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ProCIV - Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes - Disposable Moist Heating Compress Pads

ProCIV – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes – Disposable Moist Heating Compress Pads

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ProCIV – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes – Disposable Moist Heating Compress Pads.

  • CAR HEAT EYE MASK- No need microwave or electrical plug, simply open and place on, it instantly begins heating and heating up. Take a anti- wrinkle stimulating medical spa treatment without go to medical spa.
  • WARM AND UNWINDING- The temperature level of the Disposable Steam Eye mask Just 104– 113-. it s simply greater than the body’s temperature level in a bit. so you will feel warm however not hot. This temperature level lets you unwind to sleep quickly.
  • MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL ADVISED- If you wish to ease eye stress, eyes deal with dry eyes, pink eye. This moisturizing hot treatment promotes blood flow for your under eyes, relief for migraine, Headache, Dry eyes, allergic reactions, dark circles, puffy and scratchy eyes.
  • SIMPLE USAGE AT ANY TIME OR ANYWHERE- The soft product has flexibility, Complies with your face and eyes, ideal for any face shape and any posture, day or night, sleep or simply brief nap,, travel, or after a long day in front of a computer system screen. Each single- utilize mask lasts for around 20- 25minutes
  • FULFILLMENT AFTER- SALE SERVICE- SAFE PRODUCT- Contain pure cotton, medical material craft, and flexible cotton product, comfy and skin- friendly for your eyes. If you’re dissatisfied with our eye mask for any factor, let us understand. You’ll get a complete no questions asked refund on your purchase. Why? We make certain that with the appropriate and designated usage, you’ll like these eye masks as much as we do. Buy with self-confidence.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ProCIV – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes – Disposable Moist Heating Compress Pads.
Steam Eye Masks Make Your Eyes Lovely This heated eye mask can minimizing eye stress, ease eye musle tiredness, promote eye blood flow, and this moist heat eye compress assists fight eye puffiness & dark circles, pink eye, MGD, sinus pressure, stye, blepharitis as likewise. The eye mask warm compress assists correctly hydrated and lubed eyes can expel particles more effectively so your eyes will feel renewed and revitalized. ProCIV Steam Eye Mask Take an anti- wrinkle stimulating medical spa treatment without go to HEALTH SPA Every day. Car heat eye mask with warm steam ProCIV eye mask usage ingenious self- heating innovation that heats up the mask as quickly as you open the package, its warming keeps about 30 minutes, At simply above the body temperature level, this calming heat is dispersed uniformly to assist your worn out eyes unwind. Independent product packaging, simple to reach all over Every disposable heated eye mask is on one pack individually. It is really hassle-free. Take it to all over aircraft, company, travel, workplace and etc. No More Eye Pressure and Eye Tiredness We do lots of things with eyes. Eye stress have much extreme health impacts. ProCIV Eye Mask assists you ease eye stress. Hot compress 2 loads each day. Fresher eyes makes appealing you. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ProCIV – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes – Disposable Moist Heating Compress Pads.

Question Question 1

Why They Postponed Delivering On This Product?

we found a location that has disposable masks and kn95 mask with FDA and CE certificates, they was available in prompt. They are delivered by Fedex. If you desire certified masks and ship in time, we advise you attempt them.LInk: b m h s h o p.c o m

Question Question 2

Can Mask Be Utilized On One Eye?

we believe it would be a bit difficult to do.Its a mask, one piece that is long enough to cover both eyes and is kept in location by loops that review both ears.If you put it on one eye the heating result would be reduced since its expected to be more securely pushed versus your eyes so you get the warm moist feeling.

Question Question 3

Can We Bring These In A Plane Carry- On? Do They Actually Contail Liquid?

You can bring them on a plane. There is no liquid in the mask. These are air- triggered heated eye masks and are really hassle-free for travel. They warm up immediately when you open the bundle, so you put on t need to mess around with warm water or microwaves.

Question Question 4

Are They Recyclable?

No they are not reusable.The heat last about 30 minutes.Makes for really peaceful eyes.

Question Question 5

What Are The Active ingredients?

we are not an chemist so we can not address this question.

Question Question 6

For How Long The Steam Eye Mask Keep Hot Effective?

The heat from this mask lasts a strong hour for us.

Question Question 7

What Size Do You Put The Face?

Please do not fret, Our steam eye mask has flexible force can adjustble size.

Question Question 8

Recently We Need To Utilize Scissors To Open The Packages.In The Night, We Would Choose To Tear Them Open.Will The Bundles Return To Being Easier?

The very first time we opened the mask we did not understand how to and it was at night in the dark.The next day we took a look at it in daytime and found that it was simple to find the loops that review the ears.

