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Ocim - Eyelash Extension Eye Pads

Ocim – Eyelash Extension Eye Pads, 100% Natural Hydrogel Eye Patch

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ocim – Eyelash Extension Eye Pads, 100% Natural Hydrogel Eye Patch.

  • 100% natural plant extract eye pads, wetness and tighten your skin, no inflammation to eyes.
  • Suitable for eyelash extensions, lint complimentary hydrogel eye patch can prevent lashes staying with the gel pads, specifically for hair salon professionalist utilizing in the eyelash extension, make your work much faster and cleaner.
  • Conserve time prepping the eye. This eye patch is developed with Flex- Type innovation to produce a customized suitable for all various eye sizes and shapes.
  • The eye spots are utilized throughout the eyelash extension procedure for customer convenience. These Eye spots promote the skin’s collagen to lighten up the skin under the eye throughout the eyelash extension treatment
  • An excellent assistant for the application of eyelash extension- the gel pad on the bottom lashes.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ocim – Eyelash Extension Eye Pads, 100% Natural Hydrogel Eye Patch.
100% Natural Eyelash Extensions Eye Pads. 100% Natural Under Eye Pads can be utilized to tape down the lower lashes prior to using eyelash extensions. The shape of the gel pad contours completely to your customers eye and supplies a more calming and peaceful experience than utilizing simply tape alone. Active ingredients: Water, Glycerol, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C Requirements: Size: 7.6( L) * 2.9( W) cm Bundle consists of: 100 x Under Eye Pads Read more Benefits: Lint Free Stick strongly In Location 100% Natural Keep Wetness Fresh and Odorless Smooth and Comfy Functions: Thick gel supplies strong adhesion without compromising convenience Lint complimentary surface area to avoid tweezers capturing on the fibers of the pad Peels painlessly and easily without any residue left on your skin Suitable for: Eyelash Extension Application, Facials, Eyelash Perming Read more Read more Eyelash extension pads( Pink) Eyelash extension pads( Silver) Eyelash extension pads( Purple) PCS100100100Bag/Box Bundle BagBagBag

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ocim – Eyelash Extension Eye Pads, 100% Natural Hydrogel Eye Patch.

Question Question 1

Are These Eyelash Patches On The Wet Side Or On The Drier Side?

It’s wet.thank you

Question Question 2

Why Does The Patch State Take Out After 10 Minutes If It S For Eyelash Extensions Utilize?

we are not exactly sure. we utilize them for eyelash extensions. Never ever had any concern

Question Question 3

Do These Patches Have An Aroma?

no they put on t.

Question Question 4

The Number Of Pairs? 50 Set= 100 Pc Or 100 Set =200 Pc?

It’s 100 sets.

Question Question 5

Where Can We Get A Sds For The Hydrogel Eye Patches?

Security Data sheet? There s instructions, active ingredients, security guide, safety measures etc composed on the back of every spots however others brand names gel covers we are not exactly sure.

Question Question 6

How Can We Utilize These If It States Chase 15 Minutes? A Complete Lash Set Is Well Over 60 Minutes ?? Guidance?

You put on t need to take it s okay leave more time.we suggest utilizing a tape too to better safeguard the lower lashes

Question Question 7

What Are They Made from, Paper? Silicone?

The within is a sticky hydrogel and the exterior is versatile Lint Free fit together type product.

Question Question 8

Are They Vegan?


Question Question 9

Are These Latex Free?


Question Question 10

Any Reason Eyes Would Burn After Using Pad?

we have actually not experienced any burning and we use them over night under our CPAP mask.

Question Question 11

What Is The Service life For These?

life span is 24 month, thank you

Question Question 12

Are These Eye Pads Vegan? Is The Glycerin Veggie Or Animal Derived?

Yes, The glycerol we utilize is drawn out from vegetables and fruit plants.

Question Question 13

Where Should It Be Stored For Better Lasting?

