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VIIcode - Oxygen Eye Mask Customized Skin Care

VIIcode – Oxygen Eye Mask Customized Skin Care

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Here are a few main benefits of VIIcode – Oxygen Eye Mask Customized Skin Care.

  • USAGE THE VERY SAME EYE CARE PADS WITH QUEEN JOSEPHINE: VIIcode has actually been shown to work for more than 2 centuries. Initially developed by Dr. Byrne Victor for Queen Josephine (Napoleon’s other half). Now it might be you enjoying its unbelievable facial care power.
  • A PRESENT FOR FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: It takes years off your look by lowering dark circles, puffiness, great lines and bags. Feel the oxygen flooding your muscle cells, even after the preliminary application. Lastly bid farewell to dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
  • INCONVENIENCE FREE APPLICATION: Its specifically developed gel texture does not stick, stink or frustrate you in any method. The application and elimination is actually simple and easy.
  • GET The Very Best OXYGEN EYE PADS (WITH NO THREAT): Not just you get an extremely reliable, yet alcohol- totally free and non- comedogenic product. You are likewise 100% covered by VIIcode’s no-questions asked, no- trouble included 100% Refund Assurance. Order now with self-confidence – while materials last.

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VIIcode- Ageless Methology VIIcode- developed to get rid of under- eye circles, wrinkles and other indications of age, this treasured formula -established by famous Dr.Byrne Victor for Napoleon’s Josephine more than 255 years back- is now offered to ladies of any ages. Byrne Victor strongly thought that every female would be the most lovely in her own method and she might reveal thisout Now, after 200 years, his belief has actually not just been verified widely, however likewise has the constant effect on the development of the appeal market. Why you require this Your Eyes State So Much about You They are frequently called windows to the soul and among the very first things individuals discover about you. So, when wrinkles, bags and dark circles appear, they can undermine your look. Thankfully, there is a method to nurture this typical issue location utilizing components that have actually been treasured by royalty for centuries. It’s called the VIIcode O2M OXYGEN EYE MASK. If you are searching for the very best oxygen eye pads cash can buy, then you have actually concerned the best location. These Eye Pads Are Genuinely Going To Take Years Off Your Look. How it works Why Is VIIcode So Exceptionally Reliable? Oxygen is vital for the development of brand-new cells. VIIcode permits oxygen circulation throughout the whole time you are using it, stimulates healthy cell development and makes your skin extremely more glowing and radiant. Its exclusive mix of natural components operates in best synergy to offer your skin the younger look it should have. VIIcode is going to work marvels for your skin as it has actually provided for the last 200 years. Scroll Up & Click Contribute To Haul Now Prior To We Are Offered- Out Once again. Effective Components EOPE (Ecological Oxygen Plant Extraction) promote the mitochondrial core aspects CMIC (cell memory) to launch state gene rainfall memory and to wake- up skin oxygen capability so that to supply cells with oxygen and energy needed, bring back the collagen and flexible fibers. Welwitschia Mirabillis, the 100- year- old ovule from Angola, a plant that grows just 2 leaves however each of them can endure for centuries and even countless years, which has a really strong capability to fix its own cells autonomously. This distinct capability is a natural present from the God for our delicate eye skin. Healing fern frequently utilize just the water aspect to get up the power of cells to taking in oxygen, and to promote the development of their own cell healing. The reactive oxygen in healing fern is the genuine source of cell renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on VIIcode – Oxygen Eye Mask Customized Skin Care.

Question Question 1

The Number Of Remain In A Box?

Hello Kenny, It’s consist of 6 Pairs/Box.

Question Question 2

Does The Eye Mask Functions For Under Eye Puffiness And Dark Circles?

Yes, it works for dark circles and puffiness. you will see the results after few days later on. We recommend customer to utilize 3 boxes for a course of treatment for finest outcomes.

Question Question 3

Do You Believe This Would Work For Laugh Lines Or Darkness Around The Mouth?

It’s concentrated on eye care product, it works for puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around eyes. For other usage, it depends.

Question Question 4

Will This Eye Mask Functions For Wrinkles And Bags Under Eyes?

Yes, it will lower the look of wrinkles and under eye bags. We would suggest that you use it over night (about 8 hours) to take in all the nourishing extracts.

Question Question 5

Exists An Age Constraint?

This eye mask ideal for any ages to utilize, safe for all skin types, delicate skin individuals likewise might utilize it.

Question Question 6

Does It Work For African Americans?

It works for puffiness, wrinkles and bags. And this eye mask ideal for any ages to utilize, safe for all skin types.

Question Question 7

We Simply Got Our Eye Mask, Simply Wondering Can We Utilize It Every Night Or When A Week?

Typically, we recommend customer to utilize 2- 3 times a week, usage 3 boxes for a course of treatment. You can likewise keep it in refrigerator for few minutes prior to usage it, you will get more cool sensation and assistance better absorption of active components.

