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summer rainbow – Under Eye Patches, Eye Collagen Mask

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  • Eye Skin Care: A pack of 30 sets Summer Rainbow under eye patches with Hyaluronic Acid and Slime Extract assists to enhance the skin keeps hydrating from within, reducewrinkles, puffy eyes, finelines, crows feet and the look of bags and dark circles under your eyes.
  • Power of 24K Pure Gold: 24K Gold Eye Mask with Pure Nano- Active Gold is a high-end anti- oxidant having anti- inflammatory homes which assist naturally expel damaging toxic substances, increasing blood flow, enhancing cellular metabolic process, hence lower wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around your eyes, and include shine to dull skin.
  • Reliable Active Ingredients: Summer Rainbow Collagen Eye Pads consist of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, natural plant extracts. With routine usage of eye mask patches, will bring back flexibility and firmness to your skin, and lower wrinkles, puffy eyes, finelines and the look of bags and dark circles under your eyes.
  • Ideal Size for Eye Location: Ergonomic C Zone Style which cover the skin around your eyes. Totally keeps the nutrients from the eye mask into the skin to lead the skin into deep hyation and in order to deal with great wrinkles and dark circles. It’s undoubtedly hydrating and smooth homes for all skins.
  • If you have any questions or issues throughout the purchase or usage, or you merely do not like them, please call us and we will more than happy to assist you.

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Are you trying to find a safe and reliable method to invigorate your under eye skin for a smoother more youthful and hydrated appearance? Our 24K gold eye patches, let your eyes grow once again, these anti- aging eye shape gel patches are instilled with pure 24K Gold and Colloidal Gold to assist raise and firm the look of the fragile eye location in simply 15 minutes. BENEFITS: Hydrates & Moisturizes Under Eye Location Lowers Dark Circles & Puffiness Smoothes Fine Lines & Wrinkles Lowers Bags Under Eyes Boosts skin Firmness & Flexibility Expels Hazardous Toxic Substances Keeps the Eyes Better & Younger Assists Avoid Early Skin Aging 100% natural Bundle Include: 30 Pairs of Gold Eye Mask Please attention – Please keep in mind that our Eye Masks are not for Active- delicate Skin, so to guarantee customer security, we ask that you please bring out a Level of sensitivity Test prior to positioning the Eye Masks on your face. Just location among the masks on your inner wrist for a minimum of 2 minutes. If you feel no inflammation or burning then put the Eye Masks on your face. As soon as the masks are securely on your face, if you feel any inflammation or burning then please get rid of instantly and call us for a complete refund. Tips – Get rid of make- up, clean skin completely prior to using eye masks. Permit the masks to work for 10- 15 minutes. Carefully get rid of masks, then carefully get rid of. Utilizing light pressure, pat staying essence into skin. Suggested to utilize 2- 3 times a week. For finest outcome, cool the eye mask an hour prior to application to experience the very best tension relief outcome.

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Where Are These Made?

Made in China

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We have actually utilized these 2x up until now and we truly like them. We have actually kept them in the refrigerator as recommended on the instructions. We do not understand yet if they have actually assisted with wrinkles, however they certainly assist with puffiness and worn out eyes. They seem like a cool compress nearly, extremely great, will most certainly be buying.

We are a devoted candidate of excellent appeal and skin care products that do not cost an arm and a leg and this is among them. As a female over the age of 40, the location we are most worried about is the under- eye location. Upon putting the mask on, we felt an instantaneous cooling feeling. It adhered to our under- eye location rather well for the next 20 minutes up until we eliminated it. We felt a soft, smoother and hydrated location below our eye location right now. This would be best for those late nights and/or morning risers who require a little increase. Extremely suggest.

We operate in a cubicle workplace, so we chose to turn among the storeroom into a wellness space. Among the important things we attempted to figure out is things that were single- usage activities that just required a max of 15- 20 minutes to be a self- care activity. We shocked the committee with these and they are struck. They’re quite for one. While we like our green ones for in your home, gold was a much better option for the workplace. Being separately covered was likewise was a substantial plus, as the remainder of the space can be sterilized in between usages, so utilizing one set does not infect the rest for everybody else. And you likewise do not require a restroom to clean off your face or anything later on, like a routine face mask (leaving out sheet masks here). If this concept benefits your office, please purchase these.

We had actually utilized other kinds of products like this one and this one is without a doubt our preferred and it appears to be working well. We have being utilizing it for about 1 week, so it s still prematurely to see extreme outcomes however what we can state in the meantime it s that it does work. We currently see a substantial enhancement on our extremely tired/pregnant/no sleep eyes. The moisturizing sensation is extremely great, and we feel just how much our eyes required that hydration. Up until now 5 stars, no grumbles.

