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Unimi - Lavender Eye Shade

Unimi – Lavender Eye Shade, Sleep Eye Mask for Women Men for Puffy Eyes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Unimi – Lavender Eye Shade, Sleep Eye Mask for Women Men for Puffy Eyes.

  • Initial Lavender: The Inner Bag of is comprised of premium compression beads with lavender fragrance, aid eliminate eye tiredness and offer you an entire day of convenience.
  • Put the sleep mask in a microwave for 40- one minute (do not get too hot)
  • One Eye Mask, 2 Use: Get rid of the inner bag and utilize it like a typical eye mask, best light stopping, you can utilize it anywhere anytime, when you require hot/cold treatment simply use the eye mask with inner bag.
  • Perfect Sleep mate for side sleeper: Complete adjustable velcro strap aid hold the eye mask in position, do not fret about it falling off your head after using it.
  • UNIMI Guarantees Quality and Service: UNIMI is Expertly producing comfy, leading- quality, various- design eye masks. If there are any unhappy points, we would provide replacement or complete refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Unimi – Lavender Eye Shade, Sleep Eye Mask for Women Men for Puffy Eyes.

Question Question 1

What Are The Compression Beads Made Of?

It states in the information thing: “The Inner Bag of is made up of premium compression beads with lavender scent, help relieve eye fatigue and give you a whole day of comfort.” Not exactly sure if that assists, we can not see the beads because they remain in a pouch stitched shut.

Question Question 2

What Sort Of Beads Remain In The Mask? What Are The Beads Constructed Of?

we do not understand however they react to heat far better than cold if that assists

Question Question 3

How To Utilize For DryEye There Were No Directions Consisted of With This. Do You Sleep With The Heated Mask For Dry Eye?

we use GPS Contact lens so we utilize the eye mask without lenses in our eyes. our eye dr. advised Microwave about 1 minute (if too hot do less) and we unwind for about 10 minutes till it is cool. we do not sleep with it on. we believe it would feel toheavy on your eyes strapped. we do not utilize the strap.we like the product.

Question Question 4

Where Is This Made Please?

Ok we got this we enjoy it. Made in China.Thank you, John

Question Question 5

Is It Okay To Sleep With The Beads Bag In?

we put on t see why not. The bag is a bit heavy so might not be comfy that long.

Question Question 6

Is It Okay To Sleep With The Beads Bag In?

That s the intent however it was so uneasy.

Question Question 7

Seller Please State Plainly- What Is The Product Of The Compression Beads- What Is The Structure?

we didn’t break it open however it seemed like rice or rice- sized beads? It was a horrible style that actually squashes your eyeballs. Disliked it.

Question Question 8

Is It Ok For Individual Who Had Eye Surgical Treatment?

we truly put on t understand we would recommend you to talk to your medical professional

Question Question 9

Is It Clear That This Can Be Utilized As A Cold Mask?

Yes it can be simply take out the inner bundle and put it in you freezer and you have a cold mask.

Question Question 10

Just How Much Does It Weigh?

over a pound from the feel of it it on our face, method to heavy to be comfy

Question Question 11

To Make The Mask Cold Do You Put It In The Freezer Or The Fridge? We Put It In The Refrigerator And It Hardly Got Cold?

we never ever got that far since it smashed our eyeballs a lot that we gave up using it after a number of not successful nights.

Question Question 12

Can You Include Vital Oils To It? Thank You?

we have actually included some drops lavender important oil to the inner pouch to extend the initial fragrance. Simply watch out for anything you would not desire straight on your skin or too near to your eye.

Question Question 13

Can You Wash The Lavender Insert?

NO you can not clean the insert – it resembles a bag of rocks, anticipate they do not inform you precisely what is within, and it does NOT get here smelling like lavender, it was extremely heavy method to heavy to be restorative and the velcro a ripped our hair.Look for another sleep mask even with sinus problems this one was so uncomfortabl NO you can not clean the insert – it resembles a bag of rocks, anticipate they do not inform you precisely what is within, and it does NOT get here smelling like lavender, it was extremely heavy method to heavy to be restorative and the velcro a ripped our hair.Look for another sleep mask even with sinus problems this one was so uneasy, we went back on and purchased the memory foam mask and it got here today and am so extremely happy with it.This mask is best utilized as a paperweight, which has to do with all we will state as we evaluated it currently.

Question Question 14

Is It Clear That This Can Be Utilized As A Cold Mask?