On a cabinet is great.

Question Question 14

Can We Utilize This Only For Hydration?

Yes. our company believe that would be great

Question Question 15

Should We Keep These Refrigerated?

you do not require to, however if you do it will be more enjoyable when you utilizing

Question Question 16

Where Are These Produced?


Question Question 17

Latex Free?

Active Ingredients: Water, Glycerol, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ocim – Eyelash Extension Eye Pads, 100% Natural Hydrogel Eye Patch, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Thin and sticky much like we enjoy them. Easier for us to walk around however hold bottom lash in location while using lashes, will buy once again.

Perfect for what we require it for. We utilize these to do eyelash extension and they are fantastic. They fit under the eye perfectly and actually assists keep the bottoms lashes down while hydrating the under eye location at the very same time. The density is respectable and safeguards the customer s eye if you unintentionally poke them with the tweezers. Absolutely worth the cost effective cost and will acquire once again.

We do eyelash extensions and they fit under many of all our customers eyes they do not remain in location when they get damp. Offered 4 stars since they are little thin.

We purchased these eye spots to use while we sleep. We sleep on our side which triggers a fold in the skin around our eyes- was getting a bad wrinkle from it. We utilize material emergency treatment tape throughout the location to avoid this and believed these would get the job done more conveniently. Sadly we utilize moisturizer prior to bedtime and they simply put on t stick at all. We have actually utilized them without moisturizer and they stick simply great, remain in location all night however being that we put on t wish to go that long without moisturizer we have actually chosen to not utilize them. They will work excellent for the designated function however are absolutely not made as an appeal treatment or to hydrate the location.

These are excellent. Perfect for lash extensions, however likewise excellent to utilize for under eye treatments.?? restoring worn out eyes.

Truly likedthese Did not trouble our consumers at all. We ensure these will do the best task. Includes a lot of for an actually excellent cost. We saw a great deal of others utilize these too for eyelash extensions. And they were advised by this esthetician that we follow. Thank goodness wefound these You will be pleased????.

We have actually attempted various type of eye pads from however this is far the very best. Our customers enjoy it. They enjoy how it feels so cool and rejuvenating. No bad responses and no lint. It sticks well and easy to use.

Our lash girl utilized these to do our lashes with and when she was done and took these off it made our dark circles vanish. Keeping these on as long as you can stand simply makes the wrinkles and dark circles/ bags disappear. This deserves every cent.

Keeps our eyes from burning when placing on eyelashes and we put some in the freezer to utilize at bedtime to keep our eyes from being puffy.

Love them. Precisely what we required. Its sticky adequate and does not raise or move and it does not leave any residue on our customers skin.

When we kept some of these under eye masks in our fridge, they quickly assisted hydrate and eliminate any imperfection or puffiness we had. We extremely suggest. They re likewise excellent for lash extension application.

Absolutely better than others we have actually attempted. They adhere to the skin better than others. We have actually bought these a number of times and will continue to utilize them.

These ride up a little however for one of the most part are excellentbuy We utilize them prior to we tape when we are lashing.

We definitely enjoy this product, our customers never ever have a concern with inflammation or anything like that. After each lash set they aren t dried up and hard to eliminate what s so ever. Love this product and will continue to utilize it on all our customers.

Easy to utilize. Customers even discuss how rejuvenating they feel when we utilize them for lash extensions.

More typically then not these gel pads are excellent. They stick well, are comfy and put on t cause inflammation or pain. We have had one batch that did not stick. It s stickiness stayed in the plastic support when it was gotten rid of.

Easy to utilize and finishes the job. Simply that it doesn t stick well.

Just brand name we utilize efficient, and cost effective.

This eye paid utilized for eyelash extension, and it s simple to separate up and bottom eyelash. It is extremely crucial action to do extension. And it is comfy.

These pads are excellent. They sit tight and it has the prefect consistency of collagen.

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