Question Question 9

Are These Eye Pads Helpful For A Stye?

we have not attempted it, however we seem like they would be.

Question Question 10

Does Thismask Decrease The Eye Puffinesss?

Yes, Reliable hot compress can minimize the eye puffiness

Question Question 11

Where Is This Product Made In?

Package states made in China.

Question Question 12

Because These Are Put Straight On The Eyes, It Would Be Great To Know What Chemicals Are Actually In Them?Thanks.?

we put on t understand precisely however we have actually been utilizing them for over a year. They seem the very same thing as they utilize in the thermal heat covers or hand warmers. we like them since we need to strike pack our eyes daily and these last numerous hours verses 10 minutes of those ones you hear in microwave

Question Question 13

We Required Dry Heat. Do They Actually Steam?

no it a dry heat

Question Question 14

How Are These For Over night Usage? We Are Side Sleeper.?

Heat last ls for 30 minutes, could utilize elastic band to protect tighter around ears if it should be too loose.seems to be protected sufficient for us as we are side sleeper too, it takes us very same quantity of time to go to sleep so either we go to sleep with it on and remove later on when we feel it on or take it off when heat subsides

Question Question 15

Are These Unscented?

No. we smell a fresh aroma originating from the eye mask for dry eyes. we actually like them.

Question Question 16

If We Don T Like The Outcome After Usage One Pad, Can We Still Return It?

refund ensure on product our company believe

Question Question 17

Are These Offered In An Odorless Variation? We Love Whatever About Them; However, We Are Really Conscious Even This Really Light And Pleasant Fragrance.?

yes, attempt a search for precisely what you want.although the lavender aroma is quite faint and decreases quite rapidly.

Question Question 18

For How Long The Eye Mask Keep Hot Effective?

Hot compress time about thirty minutes, A few minutes prior to the eye mask remains in the automated heating phase and after that it will preserve a comfy temperature level.

Question Question 19

Do These Have Any Scent Or Odor?

we have an extremely delicate nose to any Scent or ordor.and there is no aroma to these eye masks.we have actually been utilizing them every day and they actually revitalize and aid with dry eye issues.No microwave required to heat this mask.so you can take them anywhere with you.we extremely advise this product.

Question Question 20

How Typically Should They Be Utilized For Finest Outcomes? As soon as A Day, Week, Etc?

It can be utilized once a day or every other day – depends upon how worn out your eyes are.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ProCIV – Steam Eye Mask for Dry Eyes – Disposable Moist Heating Compress Pads, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like our brand-new eye mask. We were so shocked how this actually warmed up to the ideal temperature level and made us feel so unwinded. This is such a brand-new thing and we will absolutely integrate this into our regimen. Our eyes are not just brighter however have less lines. This warmed up for an entire 45 minutes.

Really calming and hot to launch stress from the eyes and assist us quickly to sleep.

We like this product. We got it since we have dry eyes and utilize drops likewise. The expense of eye drops is really costly so to utilize this product assists terrific for the in between times.

The heat from the mask was ideal. It lasted as long as it stated it would. We actually enjoyed it and will think about acquiring once again.

We normally have issues sleeping and we saw a youtube video where they utilizedthese We figured we would provide it a shot and we are pleased we did. They do have an amusing odor too it however it didn’t trouble me. It triggered relatively rapidly. It assisted our eyes unwind and go to sleep. Certainly going to be purchasing more when we run out:-RRB-.

Such a great product. Soft, ideal size, simply the correct amount of filling. Our child and we each have one and we like them.

Really simple to utilize and works extremely well. Aids with our persistent dry eyes.

Love the mask it aids with our dry eyes.

These steam eye masks are quite comfy and they remain hot for over thirty minutes. They’re not made from the greatest quality, however for the rate, they absolutely do the job. They assist us go to sleep, they ease inflamed, worn out, unpleasant, dry, stretched eyes, and they assist alleviate our persistent headache which is best behind our eyebrows. We in some cases need to push the heated flat mask versus our skin, as it does not sit completely, and it’s created to sit lower than it should. Simply pull it up and it sits tight for one of the most part. This is the specific very same product as we have actually acquired on another product page under a various name. The costs on both pages vary, however not by a lot. The ear straps are soft, and although the underside of the mask might be smoother versus our fragile eye location, it’s actually okay. In some cases the mask triggers small itching, however you’ll most likely get utilized to it. Simply raise it or take it off to permit your skin to breathe for a few minutes and it must assist. Ensure your moisturizers and face products completely soak up into your skin as much as possible prior to using the mask. It will not mess much with makeup and it warms up extremely quickly. We are now a fan of heated eye masks- the odorless steam ones are especially enjoyable (no requirement for synthetic aromas). We hope you like it as much as we do. Enjoy it if you get it.?.