Question Question 8

$ 54.99 Forthree Or Justfor One?

$ 54.99: There are 6 sets in the box.Means you can utilize this 6 times.That is it.Not work for us at all.Very pricey and not work as marketed.

Question Question 9

Do The Pads Or Eye Cream Contain Collagen?We Can’T Distinguish Checking out The Description??

They do not consist of collagen. The main components of this product are drawn out from the plants.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on VIIcode – Oxygen Eye Mask Customized Skin Care, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually purchased these numerous times now and they work each time. Simply one treatment has us getting up with significantly less puffy and firmer looking skin under the eyes. It’s pricey however we just utilize it when we feel our eyes are beginning to look bad in the early mornings which takes some time or if we are not getting a great deal of sleep, and so on. They remain on without holding them however you do need to sleep on your back that night otherwise they will come off if your face is on the pillow. We will buy them once again.

Will buy it once again.

This eye mask works terrific, particularly for getting up exhausted eyes. We are actually pleased with the oxygen eye masks from viwe code. They actually assist to make our skin more vibrant, and they help in reducing the puffines that we have around our eyes. What we like about them is that they aren’t untidy to put, and they on your skin incredibly well. They do not injured when you take them off, and they do not trigger skin inflammation. We have actually been using mine in the early mornings while we prepare for classes, and after that after classes in preparation for work. We do not like sleeping with them on, however that is simply an individual choice. These oxygen eye masks from viwe code are fantastic, and they actually work.

This sort of eye mask is adhesive and can be used to do anything. It is comfy to be attached with individual assessment, without the sensation of tingling.


I? will buy once again. Excellent product.

Like it and deals with me.



So, very first ideas: these hydrogel eye masks are created to be used overnight, for a max of 8 hours, however you can likewise use them for a few hours throughout the day if you choose. It declares to have anti- aging and dark circles/eye puffiness benefits.???? we used these to bed and was happily amazed by how adhesive the spots were. They took a little getting utilized to — we wear t believe we were totally utilized to them when going to sleep — however they were cooling and hydrating- sensation on our undereye location they likewise didn’t move on our face while we slept.??? we saw the list below results when we got rid of the eye spots: our eye location felt a bit smoother, and our eye circles weren t as puffy and noticable. Our eyes were definitely well- hydrated. Nevertheless we are unsure just how much long- term anti- aging results it has.

Wow our eyes feel so soft. We are incredibly satisfied with these eye masks by viwe code (viwe appeal). We enjoy the truth that this business is outdated method back to the 18th century and is a household name. So amazing. Traditional is the very best up until now in our experiences in life. Lol. We are incredibly inpressed with our outcomes of simply one usage of these eye masks. There are many perks and benefits it is phenominal. Here is simply a list of some of the fantastic things these oxygen eye masks can do for your skin. And being a mommy of 6 and aging we are so pleased with this product and can not wait to complete to see how amazing our eyes look when we are done. 1) lower dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, dryness and drooping under the eyes. 2) increasing flexibility, companies and plumps the skin under the eyes. 3) supplying whatever your eye skin requires to be healthy. 4) hydrating the fragile eye location to avoid early aging. Made from some unique 100% natural components like how they are taken in a range of unique plant extractions (eco-friendly oxygen plant extraction) and deep sea biological extracts. Is terrific and revitalizing. When we initially put under our eyes we were stunned at how cool they feel which in turn informs us that it is right away attempting to lower the swelling triggering the puffiness under our eyes which this can help in reducing and eliminate the dark circles. So great. Love it. We did feel a tingle along with we were using them for a little while which informs us that yes these are definatly working and doing their task. I used them for the complete 8 hours and we did feel and see a substantial differene in our skin. Thank you a lot. We enjoy them. We got this product at a lowered rate in exchange for our sincere and impartial viewpoint. Mother authorized.

This things actually works. We have actually been so exhausted recently beause we have actually needed to get up previously than regular. The bags under our eyes are dreadful. A number of us in our household have dark circles under our eyes so we have actually attempted a great deal of products to assist. Truthfully perhaps 1 out of 5 actually does. We attempted these last night for the very first time. When we initially put them under our eyes they felt cool so that right away felt excellent. The instructions state to leave them on for 8 hours. There is no other way we might’ve slept with these on however. We sleep on our side and we understand for sure it would’ve moved or come off. So rather, we simply kept them on for about an hour while we cleaned up the cooking area and viewed television. They are actually comfy so it wasn’t frustrating at all to have on. They felt cool the entire time so it made our eyes feel more awake. We intentionally put it off to the side of one so we might inform if there was a distinction. In simply the hour we had it on we might currently inform it was working when we peeled them off. It was smoother looking and glossy. The darkness and puffiness were much less too. We attempted to get an image that would reveal it however it didn’t reveal it as excellent as it actually was. We are sharing among these with our sibling in law to reveal her how excellent it feels. We got these totally free in exchange for our sincere evaluation. We will definitely be buying these when we run out.