Wow these are so revitalizing. We have actually attempted other ones prior to however they never ever remained on. These are bit thinner than ones we attempted in the past so did take some time to get to utilize to putting these on. They are bit slippery due to what they are taking in, in the plan. We have actually utilized these 3 times up until now. We have actually seen our bags are disappearing and not as dark as they where wrinkles are gradually vanishing. We would suggest to attempt these and see if you like them as much as we do.

We like to attempt brand-new eye patches, constantly utilize them while doing our comprise, we begin by doing eye shadow so we can use them while we are done and after that our under eye appearance more healthy and better, we observed that this eye patches assist us with our bags under our eyes and likewise with some of our black circles. Love the product packaging due to the fact that we can take a trip with them and we do not need to take the entire box or container.

You get 30 sets ofthese They are so soft on trip skin and help in reducing puffiness and dark circles that we awaken with every early morning. They are extremely revitalizing and fast and simple to utilize. Will be purchasing more for sure.

We purchased this product as our face mask with gold was truly revealing excellent outcomes. After the very first application of the patches we did not see much distinction however we continued to use day-to-day and now we see that it works: the skin around eyes is softer, humidified and the puffiness is noticeably minimized. Likewise the patches develop a good cool sensation when we use them which is excellent now, when it is truly hot exterior.

We have actually been seeing these kinds of eye masks on television and pals on social networks and have actually wished to attempt themout They are incredible. We actually keep package in the fridge so when we put them on they are so revitalizing. We suggest these for grownups and kids alike. Our 7 years of age likes to play health club and they wear t aggravate her skin at all.

Each week we take some time to do deal with masks. We have a great deal of various products, however we have actually not been extremely fortunate with products for the eyes. We are so delighted we found this product, we utilized it to times currently and truly like this product. The product is extremely simple to use and promote hydration to the eye instantly. We have extremely delicate skin and the product was mild to our skin and did not trigger any allergy response, the product that we utilized to utilize prior to this one triggered a rash that took a long time to get ride off. We are extremely delighted with this product, it is mild to the skin and promote excellent hydration, we would suggest this product.

These are very soft when you put them on and we like how they feel simply out of the refrigerator (as suggested). They certainly help in reducing the moderate swelling we have in the early mornings due to our allergic reactions. We have actually just been utilizing them for about a week so not exactly sure about long term results however short-term, we like them. They re truly revitalizing and very simple to utilize. We would certainly suggest.

So recently we began getting puffy eyes and these are excellent. We are not exactly sure what the long term results are, however short-term we put it on in the early morning for 15 minutes and we are excellent to go. It’s not sticky, glossy or scratchy and it does not aggravate our eyes. We believe it’s a terrific product. Takes puffiness away for the entire day.

The odor is magnificent, however likewise they leave our eyes very hydrated, we invest a great deal of time under the sun so we have so be xtra cautious with our facial lines, specifically on our eyes, and this eye mask have actually been a great buddy for our self care regimen.

These collagen eyes patches are mild around the eye location. They do an excellent task of hydrating and lower the look of great lines and wrinkles. We suggest that if you are thinking about these, you must buy them. They do marvels.

We truly like this product. 30 sets of masks been available in the plan and something we like most about these compared to other 24 k masks we have actually acquired is these remain on securely and they moisture and remove those lines or puffiness. We will certainly be acquiring these from now on. Extremely suggest.

With age, our under- eyes began ending up being clothes dryer and we were trying to find some additional hydration. We purchased these undereye patches and thewe likem. They are well priced, excellent quality, and feels revitalizing. Will buy it once again.

Assists us with our under eyes a lot. In the early morning when we awaken to puffy eyes we would utilize this and it helps in reducing the puffiness. However in regards to brightness of our undereyes we will need to keep utilizing to see the outcomes.

We have actually never ever utilized eye masks prior to however chose to offer these a shot. They have a light scent, however absolutely nothing overwhelming/ perfumey. They immediately cool our worn out, saggy peepers. We like putting them in the fridge for a bit previous to utilize however they feel charming straight out of package also. We believe for the rate, it works well. Makes your under eyes feel less puffy and offer you a genuine renewed sensation. We believe utilizing these right prior to bedtime offer you the very best outcomes. We suggest it.

First of, make certain to make an allergic reaction test initially to be safe. We didnt have allergic reaction so im delighted we do not require to return this. It truly mosturizes our eyes and its truly excellent when you put it in the refrigerator bfore utilizing.

Up until now we have actually just utilized it 3 times a week and we have actually currently seen a huge distinction in the location under our eyes. We have actually utilized numerous other products and none were as effective as these masks. We keep them in the refrigerator, as it states in the directions, and when we put them on our face, it seems like remaining in paradise, totally unwinded. The very best mask we have actually ever utilized for this area. It sure deserves every cent.

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