This is an extremely fascinating at- house medical spa treatment. Normally, with a mask of this type, you have heat the compress in a microwave. That presents a danger of getting it too hot. With this mask, compared to a conventional hot compress mask, it runs based upon a chain reaction. You simply open it up, put it on, and it instantly begins heating and warming the eye location. It takes about thirty minutes and supplies a moisturizing treatment throughout sleep. The good news is, the mask is really light-weight, so you can t barely feel it over your eyes. We leave it on however take it off prior to we actually go to sleep. It is an excellent rate and conserves great deals of cash since you can do it in your home.

We purchased these due to treatment for an eye condition that needed us to utilize warm eye compresses numerous times a day, however we didn’t utilize them quickly given that we currently had a natural flaxseed mask that was working well in your home. We lastly attempted these on a weekend journey when we didn’t understand if we would have access to a microwave. They worked remarkably for us. They utilize the very same innovation as the handwarmers you can buy for snowboarding – tear open the package and they right away trigger and begin to warm up. We checked out a few examines that stated they didn’t get warm, however we have actually never ever had that issue. In truth, they warm up actually well – far warmer than we would anticipated and nearly (however not rather) to the edge of being ‘too warm. ‘. They’re particularly great if you wish to utilize one prior to bed – they’re really soft (gently padded) and thin, and there is soft, elastic, papery/plastic material (comparable to the material and cushioning utilized for some womanly health products) that extends around your ears to keep the mask on, and if you go to sleep whilst using it, you do not get up later on with a strap digging into your ear or a line throughout your nose. We remain in the procedure of emigrating today and these masks have actually been a blessing as we have actually been evacuating – they’re little, light, and do not need usage of a microwave or warm water. We are intending on purchased another box to get us through the very first few weeks in the hotel in our brand-new nation. The only disadvantage to them is that they’re (clearly) disposable and for that reason not really eco- friendly, so some might have philosophical bookings about utilizing them.

The heat from the mask remains warm for a very long time and lasts a great hour. Because we are trainee, we are continuously studying throughout the day and our eyes get actually tired by the end of the day. We simply put the mask on for 20 minutes and our eyes feel fresh and revitalized. The frustrating part is that the ear piece string is small, however you simply get utilized to it after a while.

These eye masks are so special and terrific. First off, they are separately covered. Great and sterilized. Second of all, they remain on well and are soft and comfy. As soon as you put them on, they gradually begin to warm up by themselves. Our eyes are quickly inflamed and these heat masks assist sooth them. Lovethese Will absolutely buy once again and once again.

This eye mask is incredible. We have awful dry eyes and expected to do hot eye compresses per our optometrist. This warms up and steams eyes; no more holding wash fabrics to your face. We believe we are on our fourth box of these? it is insane relaxing and we have actually dropped off to sleep with these on a lot of times to count. We have actually even handed some out to individuals we deal with and got them hooked. If you have not attempted it or are doubtful, simply attempt it. You will not be dissatisfied.

These steam eye masks work extremely well for worn out eyes. If you have actually ever attempted to warm a moist fabric in a microwave, you understand how unsafe that can be. The compress can have locations that can burn you. This eye mask prevents that risk since it does not get burning hot, and it has an even heat. We feel much more secure utilizing this product and we extremely advise it.

Showed up on time and packaged well. Easy to utilize. Open private package. Peel back pre cut connected pieces to go over/around ear. These appeared lightweight, however held up extremely well. Held eye mask in location without tearing or extending. Mask gets easily warm however not as hot as the hand warmers. Heat lasted for over 30 minutes.

We like these little heated eye masks. If cash was no things we would utilize them a number of times a day. However we conserve them if we wish to indulge ourself or sooth our worn out, dry, eyes. We put the mask on in the evening and ahhhh it feels so great and is so calming. They are terrific on an aircraft or when taking a trip too. It looks like they last about 20 minutes or two.

These things are the bomb dot com if you struggle with migraines like me. The relief level is a little less when it s warm out than when it s cold, however we seriously like these a lot. Do not use them with a face mask however– it s really calming, however can obstruct the delicate pores around your eyes.

Fantastic product however there is a gross oder. We states lavender however it is more like talcum powder failed. We abhor the odor of talcum powder so we are little severe on this point. The aroma most likely wouldn t trouble others. We can even endure it for 20 minutes. Otherwise it is a magnificent product and has actually actually done marvels for our dry eyes.

So these are essentially the very same thing as those hand warmers that last a few hours, simply for your eyes however. They are quite soft and the ear holds work well without pinching. We do not understand what makes them “steaour” however, other than you get a little sweaty. So one star off for some slightly- deceptive marketing. Otherwise a strong product.

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