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YANSER STRICT SELECTION - Luxury Silk Eye Mask 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

YANSER STRICT SELECTION – Luxury Silk Eye Mask 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of YANSER STRICT SELECTION – Luxury Silk Eye Mask 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask.

  • CHARM AND CONVENIENCE – YANSER luxury eye mask is made from 19mm 6A level 100% pure mulberry silk. It can assist the skin stay its wetness, lowering the look of great lines around the eyes and block out even the brightest of light. Being soft and smooth to secure your sleep and skin experience.
  • LESS ABSORBENT AND BREATHABLE – YANSER luxury eye mask is well checked to keep your face care/ hair care product staying on where they belong. Mulberry silk on both sides and filled with double layered natural silk, however not cotton. Breathable comfy and hypoallergenic.
  • SIMPLE MAKE SURE – YANSER luxury eye mask need to be cleaned by hand in water under 30, without any rubbing, however better with hair shampoo. NOT AVAILABLE for cleaning by device.
  • EXCELLENT VERSATILITY – 20.5 * 8.5 cm eye mask with soft rubber band covered with silk, created to fit side- sleepers. PLEASE BE NOTED: IT APPROPRIATES FOR 21 -23 HEAD AREA.
  • LUGGAGE AND PRESENT BOX: YANSER glamorous eye mask has a 100% satin luggage in a great present box. Great option for a sharing to sleep throughout travel and nap in workplace.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on YANSER STRICT SELECTION – Luxury Silk Eye Mask 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask.
Color: Carolina Blue WHO WE ARE For several years and years, we utilized we checked we picked the product that benefits homelike. Visiting our homepage https://www.facebook.com/yanserstrictselection/ and questions to us on any product information and aftersales inqury. A fast action customer assistance is all set for you. Requirements Product: 19mm 6A level 100% pure mulberry silk Measurements: 20.5 * 8.5 Structure: Both side mulberry silk + 2 mulberry silk filled out Bundle Information 1.Eye Mask 2. Present box 3. Satin bundle Factor to Buy ‘— Well secure your sleep anytime anywhere;– Secure your skin and eye with reputable method;– A present sharing to your love; 12months Guarantee and 30days Refund ‘ A fast action customer assistance is constantly all set for you. Our product includes 12months service warranty, and you will have 30days fret- totally free refund if you are not pleased with it. Contact the vendor/sellers, we will be following up to the concerns till it’s fixed:-RRB- Attempt this, why not

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on YANSER STRICT SELECTION – Luxury Silk Eye Mask 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask.

Question Question 1

Genuine Silk?

Yes, it is 100% natural genuine silk made. No matter the surface area material or the filling.

Question Question 2

What Is Limit Size Head This Product Supports Conveniently?

the headband will appropriate for 21 -23 head area.

Question Question 3

Does It Make Your Eyes Blurry After You Awaken?

Not tight adequate to make our eyes blurred

Question Question 4

Would You State This Is Blush Pink Or Child Pink? Customer Photos Look More Blush Pink. Ideally It S Child Pink?

Dear, It is infant pink. Dear, It is infant pink.Besr concerns,YANSER

Question Question 5

Simply Bought One A Long Time Ago. How Can We Look After It? At Which Settings To Wash It? Or Should We Handwash?

we had the exact same question and we found cleaning directions on the Yanser site: EASY MAKE SURE– YANSER luxury eye mask should be cleaned by hand in water under 30?, without any rubbing, however better with hair shampoo. NOT AVAILABLE for cleaning by device

Question Question 6

Are These Readily Available Wholesale?

Dear, we are sorry to respond you late. Yes, you might purchase the YANSER silk eye mask wholesale with better costs.

Question Question 7

Will This Fit A Larger Mans Face?

Dear, the headband will appropriate for 21 -23 head area. It fits the majority of the faces.

Question Question 8

What Are The Dimensions Of The Present Box?

Dear, here is the measurements:0.94 X 4.17 X9 inches.

Question Question 9

How Do You Wash It?

as the eye mask is made from 100% natural silk. It requires to be cleaned by hand in water under 30?, without any rubbing, however better with hair shampoo. NOT AVAILABLE for cleaning by device.

Question Question 10

Has Anybody Compared This To The Slip Silk Mask? They Look A Lot Alike However Much Less Costly.?

Sanctuary t however after our purchase we found pink isn’t an excellent color to keep things dark. Likewise this mask is smaller sized than most we have attempted

Question Question 11

Will This Mask Ruin Our Eyelashes?

we like our mask and it makes our skin smooth.we do not believe we would utilize it with synthetic eyelashes.When we have actually gone to be with mascara on, we seem like it’s pushed a bit versus our lashes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on YANSER STRICT SELECTION – Luxury Silk Eye Mask 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually been on an everlasting look for an incredible sleep mask that obstructed 100% of the light & it is extremely comfy. It fits comfortably around your head, however it does not fit too firmly. We truthfully have more than 50 sleep masks & we have actually currently bought more of them for ourself or a buddy. This mask obstructs out 100% of the light, it is extremely comfy & fits comfortably, however not too tight. We have actually invested approximately $75 for sleep masks & this is the mask we will utilize for the rest of our life. We have black ones. We do have a few so that we can have unique ones for travel or they make fantastic presents for buddies. We really sleep better & more peacefully when we use our mask. This is the most comfy mask we own. It likewise can be found in a box that likewise includes a smooth bag for travel to put your mask in.