We have actually mentioned prior to that we get actually tired from getting up early and keeping up late which leads our eyes to looking dull and puffy. Viicode oxygen eye mask did an incredible task assisting our eyes to look brighter and not so puffy. The masks were simple to use and remained on all night. We were actually amazed at that. We didn’t truthfully think that they would be on in the early morning when we got up each time, however they were. They were quickly removed and our eyes felt a lot smoother. Now, we have a tough time not sharing products with gracie, however considering that she is just 14, we didn’t enable her to attemptthese out She actually wished to, she believed they were the neatest thing, however she has not one issue with her eyes. She’s too young and beautiful as she is. We do feel that these aided with the dullness and puffiness with our eyes and if you are searching for something to assist you feel a little better about your eye location, attempt viicode. We were provided this product at an affordable rate in exchange for a sincere evaluation. All viewpoints are 100% our own and we never ever ensure a favorable evaluation.

As a really hectic mom of 2 young kids, we seem like i”m always tired and look the part a well. We work 40-60 hours a week while taking care of our children while their father is deployed. We feel like we always look tired with dark circles and puffiness under our eyes. We are only 30 years old and feel like the dark circles under our eyes age us tremendously. We had recently come to terms with ourself that there was no miracle product out there to make us look and feel better that is also safe for our skin. Until we tried this eye mask. We literally had results the 1st use. We we put the eye mask in the fridge before use, then cleansed our face as normal. Before bed, we applied the eye mask around our eyes. Due to the coolness from the fridge, it immediately felt amazing after a long, hard day. We felt like we were pampering ourself in a spa. The cooling effect felt amazing, and the eye mask did not interfere with our sleeping that night. If anything, it make it easier to relax. When we woke up that morning, we looked more refreshed, and our eyes were brighter and the dark circles were definitely not as visible. Even our co-workers noted that we looked more awake that morning. The science behind these eye pads is truly incredible. It’s very obvious the makers of this product did their research. We would highly recommend this product . We did order this during a promotion for observation purposes. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to test this product and share our experience with everyone. We had such a positive experience, that we can’t wait to and more results. After close and careful examination, we can easily give this item 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and our highest recommendation.

You can use them while you sleep and that is what we suggest. We left mine on for a few minutes after making the picture early in the day. Because you want to look down to see it, without thinking, it will give you a headache in no time if your eyes are left opened. So use at night. It has a very cool sensation when you apply and are very cushy. Stress and tension builds in your eye area and the cool sensation around your eye sockets will also help with headaches if worn with eyes closed. We just got a few days ago and directions say to use 2 or 3 times a week to see improvements. We will take after pictures as well as before and also post. Each box comes with six sets of eye masks to use right under your eye. If you sleep on your side you may knock them off but they are easy to reapply. We have noticed the puffiness diminishing but nothing else. We don’t have a lot of lines to test on but we are looking for results still. When you take them off they just peel off easy and your eyes do feel refreshed. Very similar to cucumber application in a salon without the expense. They are soaked in a variety of special plant extractions that help to reduce the inflammation. We believe this will give a more youthful appearance. ***in exchange for our true impartial review, our own findings, we received this promotional item at no cost. *.

We loved this. We can t imagine why some of the reviews are bad. Those reviewers must not have worn them all night or didn’t apply them properly. Mine stayed on all night and dramatically reduced the deep wrinkles under our eyes and on the outer corners. The mask are cool and soothing so the can help with puffiness too. Will definitely buy more of these.

So we tried these for a few weeks now and we love them. We are 81/2 months pregnant with a toddler, and he sleeps with us since we downsized until we close escrow. Yeah, we guess you can say we don’t get much sleep and our eyes are puffy on the bottom. First time we tried these we thought they were a little too big for our face but now that we have done it a few times we disagree with our first thought. We think they’re positioned out like that to get the whole under eye area. That was our only iffy thought in them. After using them more than once we disagree, and we think they’re great. They’re super cool and they keep your face cool all night. They have a clear plastic cover on them(please be smart and don’t try to slap them on as we did??????). Once you realize why they weren’t sticking and you actually get to try the product we will bet you’ll wake up looking refreshed, not swollen, and you’ll feel good. The full coverage, the fact that this prof it actually works, and the cool feeling on your face is awesome. We received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for our honest review. We highly reccomend this wonderful product. :).

We were extremely impressed with the oxygen eye masks. They made our eyes feel extremely hydrated and soft and they stayed on our face all night.

Works to slowly tighten lines and reduce puffiness around eyes. Your eyes will feel different. You may or may not like the tighter feeling. Very personal thing.

This is a great product, it really does work well and gives you that ” awake” appearance. We extremely suggest it for those late nights or absence of sleep. It does take some getting utilized to to sleep with it under the eyes however after 8 hrs of full night’s sleep, it makes a substantial distinction.

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