Yeah it can, however it takes a long period of time to get cold

Question Question 15

How Do We Get A Refund??? It Never Ever Provided And There Is No Area To Message You Or Get Our Refund. It Ought To Have Arrived April 20Th. Please Assist.?

we would recommend getting in touch with for help.

Question Question 16

Exists A Method To Wash The Inner Bag Of Beads?

we never ever thought of that? However we make sure we would Refrain from doing it? Hide of & perhaps clean it down?we hope that assists? JohnArciniegaJR.

Question Question 17

Is This Readily Available With Fsa?

we would believe as long as you have a medical physician compose you a note that its required it is. It assists with headaches, and help to have apeaceful sleep.

Question Question 18

Is The Cover For The Eye Mask Washable?

Yes.The bag states it is hand washable in water temperature level less than 40 C which transforms to 104 F.It has a Velcro opening that lets you take the inner bag out.

Question Question 19

Do You Refrigerate/Heat Simply The Bead Part Or The Whole Mask?

we warmed the whole mask in our microwave

Question Question 20

Does The Product Of This Eye Mask Get Connected To Your Eyelashes At All?

Not to mine, however we do not use eye makeup to bed. we do not have any eye drain.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Unimi – Lavender Eye Shade, Sleep Eye Mask for Women Men for Puffy Eyes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Perfect sleep help. Mask not too heavy. Product is not scratchy or annoying to the skin. Lavender odor is a reward.

After having lasik and after that numerous eye surgical treatments for separated retinas we struggle with significant dry eyes along with migraines. We utilize our phone for work which triggers a great deal of eye pressure. The lavender in this is extremely relaxing- to experience the complete impact we advise microwaving for about 45 seconds and moving the beads around. The mask remains warm for a long period of time offering relief and wetness to your eyes. 2 nights ago we discovered we got some mascara on it and was happily amazed the entire lavender bean bag is detachable for cleaning or if you wish to utilize the mask by itself.

We get horrible migraines and likewise have serious sleeping disorders and “busy eyes” when they’re closed. This mask has a light fragrance of lavender and the weight of it assists soothe our “busy eyes” as we are resting, hence assisting with our migraines. The heating choice is likewise valuable and reliable for migraines. We would advise this product.:-RRB-.

Our relative purchased a purple lavender mask years earlier. It no longer would warm up in the microwave so we chose to change it. This mask is muchbetter It is softer, smaller sized, and has an elastic head band that keeps it on your face. The lavender fragrance is even more relaxing then the old mask. If you re on the fence about purchasing this mask, put on t be. You will be pleased.

After looking numerous locations, this is the very best sleep mask we havefound We enjoy this weighted mask. We fall right to sleep with it. We have actually used it for weeks however have yet to clean it so am uncertain for how long it will last. We sense that when it’s time to change this that we will buy another amongthese The lavender is not too light or too strong. The velcro on the strap does not get captured in our hair at all. We are so delighted to lastly have found one that’s whatever we desired for a sleep mask.

Love this eye mask. There is a weighted insert that you can take in and out of the soft grey case that makes the external case simple to clean. The insert can be positioned in the microwave and after that returned in the external case for a good warm mask to utilize for relaxing or alleviating obstructed up sinuses. The insert can likewise be positioned in the freezer for a couple hours and utilized for fevers or in our case migraines. Ive found that utilizing the beaded insert by itself without putting it back in the headband casing works better if you prepare to utilize it cold as its tough for the cold to permeate through the thick product of the headband however does fantastic by itself. You can likewise take the weighted insert out and simply utilize the shell as a sleeping mask with no bulk or weight in it. We enjoy this thing. There are many usages and its a should have.

Seriously, we have actually just had this sleep mask for a week however we are definitely in love with it. We can t envision sleeping without it now. We work night shift and take classes in the day time. This mask is best for when we take naps in our cars and truck or when we are at house attempting to sleep throughout the day. The weight of the mask is fantastic specifically on those days that we are incredibly exhausted and our eyes are injuring it s the correct amount of included pressure. The lavender is extremely subtle. Absolutely advise this.

However let us be clear. We were looking for a weighted sleep mask, that would stagnate through the night which would have some weight since we have found it to assist us go to sleep much faster. This mask is fantastic for it. We have a rather little head and most sleep masks we have actually purchased previously are too huge for us or they simply leave our head throughout the night. The weights assist a lot in stagnating. Likewise, you can change them around your nose so the light will be obstructedbetter Up until now we are happy with it. It does have a lavender odor although we do not understand just how much it would last, it’s not subduing at all. We have actually not utilized it cold since like we stated it was not part of the factor we chose to buy it however we will simply to see if it feels excellent.

