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Sysrion - Sleep Eye Mask - Ultra Soft Comfortable Sleeping Mask

Sysrion – Sleep Eye Mask – Ultra Soft Comfortable Sleeping Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sysrion – Sleep Eye Mask – Ultra Soft Comfortable Sleeping Mask.

  • ” Super Soft Product: The updated sleep eye mask is made from soft and skin- friendly fiber material, the like many popular professional athlete’s clothes, eyes feels extremely breathable, silky smooth and much comfortable than other material or cotton sleeping mask.
  • ” Perfect Light Blockout: This type of sleep mask is created with W- sided cushioning fills both sides of mask nose, which obstructs practically all spectacular light originated from nose location v, to develop an absolutely dark sleep environment. Tips: Nose pad can be changed.
  • ” Limitation Pressure on Eyes: Light-weight and portable, the cotton cushioning inside offers additional cushioning, in addition to a buffer in between the eyes and the mask itself, and you will not feel anything on your eyes or head when you sleeping.
  • ” Completely Adjustable Strap: This sleep mask has actually a longer upgraded Hook & Loop, thin and soft, can be quickly gotten used to fit all head sizes for males and females without tangling your hair or sensation tight around head.
  • ” 100% Handmade – Every cutting and sewing of this sleep mask is completed by handmade. Tight, tidy and smooth joints guarantee minimum rubbing in every sleeping position with no pressure.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sysrion – Sleep Eye Mask – Ultra Soft Comfortable Sleeping Mask.
Sysrion Skin Friendly Nylon sleep eye mask, Soft & Comfortable Night Sleep Mask for Male Females. Limitation Pressure on Eyes Light-weight and portable, you will not feel anything on your eyes. Perfect Light Blockout Bulit- in W- sided cushioning fills both sides of mask nose, which obstructs practically all spectacular light originated from nose location. Soft & Comfortable Ultra soft to touch, pure cotton fills, soft and comfortable to use. Read more Breathable & Skin- friendly Made from soft and skin- friendly fiber material, the like many popular professional athlete’s clothes. Completely Adjustable Strap This sleep mask has actually a longer upgraded Hook & Loop, thin and soft, can be quickly gotten used to fit all head sizes. Product Size One fits all haed sizes. Ingenious style for best light blockout. Read more Read more Sysrion Eye Mask for SleepingSysrion Sleep Eye Mask – No Pressure Mesh Fiber StrapSysrion Sleep Eye Mask – Adjustable Nose PadSysrion Cotton Sleep Mask – GreySysrion Cotton Sleep Mask – BlackSize8.5 * 4.5 in8.4 * 3.8 in8 * 3.5 in7.6 * 4.0 in7.6 * 4.0 inWeight225g42g28g23g23gLight blockingSuper big eye coverNose cover designNose cover designPatented adjustable nose piecePatented adjustable nose pieceTouchWeighted Eye MaskMesh SoftMesh SoftCotton SoftCotton SoftBreathable Handmade

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sysrion – Sleep Eye Mask – Ultra Soft Comfortable Sleeping Mask.

Question Question 1

What About For Sound?We Have A Feline That Meows Every Early morning In The Other Room.Not Real Loud, However She Wakes United States Up.?

In our viewpoint, we believe it would barely stifle noise. Our pet whines to go out in the early morning, and it s extremely low, we can still hear it.

Question Question 2

Is It Washable?

Yes, it is.

Question Question 3

Anybody Having Concerns With The Velcro Not Working?

The velcro works great however it s the length of the whole back and gets stuck in hair quickly. It is extremely sturdy velcro. The mask is likewise extremely slippery and falls off despite the velcro.

Question Question 4

How Do You Tidy It?

we put mine in the cleaning device and lay it flat to dry. we were it weekly and it still looks best

Question Question 5

Does It Block Out Light Entirely?

Yeah, it definetly obstruct all light. we purchased it for our spouse who likes to sleep in best darkness.

Question Question 6

Does This Mask Deal Any Sound Decrease Offered It’S Size/Design?

Nope. Nevertheless, we used it flying round SFO- Sydney with foam earplugs, and we slept practically all the method through. It s not simply soft and comfortable, however it s likewise type of cooling a bit, so our head and face didn’t feel that warm. Can t advise a better sleeping mask.

Question Question 7

Does It Fume In Heat?

It’s breathable and would not fume.

Question Question 8

What Is The Filling Inside This Mask?

Cotton. The feel is extremely soft and comfortable, like our pillow.

Question Question 9

What Is The Filling Inside This Mask?

we do not think there’s filling, simply soft product.

Question Question 10

We Have A A Little Larger Head Than Typical, Will This Be Comfortable If You Use All Of It Night?

It can be changed, it has much area to change.

Question Question 11

Does It Enable Your Eyes To Breathe?

