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The Orchid Skin - Under Eye Patch

The Orchid Skin – Under Eye Patch

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Here are a few main benefits of The Orchid Skin – Under Eye Patch.

  • PATENTED SHEET PERFECTLY ADHERING WITHOUT CHEMICAL ADDITIVES, ‘Elastic Aqueous Gel Sheet’ is used. It has charming adhesion even without chemical glue. Just gel of condensed active component adheres on skin by itself, which can be connected on any body parts. As soon as connected, it is not fallen off naturally, so you can do indoor or outside activities while caring.
  • IMMEDIATE COOLING RESULT FROM HYDROGEL LAYER, when it is connected on where to use, a hydrogel layer is getting thinner as all active components are supplied into deep within skin. These active components are for both moisturizing and nourishing skin. Furthermore, the gel includes huge quantity of essence for cooling and peaceful impacts on stressed out skin.
  • SKIN FLEXIBILITY ENHANCEMENT, from mid 20s to 30s, their skin gets loosened up. Ever since, they have stress over skin flexibility lost. This eyepatch makes skin clear and flexible by supplying vigor with nutrients and wetness.
  • TAKING CARE OF SKIN WRINKLE WITH HEALTHY NATURE DERIVATIVES, it is extremely suggested to individual, who is trying to find extensive nourishing care to weak skin around eye, who desires caring of smile lines, and who desires supplying flexibility on neck location.
  • HOW TO USAGE, clean your face completely and use cream on your skin. Eliminate the clear movie and use the gel patch on the struggling location around your eyes. 3) Leave it on for 20 ~ thirty minutes, and after that eliminate it.

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Color: Blue Elastic[Description] Compared to other eyepatches keeping in a container, ‘Orchid Elastic Under Youth Eye Patch’ is a non reusable type, which is separately loaded as 2 spots per one pouch. No chemicals consisted of, such as silicon or rubber, just efficient active ingredients’ gel has sticking power to stick on skin. With addition of ginseng, increased and honey extracts, it assists with caring your skin flexibility. [Main ingredients] a) Rose extract -Avoiding evaporation -Revitalizing -Securing and unwinding skin b) Caviar extract -Great for aged skin care -Enhance flexibility -Offer hydration & nutrition c) Ginseng/ Boat orchid extract -Avoid dryness -Boost skin barrier -Anti- aging & relaxing d) R ehmannia root/ Honey extract -Relaxing & Revitalizing -Avoid dryness -Enhance skin problem much healthier

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Question Question 1

The Number Of Is Ij This Bundle?

10 sets/ box

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A bit more costly than purchasing them straight in the nation. Anyways, it does its task and we can see the distinction after utilizing this. Would acquire once again.

Really sticky, it will not drop however injured skins around eyes when take it out.

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