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Simon & Tom - Pure Hydra Pearl Perfection Eye Cream

Simon & Tom – Pure Hydra Pearl Perfection Eye Cream

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  • # 1 EYE TREATMENT LOADED with ACTIVE NATURAL COMPONENTS that hydrate, restore and firm eye shapes, all while lowering lines and wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness.
  • THIS GLAMOROUS EYE GEL CREAM decongests eyes in addition to our Clinically Advanced Vitamin C that lights up the eye location and evens complexion, lowering dark circles and offering antioxidant security. Skin around the eyes feel plump, hydrated, smooth and vibrant looking.
  • DISTINCTIVELY ENCAPSULATED EYE GEL developed with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid particularly established for the fragile skin around your eyes. It permeates deep into the skin, promoting Collagen production while firming eyes and lowering the indications of aging.
  • REJUVENATE, REFRESH AND RESTORE dull, dehydrated and exhausted looking eyes with this efficient eye cream. Appropriate for all skin types and tones.
  • PARABENS & PHTHALATES FREE. Not Evaluated on Animals. Made in Spain.

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Restore your skins glow and vigor with Simon & Tom Pure Hydra Pearl Perfection Eye Cream This elegant encapsulated eye gel cream quickly decongests the eye shape while offering an innovative long term anti- aging care. Completely maintained inside the appealing pearls, Argan Stem Cells compliment skins natural recovery procedure while merging with Hyaluronic Acid to efficiently firm skin and lower great lines and wrinkles. The special official consists of clinically Advanced Vitamin C which offers antioxidant security to the fragile undereye location while the Hyaluronic Acid permeates deeply into the promoting collagen production and works to reverse the indications of aging. Skin around the eyes will feel plump, hydrated, smooth and vibrant looking, the velvety vitamin- abundant moisturizer deeply hydrates and renews the skin s moisture barrier Parabens & Phthalate Free Not Evaluated on Animals MADE IN SPAIN Your radiant skin with brand-new vigor. Appropriate for all skin types, those who wishes to reverse the indications of aging and eliminate great lines and wrinkles for ageless looking skin.

Our Insights:

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As a military better half we go through a heavy load of oxidative tension. Our eyes have actually struggled with dark circles, puffiness and the beginning of lines much deeper than we care to confess. We have actually been utilizing the pearl perfection for a few weeks and have actually been surprised at what it has actually provided for us. The skin around our eyes is less saggy, darkness has actually lightened and the lines are significantly reduced. We can see a huge distinction particularly when we see a photo of ourself. The pearl has actually assisted to brighten our face as if the heavy load has actually been raised. This is our deadly weapon versus exhausted, dull eyes.

This magnificent- looking eye shape treatment looks nearly similar to the co- ordinating face cream, however there are some standard distinctions. The most obvious is that the eye treatment is nearly without scent, whereas the face cream has a noticable fresh fragrance. It makes good sense as the skin simply around the eyes is much thinner and more fragile than in other places. If you are susceptible to allergic reactions, some creams heavy on scent may activate a response. Another distinction is that the texture is lighter and somewhat more liquid, making it simpler to take in. The active components (argan stem cells and vitamin c) are included inside little spheres that look similar to pearls, suspended in a clear gel of hyaluronic acid; the concept is to utilize the enclosed small spatula to scoop a pearl together with a percentage of gel and blend the 2 prior to using. This product works effectively for us. Considering that we actually like the face variation, we utilize the 2 in mix at bedtime. The result is quickly rejuvenating and decongestant. This is the most noticeably hydrating product we have actually ever attempted. Simply after application, our skin looks damp and feels cool. The gel is soaked up relatively rapidly, without leaving any residue. We have a genuine issue with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, and this treatment efficiently lightened the discolouration and lowered the under- eye bags. No allergy, simply smoother skin, with less obvious lines and wrinkles. It is likewise a ruthlessness- totally free product, not evaluated on animals and devoid of poisonous chemicals like parabens and phthalates. the clear glass container holds 15 ml. With 2 people utilizing it as soon as a day, it lasted over 6 weeks. We have actually currently purchased another container due to the fact that we do not wish to lack it.

We are surprised at this eye cream. We have actually been utilizing it for less than a week however we can currently see outcomes. The dark circles and bags under our eyes are gone and the look of the great lines around our eyes has actually lowered considerably. Not just do we look more youthful, we feel more youthful, too. All skin products state they ‘company and smooth’ however this one actually does.

Omg. We like this product. We have actually attempted a few others, however this one actually tightens up the skin around your eyes. We use it a few minutes prior to we placed on concealer and the rest of our comprise, to provide it time to work. And voila we look more youthful. Product packaging and product appear really high-end, although its certainly budget friendly. We will certainly buy this product once again.


Sssoooooooo great for our under eyes. Im losing our dark circles.

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