and night cream. Selling for about $98.00 dollars for a .5-ounce jar this product is being recommended for use by many spas. The question is does this product work and is it worth the high price tag?


Elastiderm contains over 30 ingredients. Among those ingredients are Glycerine, Demethicone, Vitamin E, C 12-15 alkane, Ethlexy Palmitate, Licorice root, blueberry extract, algae extract, sodium hydroxide, cetyl alcohol, cetyl dimethicone, C13-14 isoparafin, xanthan gum, magnesium aluminum silicate, laureth-7, and several other ingredients.

What you don’t see among the ingredients are any peptides that are known to fight the signs of anti-aging. You are simply to dot the cream or the gel around your eyes and work it into the skin including your eyelids, twice a day. (Night time is used just before bed) after thoroughly cleaning your face. Over time, an estimated 9 weeks you should see a reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

Obagi Elastiderm Reviews

Unbiased Obagi reviews across the net seemed to concur with the reviews on the company’s website finding this product to be only average at best. Some reviewers seem to not only have a problem with the product being ineffective but also seem to be unable to get any one from the company to respond to them when they have a question or problem.

This was a particular problem for consumers who received broken jars with the product leaking out and were unable to get a replacement or even a response from the company.

As far as the product itself, some people did feel that this product did help their fine lines and wrinkles but the majority felt it did little or nothing and was certainly not worth the $100.00 price tag.

The gel version of this product fared even worse in reviews with most users not liking the feel of this product on their skin, describing the feeling as “Gunky.”


  • Easier to use
  • Cream version goes on smooth and feels good
  • Works for some users


  • The gel version is difficult to apply and doesn’t absorb properly and feels gunky all day.
  • Once this cream is applied if you rub your eyes it flakes off
  • really expensive
  • some users experienced a drying of the skin around their eyes
  • Little if any reduction in wrinkles for a large majority of the users


While the official Obagi Elastiderm website deserves top honours for posting honest unbiased reviews of their product, there really is little else to commend them for.

It seems that while a few users were satisfied with the results they got from this product, most found it wanting feeling that it did little or nothing to eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles.

The gel version of Elastiderm is difficult to put on and does not leave a good feel to face and both the gel and the cream tends to dry out your skin.

This product may be recommended by high-end spas and it is certainly a high price product but it simply does not deliver the promised results to a large portion of the population. In addition, contacting any representative of the Obagi Company appears to be difficult.

Considering the unavailability of any Obagi representative, the iffy nature of the Elastiderm product, and the over the top expense potential consumers of this product, you would probably be better off finding a more effective and less expensive wrinkle reducing system to help them diminish those fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes.

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Obagi Eye Cream that works!

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