Uncertain we comprehend the question however we have actually been using it for a number of months without any issue with our eyes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Sysrion – Sleep Eye Mask – Ultra Soft Comfortable Sleeping Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We got this eye mask for screening out, after formerly buying another type, the normal ones which are those shiner masks with a thin strap to connect around your head. The factor we wanted to provide this one a shot was that the other one (with the thin strap) is truly more ideal for usage on planes, trains and cars and truck journeys. It is extremely unpleasant to have that thin side strip with the buckle around your ears or side of the head. Plus, the eye spot thing kinda moves and pokes the side of the eye bone/cheekbone location when you sleep with it. Those other eye masks never ever sit tight throughout the night and often you get up and there’s an unsightly crease ironed onto your face or eye location from the folds pressure when you sleep on it. Initially, given that this one is not silk or pure cotton (and we are picky about natural healthy things), we were anticipating it, when it shows up, to stink of chemicals (as many products from china appear to do). So that was the very first great surprise – it smells great and typical without bad chemical stinks. Second, we survive on a caribbean island so it’s tropical and hot here. We utilize air conditioner naturally however we turn it off in the evening to not get so dried up throughout sleep and require to get up to consume throughout the night. So it gets warm after air conditioner is off. Plus we are 52yo and have night sweats some times. Long story short, we were fretted to sweat in it as it looked so thick in the images. Like for winter season. Compared to the thinner black silk eye mask we acquired. So the second great surprise was what they guarantee holds true and no sweating happened. 3rd great surprise was it truly is feather light. Fourth factor we like it is that it feels quite ok using it around your head in the evening, no troubles, no edges that poke your eyes, and no unsightly creases when you get up. And it’s likewise efficient if, like me, you too dislike having actually things connected around your head. It is big enough to location over your eyes and if you do not battle with the sheets throughout your sleep it will remain there. And the last note – about the velcro strip for tightening this spot/ mask around your head: we have extremely dry curly hair and was fretted this velcro will get our hair stuck and ripped. However it is an actually great kind of velcro that didn’t get a single hair of mine tangled up. The bad? well, possibly the additional little product at the base around the nose (to obstruct out the light that can slip in from there) was a bit large for our small narrow nose, however in general did not trouble me. Well done is our decision and great worth for cash.

This mask is best. It s silky smooth, adjustable, and not tight on our eyes. Likewise, it doesn t fume. It remains cool on your face all night. No concerns with it slipping off throughout the night for those rough sleepers. It remains right in location. We would certainly advise this to anybody who has difficulty dropping off to sleep or our fellow night shifters. It is a bit bigger than many eye masks, however it doesn t feel huge when using. It s completely adjustable to any size head. Our 9yr old has the ability to use it too.

We have actually been attempting to utilize sleep masks for over 6 years. Initially as an university student with insane roomies, then with a bed under a skylight, and now with a partner who requires to get up extremely early in the early morning prior to we do. And none of the numerous ones we have actually attempted have actually ever worked in addition to this one. Normally we get up with the mask off, or unusual lines on our face, or pinching/velcro pulling from the strap on our hair, however this one remains on without us even feeling it exists. It’s extremely soft, advises us of an under armour t- t-shirt, light-weight, and the large band holds the mask in location without it pulling on our hair. We have actually just been utilizing it for 3 nights, however we have not slept this well in a while. We did clean it prior to we utilized it, irreversible press cycle and air dry, which worked completely. It had a little bit of a plastic odor when we got it, however that might have been transfer from the product packaging on hot arizona usps trucks.

We were provided to attempt out this mask by the producer. It’s a really great sleep mask. Comfortable, however can get a little hot. Product does not obstruct light 100% in a vibrantly lit space. Really soft silk like product. We choose sleep masks that do not put pressure on our eye covers. This mask does put a little pressure. We choose the 3d design rather that do not put pressure on the eyes. However. In general that is an individual choice. We still believe this mask is worthy of a 4 star total ranking.

Really comfortable sleep mask. We acquired this since obviously we sleep with our eyes midway open throughout the night and get up with inflamed, red eyes from the fan or a/c. This mask is extremely soft and comfortable. The only problem we have actually had is that it does not remain on if you move your head a lot throughout sleep. The velcro strap on the back can come loose when you turn your head it loosens up the mask. Otherwise, it was an excellent purchase.

This is an excellent sleep mask. A little buffers sound, since it is over the ears. It is extremely soft. It seem like the product of a really soft exercise top, like that stylish softness that feels so great to touch. It is an excellent light blocker. Our hubby and we both attempted it. We both truly like it. It velcro s to the size you desire in the back. His only grievance was that it moved from his eyes to simply around his neck in the night, which a little freaked himout It wasn t troubling him, however it ended up being a headscarf in the night. So if you move a lot, the mask might take a trip.