We liked the reality that we microwaved the mask for just 2 minutes it was good. We do not like that we discovered this by doing exact same time and it didn’t feel hot to the hand so we included 1. 5 minutes and might not even hold it for thirty minutes. Or it would burn our face. Things include directions for a factor. If had actually burned ourself after 3. 5 minutes mw we might have let the attorneys loose on you, since it did not included 5 cents worth of directions.

We have actually had 8 migraines because we have actually purchased this mask (towards end of april) and we can state 6/8 this mask relieved our discomfort. It has fantastic pressure that uses on your face which for us is a big thing. Having the ability to make it cold is a million timesbetter Likewise observed it hasn’t slipped off during the night like our other routine eye masks. We extremely, extremely advise this.

Sent us a brand-new lavender filled one and like it quite.

We got a lavender face mask comparable to this as a christmas present and we enjoyed it. A lot though that we browsed the web looking for one like it for a present for a good friend. We were extremely dissatisfied when we took this one out of the product packaging and it had definitely no lavender fragrance at all. The velcro was extremely large. It didn’t feel almost as glamorous as the other one we had actually gotten. Total dissatisfied in the quality. Update: the business saw our evaluation and was kind adequate to send out a replacement. Much enhanced. The mask is stunning and soft to the touch. And much more obvious lavender fragrance. Value them going out of their method to develop a pleased customer.

We enjoy this eye mask. We get realky bad migraines and among the important things that assists is putting pressure on our eyes. This puts simply adequate pressure to eliminate some discomfort. It’s likewise comfy simply to use for sleeping. It has a light lavender odor that does not trouble our headaches. We like that you can warm it or chill it, however we generally utilize it as is. We needed to clean the cover and the insert since of a kid mishap where we believed it was destroyed, however whatever turned out fine.

We enjoy our eye mask, there customer support is above an above expectations in customer care. We had a scenario and jenny looked after me, she was extremely valuable and followed up with us throughout these difficult times. We would buy once again from them since they are genuinely a sincere business that cares that their clients not just get fantastic products however likewise get exceptional clients. If we might provide more than 5 stars we would provide countless starts.

We utilize this when we are stressed out or have a migraine. We put it in the freezer to keep it cold and pull it out when we require it. We will state it is tough to oversleep since the beads walk around if you lay on your side which might not be fantastic for everybody. It feels truly good and is extremely comfy when we utilize it while sitting or laying on our back.

This product has actually altered our life. We are individual who struggles with persistent headaches and this product truly assisted us in this location. We utilize to take a tablet for our headaches, which was bad for our total health, however then a good friend informed us about this product and it has actually truly assisted unwind me. Likewise we enjoy the lavender fragrance. It is unwinding and not too overwhelming. We likewise enjoy how you can warm it and freeze it. We utilize to do simply heat however we have actually just recently been try out putting it in the fridge and it has actually truly assisted soothe our stress and anxiety and tension levels, specifically since it is weighted with adequate fragile pressure for the eyes. In general we would state that it is truly worth the buy, specifically throughout quaranteen.

This eye mask assists us go to sleep fast. We struggle with migraines & was hoping it would aid with those. We can’t state it truly assists much with migraines (it does not remain cold long), however the weight feels excellent on our head & we like the velcro adjustable strap so when we have a headache we can make it tight. Heating it feels good when we have a sinus headache.

We enjoy this mask. It totally obstructs out all light and is fantastic for sinus headaches. The weight of the mask is simply adequate pressure on your sinuses to eliminate the discomfort of sinus pressure. It splits up and is simple to clean which is a big plus.

Would like better if it got chillier and you might better smell the lavender. Fantastic concept. Good and heavy. That feels excellent. Quality is excellent. Well made. Generally want it got and remained cold longer. However they put on t regardless of refrigerator or freezer. We wind up utilizing another one we have that is plastic however cold then lay this on the top since it is good and heavy.

They are adjustable so you can have the mask as tight or loose as you choose. The very best thing for us, nevertheless, is the positioning of the straps. And as we like to have the straps rather tight, a single strap generally pulls throughout the front of the mask, putting pressure on our eyes it does not budge at all throughout the night, and you can completely forget it exists. As currently pointed out, the flexible is soft and fantastic quality, so will not snap or loosen up in a few days like the majority of the more affordable masks do.

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