We were never ever an sleeping mask individual untill we got sleeping disorders. We have actually attempted lots of sleeping masks however generally when we get up they werent on our face any longer, or it wouldnt block out the light. This sleeping mask is an entire other story. It is the very best sleeping mask we have actually ever attempted in our life. It is sooooo smooth soft and the correct amount of tightness. We like it. We are most likely gunna buy like 4 more for travel and buddies hehe. So pleased we purchased it.

Bought this for christmas present to distribute, thanks to what it appears like. The eye mask was provided rapidly and good jam-packed. A well created present box and a diminish pack covering the internal bundle makes it feels an elaborating work. For eye mask it’s certainly excellent quality, no doubt. For a present to send out, it’s not costly at all.

This is the very best sleep mask we have everfound We have actually gone through a lot of of them. The quality is remarkable. It s soft and comfy to use and doesn t put pressure on your eyes. The band fits extremely easily around your head. It doesn t slip. It came well packaged in a box with gold lettered skin on the within. It s such a satisfaction to utilize and we put on t have any of the issues that we have actually had with all of the other ones. Certainly worth the purchase. We do prepare to get more in another color and as presents.

We were searching for a mask comparable to one no longer offered that our pet chose to make a chew toy, and this is as close as we believe we might get. It is extremely tight; some might like that some might not. We believe it s typically perfect. Simply purchased another for our mother prior to she leaves for a long getaway abroad. Lovely product packaging. Def a fantastic simple, economical present.

Really comfortable, it feels light and soft, and charming color. Great size, it obstructs the light well. You can have an excellent sleep when the lights on, or throughout the day. Functions completely, we would certainly suggest it.

Due to the fact that the flexible is covered with silk and due to the fact that there is no buckle to change the flexible, it is extremely comfy. The others we attempted gone into the top of our ears. We have extremely thick hair so need to put the flexible below our hair, so the ones with buckles simply do not work for us.

We truthfully marvel- we like this eye mask. We bought a comparable kind from another supplier and the quality on that one was not as excellent and it felt more like a silk/polyester mix, whereas this eye mask seemed like real silk. It likewise has somewhat more filling which was invited. Will buy this eye mask once again in the future.

Very first time purchasing an eye mask and we like it. Permits us to keep the fan on during the night without our eyes completely dryingout Keeps out all the light and is incredibly comfy. You do require to clean it initially due to the fact that of the odor, however otherwise fantastic little product.

We like this eye sleep mask. We have actually purchased various kinds for many years & this one blows the rest away. We like the silk product, they work incredibly keeping the lightout The strap is incredible. No velcro to get hair twisted. We will be purchasing more as presents. This one was for a buddy that has sleeping disorders. She stated they work fantastic.

We like the color, softness, and convenience we have with this eye mask, it seems like there is a cloud on our face and we like sleeping with it. The only concern is that it does not obstruct out enough light. We found this when we tried to take a midday nap. When we bought it, we believed there may have been more material inside to darken it and assist with brilliant lights or the sun, however it is just the light pink silk and what seems white cotton (or some other product inside). Fortunately, we primarily just require it during the night to stop our eyes from getting too dry with from usage of the ceiling fan.

Silk texture, extremely soft & light. Effectively obstructing lights. Great for a back and side sleeper.

We definitely like this sleep mask. Since we began using it, we have actually gotten much deeper sleep and do not get up in the night as much. It feels extremely glamorous and we like integrating it into our nighttime regimen.

Constantly desired a sleeping mask however could not find any that appeared like they were for a grownup. Fits completely with a lot of space for the strap, very comfy. Would present to our friends and household. Simply want they had a purple shade with the silk.

So soft and comfy, the flexible holds up good. Finest eye mask we have actually bought yet, and we have actually been utilizing maks for several years. Assists us sleepbetter The little bag and box assists with travel and screen.

We definitely like this mask, it’s such a quite color, so soft and simple to take a trip with. Something that was a little unfortunate was that when we wereed it, it lost its beautiful shine. It appears a bit outrageous to dry tidy an eye mask, however possibly there’s a better method to clean it. Really giftable too.

We have a difficult time going to sleep every night so we believed we would attempt this sleep mask together with our white sound device. Now we are going to sleep much faster. With the sleep mask on we see absolutely nothing however black. Assists our mind from running. Additional perk the product silk it feels so excellent. Extremely suggest this.

This mask works like magic for us. Most notably, when we use this, we go to sleep within 2 minutes, even with the television still on and we seem like it s magic. It s likewise quite and we feel quite using it so we are not humiliated to use this beside our man. It s likewise extremely extremely soft and comfy. We were initially going to buy an extremely costly sleep mask from slip, however we are so happy we attempted this one. Certainly suggest.

We bought this to maintain our lashes after seeing how horrible we sleep and we were the reason that our lashes never ever lasted. It certainly worked marvels, incredibly comfortable, charming and soft. It s washable too.

We like this sleep mask. So soft and glamorous. Keeps the space dark. Lovely color and lovely silk. We extremely suggest. A need to for self- care.

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