We truly truly like the sleep mask. It is extremely comfortable, simply as promoted. Up previously we have actually just ever utilized, either a little smooth sleep mask with a flexible. Or a meal towel fold it up and tripped over our eyes. This certainly, is a much better alternative. The only problem we had, was the large width of it and folk of it. And although the product is extremely breathable, we still emotionally a minimum of, seem like it may be a little hot particularly in the desert. However like we stated the product is extremely stunning. Therefore soft therefore light, that you’re practically surprised you have eye sleep mask on at all. We would certainly advise this product for anyone who requires outright darkness while they’re sleeping. Or anyone that needs deprivation of all senses in order to sleep.

We have actually utilized every eye mask style and this one outshines them all. We toss and turn a lot in our sleep. This is among the only masks that actually remains on regularly. Does not harm your ears, no catch or velcro on the back to make a stiff, irritating point of contact. The soft catch and wrap- around style make the whole mask completely soft and consistent. If you remain in a space with intense light, it will not obstruct it out 100%, however for any sort of indirect or dim light, it’s totally efficient.

We got it for the 3 hour trip house after lasik. Worked terrific. We have actually been getting dollar shop ones. The flexible constantly is too tight then extends so huge and the eyes are constantly tight. There is no pressure on our eyes or nose with this one. It covers whatever. It’s so smooth. And the large band has a thin strap of velcro however not the kind your hair gets stuck in. And with the band being so large it’s great to sleep on. It resembles magic. We are purchasing more in case we lose one on holiday.

We have actually attempted rather a few sleeping masks on. This one is our preferred so far. Our preferred thing is how efficiently it obstructs out all light without seeming like an extremely- tight rubberband. It sits extremely gently on our head, and the product is extremely soft. The just disadvantage is that it does not have spaces for your eyes, however we have actually found out to choose that over the masks which have eye spaces however likewise have agonizing rubber bands.

I found this while searching for a “lunya” type mask– obstructing out both light and noise. We are extremely light sleeper and sleep with a mask + earplugs every night (we reside in a huge city, which does not assist). In some cases the earplugs aren’t enough and beams shine into our mask as we have actually moved position through the night. This, nevertheless, we practically slept the entire night through (disclosure: with our ear plugs too). No pain. No requirement to change. Soft material, extremely comfortable. We didn’t provide a complete 5 since it certainly would not have actually cut out the sound without ear plugs and we have not cleaned it yet to see how it holds up. Our last mask stained our pillows after cleaning so we will upgrade when cleaned. Quite stunned us– a great deal of worth for the efficiency and convenience.

We like this sleep mask. It is extremely soft and light-weight. It does not fume, and certainly breathes. We like that it does not have flexible. No more digging into our ear or getting twisted in our hair. It has a generous quantity of velcro on the back for best modification. We have actually utilized it every night for the past few weeks and might not be better. It likewise cleans well. We simply put it in with a load of delicates and let it air dry.

This sleep mask is extremely soft. It is adjustable to your head size and will not mistake or down when your sleeping. The material is light and breathable. We formerly utilized a sleep mask that had a rubber band, it was heavy in the front and would move off our face when we slept. This one does not do that. We would like to advise utilizing this one, particularly if you are light sleeper or work graveyard shift. It assists greatly.

This mask strikes many assets, even some we didn’t truly think about. It has a little bit of additional cushioning to cover the space most masks leave around the nose. It utilizes velcro modification over rubber bands. It covers the ears a bit. It’s almost a best sleep mask. It is among the few we have actually swindled and tossed throughout the space in our sleep.

We like, like this eye mask. The product is soft and comfortable, it s not tight and binding on your head and does not slip throughout the night. This mask has the very best nose guard and is all around comfortable. Our brand-new go- to eye mask.

Finest sleep mask we have actually ever attempted, the product seems like silk and soft bamboo, it s effectively made. Like how it totally obstructs light from getting in and is terrific for sleeping with.

Got it the other day and right away use. We slept for 8 hrs directly without even discovering anything was on our eyes or head. This product is the very best eye mask out there.

Last night was the very first time that we have actually utilized the sleep mask and we were happy. Throughout the moon cycle, it shines into the window over our bed as brilliantly as when the sun turns up. We put the mask on about 5 am, and had the ability to sleep till 6. It totally obstructed the moon light and was comfortable. We just provided it 4 stars since we have actually just utilized it when and still require to check it more, however for now, we enjoy that we purchased it.

We truly, truly like this product. It obstructs out light completely, and the velcro does not capture our hair. It remains strongly versus our face, unlike the ones with rubber bands that ultimately begin to droop as they lose flexibility. Love it. Absolutely advise.

We work nights and wound up stapling our drapes to the wall and it still wasn t dark enough. This mask works so well?? our quality of sleep enhanced a lot given that we can t see the light to inform if the sun is up or down (we get stress and anxiety and sleep even worse if we understand it s time to get up quickly). We likewise take a trip a few times a year and it s convenient on an aircraft too. Not sensible to utilize if you desire your make up to remain on- however we wear t sleep with comprise on.

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